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Sunday, October 12, 2008
Fabrications 2008
Another fall in Northern Michigan with the most wonderful group of women (and a DELIGHTFUL addition of a talented man- so happy to have met you, Von) is history. I always find myself wishing this retreat would last at LEAST another 24 if not 48 hours as I feel so recharged afterwards.

We started Tuesday night at Garland Resort in Lewiston, Michigan (northeastern lower peninsula) with the annual reception at 7pm. So nice to see so many old friends and great to make new ones. This year the award for "she who traveled the furthest, went to Katie who joined us from Colorado. Belinda would have had to share the award with her friend but she recently relocated to DC from Colorado. 3 of us have lost significant amounts of weight since last year and the lovely Harriet from Suttons Bay (who I have also gotten to share time with at AQT) arrived sporting a new short hairstyle which was a celebration that she is now cancer free. I was also so happy to see my roomie, Carol Myers when she finally found her way to us after a couple of wrong turns (note, GPS on your cell phone only works if your cell has a signal whereas satellite GPS works off a satellite, not a cell tower).

Wednesday morning started with our "circle" in "The Great Room" which our group gets because there are too many of us to work in the "pods" that are the main conference rooms- although the "pods" have far superior lighting (we remembered from last year and brought more lights with us). We even had a serendipitious addition to our class when Barbara was misdirected and joined the circle. She then switched classes although I know she would have enjoyed the class she had signed up for she found the freedom to create in our class too enticing to pass up on.

It was chilly and rainy all day Wednesday but no one seemed to mind and the evening's entertainment was fantastic, especially to see all the great work that had been submitted to the "With One Voice" show which benefited the American Cancer Society followed by a presentation by Carol of gelatin plate printing and a sale of Desi Vaughn's always spectacular fabrics and a sale of all kinds of stuff from Deb Harowitz.

Thursday dawned bright and clear and the colours of the trees were spectacular. We got a lot done and were dubbed the "wild bunch" after we popped open a bottle of the wine I brought at 9am. Needless to say, both bottles were gone before we wrapped up for the day at 4pm and, despite my best intentions, I never did make it back to the classroom after the evening's presentations were completed (wine MAY have played a part in this....).

I decided to work on a piece I had started at QSDS. I had the intention of getting it completed in time to enter into the SAQA Transformations: Reflections show but realized the piece was a tad too narrow (9") to meet the minimum size requirement. Laura gave me ideas of how to make it wider but I would not have had sufficient fabric to make it the length I needed for my space in Nova Scotia where this piece will hang so I decided not to go with it. I may enter it in another show though. I also had another piece in mind for the show but really wanted to complete this piece. So, it is nearly done (not in THIS photo- but I got a LOT done on Friday) and I hope to finish it this week and get started on the other, related piece. I will post pictures of this further along, later.

Friday was also a lovely day tho it started out a little frosty (much to MY delight). I got a lot done and took more photos and in general, totally enjoyed the company and the incredible work done by my classmates. Since the retreat ends on Friday, some people started packing up after our final "circle" following lunch. I opted to stay until Saturday morning so I could work right up until the end and not have to make the 4+ hour drive that late. I was up and out by 8am Saturday and was still lamenting the fact that the time was too short.

I will post more pictures later but, right now, they are still on my memory card.

Laura, once again, the best experience of the year for me.....

teri, enjoying watching the leaves "down south" here as they work to catch up with the leaves up in Lewiston
posted by Teri Springer @ 2:31 PM  
  • At 9:22 AM, Blogger mary said…

    hey teri!
    i had a great time with you and in the time we shall all chat more i think!

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