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Thursday, July 02, 2009
Beautiful Quebec
And here I am, In St-Hyacinthe, PQ, praying it doesn't rain tomorrow. Why am I here and why do I care if it rains....

I am here to play in a charity golf outing, the Omnium Gervais-Talbot that is put on by two NHL players and their families: Bruno Gervais of the NY Islanders and Max Talbot of the Stanly Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

This morning I had a wonderful breakfast. No, the food wasn't that wonderful (nor was it not- it was a toasted bagel with cream cheese and lots of fresh fruit and plenty of good coffee) but the company was phenominal. I had breakfast with Sylvain Gervais, Bruno's father and better company one could not hope for. He is intelligent, funny, very sweet and very good on the eyes. For an old lady like me (ok, not THAT old) this was so delightful. I can't remember when I last had breakfast with such a charming, attractive man. He then took me on a tour of this lovely city (small city, and very charming as well). The highlight of the tour was the wonderful marketplace downtown. The smell of the fresh baked bread alone was enough to drive one crazy (even though we had just eaten). There was fresh fruit, meat, fish, cheeses- oh my. I am going to go back on Saturday before I fly back to Nova Scotia so pick up some bread and cheese.

I am slowly (very slowly) learning French, both from my language DVDs and the residents here (including Sylvain and a wonderful waitress here at the hotel, named Brigette). Saturday I am also going to go to a bookstore and pick up some children's books in French so that I can learn them and read them to my nieces.

Tomorrow I will go to the golf club and, hopefully be able to play golf and not make a total fool of myself. But, I am going for the fun so, really, as long as I don't pull a Gerald Ford I really don't care. I am really looking forward to meeting so many people. Too bad Max is not bringing "Lord Stanley" with him but that would take attention away from the purpose of the day- to raise money for 3 local charities including Autism research and education. If it rains (and please pray it does not) we will have a casino day and shoot pool. Dandy. The only thing I am as bad at as golf is billiards.

In the evening we will have cocktails and music and food followed by an auction of sports collectables. I have a reputation at auctions- especially after several drinks (just anyone who has been to QSDS with me). But, I already have a jersey autographed by Max, and a game used stick....however, there is a photo of him scoring the Cup winning goal that is up for auction. You KNOW I will be waiting to bid on that.

I have no internet in my hotel room. For some reason my computer will not work on their cable internet. Since I had no problem with the cable internet in either Montreal or Moncton (NB) last week I have to suspect it is the connection in the room. So, I am using the computer in the business room here where the keyboard is a French keyboard and I cannot get the question mark to work and the monitor is a tiny, blurry Compaq S510- about 100 years old and it is very hard on my poor ancient eyes.

I will try to write more later but I know I won't have time tomorrow so, maybe Saturday. Hopefully I will be able to post photos on Sunday.

Au revoir!


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