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Saturday, October 25, 2008
More Comfort Food
For someone trying to lose weight I sure am spending a lot of time on food. Hard not to with three teenage boys in the house.

Anyway- I baked a second loaf of bread from the "starter"...the first loaf was too small but very tasty with a nice crust and light interior. Unfortunately I could not get a photo of it as Joel and Jon came in the door from hockey practice about 2 minutes after I took the loaf out of the oven. It was all I could do to get them to wait until it was cool enough to cut.

So yesterday, while all 3 boys were at school, I baked a second, bigger loaf. The outside was nice and crusty and brown but it was still a little doughy on the inside in the centre. Could have used another 4-5 minutes I think. Still, it was tasty and went well with the leftover white chili I had for lunch.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Lots of Work- But not Quilting
It's a beautiful, sunny, crisp autumn day and I have been busy, busy this morning. Just not making art. Well, I guess you could make the argument that cooking from scratch is an art. Please. Go ahead and make that argument. I'll feel so much better!

With 3 teenage boys, all athletes, food and meals are a top priority. I hate waiting until the last minute to make dinner but I am not great with making decisions about WHAT to make. With fall and cooler weather moving in I find I have a craving for soup, home-made bread and other comfort foods. Well, on my diet I have to severely limit my carb and fat intake which really limits what I consider comfort food (like, cream of tomato soup with grilled cheese sammies).

I LOVE tomato-basil soup and found a recipe even my dad (who also loves it) would like. No onions or garlic (ok, I sauteed a couple of smashed garlic cloves in the olive oil but removed the cloves before putting in the tomatoes and basil). Anyway, the first batch went over so well (and disappeared so quickly) I made a double batch yesterday. It's nearly all gone (and the leftover meatloaf is history- the boys all agreed, I make the best meatloaf- EVER).

Today is white chili day. Something I have never made before but then, I'd never made tomato-basil soup from scratch before, either.
First we have the crock pot (not the crackpot- that would be me).

The beans soaked all night and now they are going on to boil and then simmer.

Next we brown the chicken.

Then we chop the onions. What you don't see is me chopping the green chilies. Why?? Well, I'm crazy, NOT demented. I bought them already chopped and they are in the crock pot.

Hmmmmmm.....ingredients in- note the pan to the left with about 2 cups of cooked beans left in it. I think I need a bigger crock pot. Ok, tomorrow we make a trip to Tuesday Mornings (I need a lamp for Jonathon's room too). Any ideas for what I should do with all those leftover beans?? They will go into the fridge until I figure out what to do with them.

Ok, got the lid on at least AND I got it all together with plenty of time to cook it on low and have it ready when Joel and Jon get home from hockey practice. I don't know when Joey will get home as he is staying after school for the JV football game.

Next job- some home made bread!! But this will have to wait until the dishwasher is done running as the bowl I need is in there. So......

I have time for breakfast. A high protein shake, prescribed by my doctor, to help me lose weight.

Today is recycling day. Everyone else has, at most, 2 bins. I have 4 bins, 2 bags of papers you can't see and a box full of papers. There's another box of papers in the garage but I didn't want to press my luck. Can you tell I have missed a few recycling days?? They only pick up every other week and the last pick up was while I was up north at Fabrications. Heaven forbid the boys should think to put it out.

The remains of the tomato-basil soup.

My gift from me to me......

Now off to see what other trouble I can get into. Oh, yeah......I need to clean up the studio.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
I know, I need to post some work. I wish I could. At the moment I am trying to put my studio back together. I left it such a mess when I left for Canada and, between everything I have done since I got back I just have not gotten it done. So, that is what I will be doing the next few days (hopefully I can get it done by the weekend).

My only creativity has been knitting a sweater at night while watching TV. The back is coming right along and I will do both sleeves at the same time. I will post a pic of the back as soon as it is done. I am using a Noro sock yarn and the colours are so cool that I ordered yarn in two other colourways for 2 more sweaters. But first I have to finish this one!

So, back to work.....
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Monday, October 20, 2008
Odd Observations
For those of you who don't know, I am a hockey mom. And NO, I do not relate to Sarah Palin. I am the real thing. I attended more than 90% of my son's hockey games (both sons) and was a score keeper and counseled kids on the other teams in our league (especially those from single parent families) and drove kids everywhere (not just mine) for games. I even took a 14 year old, 15 year old (my son, who turned 16 while on the trip) and two 17 year olds on a road trip to Sault Ste Marie (7 hour drive) for a long weekend to play in a 3-on-3 "pond" hockey tournament (actually played on a rink but using just one defencive zone going side-to-side). If you've never spent a long weekend with 4 teenage boys in a (very) small town with little to do between games plus driven hundreds of miles in not ideal conditions (March) with 4 sets of stinky hockey gear well, let me tell you, it's an experience and one I'll bet old Sarah never had.

So, here I am, age (almost) 51. I have one child of my own left at home (17); you would think I would be enjoying my space. HA! Jamie (the almost 25 year old) is an assistant coach for a Midget-Major (ages 16-19) AAA travel hockey team. Last year I got talked into billeting a player (having one live here). THIS year I got talked into TWO! They ran out of homes for the boys and, being the pushover I am, I agreed to take the kid they had no home for.

Now, both of my billets, Josh and Jon are great kids. Josh is 17, from New Orleans (played in Georgia last year- is HE in for some culture shock when our Michigan winter arrives) so he has done this billet thing before. Jon is 16, from New Jersey and has never been away from home. Josh is all "yes ma'm" and "no ma'm" and all that good southern stuff. Jon barely talks but he IS a bottomless pit when it comes to food. Jamie was the same way but Jamie is 6'4" and well over 200#. Jon is 5'9" or 10", barely 150# and eats like there's no tomorrow. I made a pork roast for dinner one night that was supposed to feed 8....I had 3" left over, only because Joey (my 17 year old who is the same size as Jon but a picky eater) wasn't home. So, needless to say, my grocery bill is approaching monstrous. I try to keep healthy stuff around for them to snack on and make healthy meals but none of them like veggies or salads. Bring on the carbs! They don't like whole wheat pasta (or spinach pasta either) so I have to make them their own pot.

And laundry! Let me tell you. Having three teen boys, who all wear virtually the same size, has been a new adventure in laundry. Jamie and Joey are 7 years apart so there was never an issue of what belonged to who. Plus, I would tend to spread out doing the laundry over the entire week (I took Saturdays off; Sunday was for bedding- I like to start the new week out on fresh sheets). Now I get: Joey, who picks up the clothes on his bedroom floor once a week (usually Sunday) so he can have clean clothes for school for the upcoming week; Josh and Jon, who are usually gone for the weekend playing in St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, I get all THEIR stuff Sunday night. I have seriously considered using my respirator mask for entering the laundry room Monday morning! One kid's stuff stunk bad enough, but TWO???!!!! Yikes!

So, thank you people at Tide who had the good sense to put Febreeze in their detergent. It's been a lifesaver!

Oh, and teenage boys do not seem to get the concept of "please return your dishes to the kitchen before the night is out." I had to go downstairs this morning to take some of Joey's clothes down (I can generally tell his from Josh and Jon's because Joey is: slimmer- wears jeans in 29-32s or 30-32s and a different brand than the other two and wears boxer/briefs rather than plain boxers which he hates because they chafe). I now know where all my glasses are. And many of my plates, bowls and silverwear.

Tonight- no dinner until ALL the dishes are upstairs (and I will have the dishwasher empty and waiting).

Oh, and about the rest of the laundry- well, I know most of Joey's t-shirts and that he only wears the short, black socks. But I fold the rest of the clothes and stack them on the back of the couch. Since Joey has a tendency to just dress himself by grabbing clothes off the couch, the other two started doing it too. New rule: when I tell them "ok, the clean clothes are on the couch" they have 24 hours to claim what is theirs. After that, the leftovers go in the Goodwill box (I now have 4 of them waiting to go in the car- I cleaned out my own closet too). Unfortunately, this does not account for the stuff that Joey's school friends have left here. Oh, did I forget to mention, on weekends I have at least one, if not 3, of Joey's friends for the weekend. Sometimes more. I can't remember the last time I had a night in this house when it was just Joey, me and the dog.

Oh, and speaking of the dog; he takes it all in stride. The pack has grown. No problem. YES problem since the boys like to get the dog all wound up and then leave him for ME to deal with. I am having the back yard fenced in sometime in the next 3-4 weeks so I can let Kaiser run. In the meantime, my bed gets shoved against the window at least a dozen times a day; whether from the dog running INTO the bedroom at full speed and leaping on the bed (I have hardwood floors and the bed wheels, even with the brakes on, slide. And yes, I tried the little wooden things the wheels sit in that have the rubber pads on the bottom to stick to the floor- they break) or off the bed to go see who's here. Area rugs slide all over, even with the no-slip pads.

Yep, lots of fun and games at the Springer household. And the next two weekends Josh and Jon have off- no games.

Oh goody.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
A Sad Loss
I apologize to whoever holds the (c) on this photo and I will remove it if asked but, I needed to say goodbye to this sweet and talented young man. Alexei Cherepanov, 19, was drafted 17th overall by the New York Rangers in 2007. Yesterday he collapsed and, ultimately died of an apparent cardiac arrest in a game in Russia. This young man was an exceptional athlete and it's frightening to think of him as being gone but, most especially in such a manner. An auto accident would have been understandable but is is so difficult to believe that his heart failed him.

Goodbye will be missed but remembered.
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Monday, October 13, 2008
As Promised
Here are two more shots from Fabrications 2008:

The Great Room- where we spent our creative days....

Where I pretty much was when I stopped. Now to clean the home studio so I can finish it!!

But first:

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Family. We aren't having turkey tonight (it isn't a favourite around my house) but a lovely pork roast.

And, I received in the mail a book that is a MUST have for people who post images to the internet. The book is aimed at quilters but it is written so well that I would recommend it to anyone posting images. The book is:

Digital Essentials: the quiltmaker's must-have guide to images, files and more! by: Gloria Hansen; ISBN 1-893824-64-0; it is published by The Electric Quilt Company and is $29.95US. Get your autographed copy NOW!!!!!!

Ok, back to work.....

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Sunday, October 12, 2008
Tag, you're it:

The rules are as follows:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog. (done)
3. Write six random things about yourself.
I LOVE younger men (no, I am NOT a cougar- I don't sleep with them, I just enjoy their company. Bear in mind, under 40 constitutes "younger)
I love to sit in the front of the boat and do my best imitation of a dog with her head out the window of the car- there is something about that wind in my face (and, in some cases, rain) that is just so ennervating for me.
I am a lousy housekeeper
I am a MAJOR packrat
I talk to the TV set (in some cases I yell- which is why my family does not allow me to watch the debates- they are afraid I will take it one step further)
I wish I had a hammock in my backyard so I could lay out in it in the shade or to stargaze.

4. Tag six people at the end of your post. (done)
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.


Actually TWICE! Once by Cathy, who is our "fearless leader" for Fabrications and the second time by Von. Hmmmm.......


I am tagging:
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Fabrications 2008
Another fall in Northern Michigan with the most wonderful group of women (and a DELIGHTFUL addition of a talented man- so happy to have met you, Von) is history. I always find myself wishing this retreat would last at LEAST another 24 if not 48 hours as I feel so recharged afterwards.

We started Tuesday night at Garland Resort in Lewiston, Michigan (northeastern lower peninsula) with the annual reception at 7pm. So nice to see so many old friends and great to make new ones. This year the award for "she who traveled the furthest, went to Katie who joined us from Colorado. Belinda would have had to share the award with her friend but she recently relocated to DC from Colorado. 3 of us have lost significant amounts of weight since last year and the lovely Harriet from Suttons Bay (who I have also gotten to share time with at AQT) arrived sporting a new short hairstyle which was a celebration that she is now cancer free. I was also so happy to see my roomie, Carol Myers when she finally found her way to us after a couple of wrong turns (note, GPS on your cell phone only works if your cell has a signal whereas satellite GPS works off a satellite, not a cell tower).

Wednesday morning started with our "circle" in "The Great Room" which our group gets because there are too many of us to work in the "pods" that are the main conference rooms- although the "pods" have far superior lighting (we remembered from last year and brought more lights with us). We even had a serendipitious addition to our class when Barbara was misdirected and joined the circle. She then switched classes although I know she would have enjoyed the class she had signed up for she found the freedom to create in our class too enticing to pass up on.

It was chilly and rainy all day Wednesday but no one seemed to mind and the evening's entertainment was fantastic, especially to see all the great work that had been submitted to the "With One Voice" show which benefited the American Cancer Society followed by a presentation by Carol of gelatin plate printing and a sale of Desi Vaughn's always spectacular fabrics and a sale of all kinds of stuff from Deb Harowitz.

Thursday dawned bright and clear and the colours of the trees were spectacular. We got a lot done and were dubbed the "wild bunch" after we popped open a bottle of the wine I brought at 9am. Needless to say, both bottles were gone before we wrapped up for the day at 4pm and, despite my best intentions, I never did make it back to the classroom after the evening's presentations were completed (wine MAY have played a part in this....).

I decided to work on a piece I had started at QSDS. I had the intention of getting it completed in time to enter into the SAQA Transformations: Reflections show but realized the piece was a tad too narrow (9") to meet the minimum size requirement. Laura gave me ideas of how to make it wider but I would not have had sufficient fabric to make it the length I needed for my space in Nova Scotia where this piece will hang so I decided not to go with it. I may enter it in another show though. I also had another piece in mind for the show but really wanted to complete this piece. So, it is nearly done (not in THIS photo- but I got a LOT done on Friday) and I hope to finish it this week and get started on the other, related piece. I will post pictures of this further along, later.

Friday was also a lovely day tho it started out a little frosty (much to MY delight). I got a lot done and took more photos and in general, totally enjoyed the company and the incredible work done by my classmates. Since the retreat ends on Friday, some people started packing up after our final "circle" following lunch. I opted to stay until Saturday morning so I could work right up until the end and not have to make the 4+ hour drive that late. I was up and out by 8am Saturday and was still lamenting the fact that the time was too short.

I will post more pictures later but, right now, they are still on my memory card.

Laura, once again, the best experience of the year for me.....

teri, enjoying watching the leaves "down south" here as they work to catch up with the leaves up in Lewiston
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Arrived at Garland Resort by 4:30 and got the car unloaded and my workspace semi-setup. The colours of the leaves are spectacular, the air is nice and cool and the company is great!!

I had dinner with Laura Cater-Woods, Cathy Arnett and Jeanne Beck and THAT was wonderful. It is so nice to come back and see so many people I like to be with.

It promises to be a fun and productive 3 days if we can get the people running the front desk to figure out how to bill two different people for 1/2 the room charge......

More tomorrow!
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Saturday, October 04, 2008
Woo Hoo- NHL Has Started
Ok, the NHL season doesn't "really" start until the 9th however, 4 teams are in Europe (NY Rangers and Tampa Bay Lighting in Prague and my beloved Pens and Ottawa are in Stockholm) and are playing today. So, sorry, MSU Spartans and Fighting Irish, I am spending this sunny, beautiful fall day watching HOCKEY....not football.......

Of course, I still have to iron Joey's dress shirt for the Homecoming Dance tonight, and get stuff together for Fabrications next week.....


Joey at the park next to the Joe Louis Arena last spring prior to the first game of the Stanley Cup finals between the Red Wings and Penguins.

Joey's friend Derek enjoying a brat before the game.....
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