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Monday, October 20, 2008
Odd Observations
For those of you who don't know, I am a hockey mom. And NO, I do not relate to Sarah Palin. I am the real thing. I attended more than 90% of my son's hockey games (both sons) and was a score keeper and counseled kids on the other teams in our league (especially those from single parent families) and drove kids everywhere (not just mine) for games. I even took a 14 year old, 15 year old (my son, who turned 16 while on the trip) and two 17 year olds on a road trip to Sault Ste Marie (7 hour drive) for a long weekend to play in a 3-on-3 "pond" hockey tournament (actually played on a rink but using just one defencive zone going side-to-side). If you've never spent a long weekend with 4 teenage boys in a (very) small town with little to do between games plus driven hundreds of miles in not ideal conditions (March) with 4 sets of stinky hockey gear well, let me tell you, it's an experience and one I'll bet old Sarah never had.

So, here I am, age (almost) 51. I have one child of my own left at home (17); you would think I would be enjoying my space. HA! Jamie (the almost 25 year old) is an assistant coach for a Midget-Major (ages 16-19) AAA travel hockey team. Last year I got talked into billeting a player (having one live here). THIS year I got talked into TWO! They ran out of homes for the boys and, being the pushover I am, I agreed to take the kid they had no home for.

Now, both of my billets, Josh and Jon are great kids. Josh is 17, from New Orleans (played in Georgia last year- is HE in for some culture shock when our Michigan winter arrives) so he has done this billet thing before. Jon is 16, from New Jersey and has never been away from home. Josh is all "yes ma'm" and "no ma'm" and all that good southern stuff. Jon barely talks but he IS a bottomless pit when it comes to food. Jamie was the same way but Jamie is 6'4" and well over 200#. Jon is 5'9" or 10", barely 150# and eats like there's no tomorrow. I made a pork roast for dinner one night that was supposed to feed 8....I had 3" left over, only because Joey (my 17 year old who is the same size as Jon but a picky eater) wasn't home. So, needless to say, my grocery bill is approaching monstrous. I try to keep healthy stuff around for them to snack on and make healthy meals but none of them like veggies or salads. Bring on the carbs! They don't like whole wheat pasta (or spinach pasta either) so I have to make them their own pot.

And laundry! Let me tell you. Having three teen boys, who all wear virtually the same size, has been a new adventure in laundry. Jamie and Joey are 7 years apart so there was never an issue of what belonged to who. Plus, I would tend to spread out doing the laundry over the entire week (I took Saturdays off; Sunday was for bedding- I like to start the new week out on fresh sheets). Now I get: Joey, who picks up the clothes on his bedroom floor once a week (usually Sunday) so he can have clean clothes for school for the upcoming week; Josh and Jon, who are usually gone for the weekend playing in St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, I get all THEIR stuff Sunday night. I have seriously considered using my respirator mask for entering the laundry room Monday morning! One kid's stuff stunk bad enough, but TWO???!!!! Yikes!

So, thank you people at Tide who had the good sense to put Febreeze in their detergent. It's been a lifesaver!

Oh, and teenage boys do not seem to get the concept of "please return your dishes to the kitchen before the night is out." I had to go downstairs this morning to take some of Joey's clothes down (I can generally tell his from Josh and Jon's because Joey is: slimmer- wears jeans in 29-32s or 30-32s and a different brand than the other two and wears boxer/briefs rather than plain boxers which he hates because they chafe). I now know where all my glasses are. And many of my plates, bowls and silverwear.

Tonight- no dinner until ALL the dishes are upstairs (and I will have the dishwasher empty and waiting).

Oh, and about the rest of the laundry- well, I know most of Joey's t-shirts and that he only wears the short, black socks. But I fold the rest of the clothes and stack them on the back of the couch. Since Joey has a tendency to just dress himself by grabbing clothes off the couch, the other two started doing it too. New rule: when I tell them "ok, the clean clothes are on the couch" they have 24 hours to claim what is theirs. After that, the leftovers go in the Goodwill box (I now have 4 of them waiting to go in the car- I cleaned out my own closet too). Unfortunately, this does not account for the stuff that Joey's school friends have left here. Oh, did I forget to mention, on weekends I have at least one, if not 3, of Joey's friends for the weekend. Sometimes more. I can't remember the last time I had a night in this house when it was just Joey, me and the dog.

Oh, and speaking of the dog; he takes it all in stride. The pack has grown. No problem. YES problem since the boys like to get the dog all wound up and then leave him for ME to deal with. I am having the back yard fenced in sometime in the next 3-4 weeks so I can let Kaiser run. In the meantime, my bed gets shoved against the window at least a dozen times a day; whether from the dog running INTO the bedroom at full speed and leaping on the bed (I have hardwood floors and the bed wheels, even with the brakes on, slide. And yes, I tried the little wooden things the wheels sit in that have the rubber pads on the bottom to stick to the floor- they break) or off the bed to go see who's here. Area rugs slide all over, even with the no-slip pads.

Yep, lots of fun and games at the Springer household. And the next two weekends Josh and Jon have off- no games.

Oh goody.
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  • At 3:33 PM, Blogger carrie said…

    LOL, sounds like fun and very familiar. I have 6 sons and 5 of them are still at home.....

  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger Fibra Artysta said…

    Oh made me tired just reading all that! You're a good mom and the ultimate hockey mom for doing all that! Hope you get some time to get back to your fiber art soon...consider it a sanity break! :)

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