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Saturday, August 22, 2009
All Quiet on the South Shore
For now, anyway. The sun is actually shining out over Mahone Bay but it's overcast here in Chester. Very little breeze. It looks like we just hit high tide a little while ago and it was VERY high (highest I've ever seen it). Could make for an interesting storm surge if tomorrow morning's high tide coincides with the worst of the wind and rain. My studio level sits only about 2 metres above sea level at high tide and the weather service is already predicting waves of 2 metres for this afternoon along the coastal beaches (the surfers are positively orgasmic). Since we sit on primarily rock here, the rain run-off is an issue too. Wonder if my wharf will be under water...

I've gotten pretty much everything from outside moved in or tied down. Will save moving my one chair, footrest and small table in for when the rain and/or wind starts. I have a lobster pot sitting on the deck too. Even though it is doubtful it will move (it still has the rocks in it used to keep them on the ocean floor) I'm going to have my brother help me drag it into the living room. Now all I can do is hope all of my neighbours have done a good job of battening everything down too.

I wonder how the dog will handle it. He hates to go out in the rain so walking him for potty time could be problematical. And I forgot to bring my rain poncho with me so I have no foul weather gear. Our sailing stuff disappeared last year during race week and we have yet to replace it (that stuff is NOT cheap).

I really should have gotten the generator back in June. Never occurred to me that I really need it for my CPAP. Well, I have lived this many years with sleep apnea and didn't have the machine so I guess I can manage a few days without it.

Chester is VERY, VERY quiet. I think everyone is just waiting to see what will happen.

I will try to keep posting over the next few days and even putting up some photos but, even if we don't lose power the cable may go out and then my only connection will be the Blackberry. If the cell towers go out too I will be without a way to contact anyone.

More later.....

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