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Monday, August 18, 2008
Summer's Almost Over
And I have greatly neglected my blog and a lot of other things. What can I say. I've been SO busy!!!!

I am still in Nova Scotia and will be until at least September 7th. We have had an 80th birthday party for my dad, a Katazome Workshop with Karen Miller (more on that in a minute), parties, run-ins with the neighbor that involved RCMP, visits from friends in the states, painting the entire house (interior), hanging new art, gardening, Race Week, lots of time with family and friends, shopping for a boat and, coming up, shibori dyeing. Yep, it's been busy and, for the most part, fun.

My new studio is beautiful and I don't want to go back to the states but, at least for now, I have to. I plan to be back here for Christmas (Joey is going to Cozumel with Austin and his family). And next summer I will be headed here as soon as I am done at QSDS and will stay at least until the end of September. I am already signed up for sailing lessons with a wonderful instructor from Washington, DC who comes up here for the summer (he's originally from Ft. Wayne- how ironic) and now Joey wants to learn to sail also.

Regarding the Katazome Workshop....if you EVER have the opportunity to take this class with Karen Miller DO IT. We had 5 days of learning and creativity that was out of this world. I made 3 great new friends out of it, Sandy Ternoway, who lives not far up the road from me, Linda Mills who lives over in Marriott's Cove (where I almost bought a house) and Laurie Swim from Blue Rocks who is the most talented Art Quilter!!! These 3 are coming back next week to "play" in my studio and I can't wait. Anyway, the workshop was worth every penny and then some. And the bonus was having a weekend to roam around with Karen along the South Shore and take pictures, talk and generally have fun. She is SO brilliant. We visited Laurie on the Saturday and SHE took Karen and I on a tour of Blue Rocks and the general area that was not to be missed. We had a lobster feast and a dinner at the Rope Loft with my family.

I will be posting pictures but most of them are on my other computer and, since my friend and roommate, Chris, is painting, I am trying to stay out of his way. Besides, the weather is SO beautiful that I don't want to go inside (I'm sitting on my deck watching the nearly cloudless blue sky, enjoying the breeze, and watching the tide go out)'t you wish YOU were here???

I will be having a shibori workshop here next summer and, hopefully, a workshop with Laurie Swim teaching so stay tuned. I have room for 9 students plus teacher and will work out details over the next few months. First I have to find out when my sailing lessons are!!

And Mel, sorry about the no posts....Your paintings are going to be hung in my breakfast area so they can also be sen from the living room....but you need to SIGN them!!!!!

Hugs and apologies to all,

teri in sunny, comfortable (22C around 75F) Chester Nova Scotia
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