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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Eye on the Sky
Well, my sky watching has been pretty special lately. We have been blessed with clear skies the last week or so. When the weather is warm (relatively speaking) I go outside with the dog and sit on the back steps looking at the stars. A few nights ago I was lucky enough to see a "falling star" in the vicinity of the constellation Orion. Tonight, at about 9:15, I was again outside and looking around when I spotted a moving ligt in the sky that was not an airplane. How do I know? Airplanes blink. This moved like a plane but was a steady, white light moving west to east. Now, I have seen the ISS (International Space Station) go by once before but it was much fainter and was moving more SW to NE. Tonight it was just as clear as could be, just to the north of me. So, I checked the NASA charts and, sure enough, it was the ISS (it could also have been a satellite). How cool is that?? I always wanted to go into space. Probably influenced by watching the original "Star Trek" when it was first on (and in reruns as the show was cut and hacked to allow more commercial time). Of course, not being born at the right time and being severely claustrophobic it didn't work out. So I enjoy the space program from my seat in the back yard.....
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Friday, March 06, 2009
Idol and New Work
Matt is IN!!!!

YES! Wildcard it is!!! Does anyone know how many wildcards have gone on to win?????

Ok, for some quilting content, here is my latest piece:

There's One In Every Crowd

This was inspired by two photographs. The first was of a large flock of birds sitting on telephone lines. The second is a picture of a bunch of young men and women (well, one of the men is older than the rest but still in damned great shape) in their swim suits in Florida. All are facing the camera except one. He has his back to the camera and, in the fashion of young men everywhere, is mooning the camera. It's obvious in the quilt which one is him. Of course, he has garnered the attention of most of the other birds. A few of the birds are pointedly ignoring him. And, of course, the bird on the right, covering her eyes in embarrassment, is his mom, who really isn't all that embarrassed- she just doesn't want to encourage him by letting him see she is laughing.

The young man who inspired the quilt (no, it actually wasn't my son but it just as easily could have been) will recognize himself immediately, I suspect.

Ok, back to work. I'm trying to get a sufficient amount of work done in March to get my website up.
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