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Thursday, December 11, 2008
Way to go, Petr "Gunn"
I am sitting here, grinning like an idiot. One of my favourite NHL/Pens players, Petr Sykora, FINALLY got his first hat trick (3 goals in a game) tonight. Petr has been in the league 13 years without one (870 games, 44 two goal games). Now, it isn't unusual for a guy to go his entire career without a hat trick, but Petr, as his nickname would indicate, is a sniper- known for his goal-scoring ability. Funny because, earlier in the game he had put the puck in the net for what should have been his 1st hat trick, but the referee waved it off- saying he had lost sight of the puck and was going for his whistle when the puck went in. But, after he put in #2, I had a feeling that he would get it tonight (I even said to myself- outloud- yes I do that- "tonight's the night.")

Petr- I am so happy for you.

The Amazing, and adorable, Petr Sykora

Now, Max, you need a goal too.

In the meantime (ironically enough), my eldest child (Jamie) and Team nXI and my 3 billets (Joel, Jon and Ace) are in Pittsburgh (at least, they should be by now) for the weekend. And Ace's dad is at the game. No fair, Shawn!!!

I am still baking cookies, between periods of the game, to send to 1) my good friend, Lin in Texas (she and her DH are vets- career USAF), 2) some wonderful guys I know in Pittsburgh, and 3) My 4 boys: Joel, Joey, Jon and Ace (we may have to change his name). I sent the chocolate, chocolate chip cookies I was saving for Christmas with Jon so they could have them on the bus on the way to the "Burgh". Then, I sent the broken, unfrosted sugar cookies with Ace and Joel (I doubt they made it to the bus- there weren't that many). Tomorrow I make the rum balls and almond cookies then pack them up and run to the UPS store to ship them out. I also need to finish wrapping Christmas gifts to ship to FLA tomorrow.

Oh gee, somewhere along the line I need to finish laundry and pack since I leave Saturday for NOVA SCOTIA.......I am sure gonna miss my puppy, Kaiser, and all my boys (kinda like "All My CHildren") but I also miss my sister, brother, BIL and nephew and nieces as well as being able to wake up in the morning and look out at the ocean.....

Back to knitting and hockey!!!
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