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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I have to wonder if I haven't lost the majority of my audience due to my long absence from posting here. I can only hope that someone is still reading and that any who left will eventually wander back for a look.

Yesterday and today Laurie Swim, Linda Mills and Sandy Ternoway were here working in my studio with me. They worked on printing resist in the katazome technique on silk scarves. I had intended to do arashi shibori dying on scarves but am on a dead line to get a quilt done and shipped back to Michigan in time for the annual Cheff Shindig auction.

So, here are some pictures from our day:

Sandy, Laurie and Linda hard at work.

Some of the scarves hanging to let the resist dry.

even more

even I was working. Too bad this was supposed to be my challenge piece for the W. MI Art Quilters. Still, I'm glad I had it as I just haven't had the time to start anything new for the auction.

I leave you with a shot of the beautiful Nova Scotia coast just outside Halifax.

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Monday, August 25, 2008
Summer's Gone
Yes, I know, it's only August 25th. It's a very comfortable 74 degrees; gentle on-shore breeze. It was cloudy and muggy this morning and now the sky is a beautiful blue with light, fluffy clouds. The leaves on the trees are still green. But I can smell it; feel it. Autumn in the air.

In general, autumn is my favorite time of year. Crisp, cool to cold nights with the stars twinkling brightly in the sky. Comfortable days with dryer air. The smell of the changes un the atmousphere obvious to me. But this autumn is bitter-sweet. I am not staying in Nova Scotia. My younger son decided to return to Michigan for the school year so I must return too. While I love my home in Michigan I have come to love, not just my home but the village, my neighbors (with one glaring exception) and everything around me here. I don't want to go.

Yes, I can look forward to staying next year. Joey will be 18 so I can give him more space. But I still have to pack up in the next week and prepare for the long drive back to Michigan. Loading up the car with luggage, art materials, Kaiser and the two bikes.

No, I don't want to go.

I am finishing up a project that must be done and in the mail by the end of the week. It is going well but I am finding the stress of finishing it is taking a toll. I know that, once it is done I need to pack up and I want to avoid that. I am good at that; avoidance behavior.

I was planning to hit the road by September 9th but we have a guild meeting (Mahone Bay Quilters) that I don't want to miss. My new friends, Sandy, Linda And Laurie want me to stay so we can do a presentation on the things we learned in the Karen Miller workshop. So, I will stay until the 10th. It will be the longest I have ever stayed...and I think this will make it all the more difficult to leave.

But, I have 4 couples who are coming on the 15th to stay here a week. They won the week in my condo in a fund raising auction last year at the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center. I still have to finish hanging art on the walls and reorganizing my kitchen so that they can spend most of their time relaxing. I have put together a notebook of travel/tourist information for them so they can pick and choose what they want to do and see. As I went through the brochures I realized how little I had seen in the three summers I have been here. Next summer calls for a trip to Cape Breton for a week at least. And I still need to get a boat. I had one all set to bring home this past weekend but my dad had a fit that I was going to buy one. SO, I relented and didn't get it. I would love to be out on the water right now. In three years I have been out on a boat exactly three times. I don't like to lay on the beach or sit out in the sun doing nothing. I can't read in the sun as I get a migraine. But out on the water I feel so free. Next year, no matter what, I AM buying a boat!!

I met a marvelous man earlier this summer. His name is Christian and he's a sailing instructor. He's originally from Ft. Wayne, Indiana and spent many summers in Pentwater, Michigan. Now he lives in Washington, DC and has his business in Baltimore. I thought we made a real connection. We talked for hours. He walked me home. We talked more. He kissed me goodnight. I can't remember when a kiss felt so good. I haven't seen him or heard from him since. He left a couple of days later for a race in the states and he won't be back until next summer. Tel est la vie.

I'm feeling a bit lonely. I have been divorced for 2 years now. I had hoped to meet someone to spend time with, go to art shows with, talk to, maybe even a little romance. At this point I am done trying. It really seems to me that men focus so much on a woman's physical appearance that they make no effort to get to know the person. Every man I hear from wants a woman who is "athletic, trim, attractive." What's wrong with TRYING to be more athletic, trying to lose weight (hey, I've lost 30 pounds), and not butt ugly?" What amazes me is how many of these men can't even meet their own criteria. What makes a balding, somewhat chubby, 50+ year old man think a woman of 35-45 who meets their physical description is going to be interested in them??

News Flash guys: if a slim, trim, beautiful woman of 37 takes an intense interest in you it's probably because she's seen your $75,000+ car, your $100,000+ boat and your $500,000+ house.

Can she carry on an intelligent conversation on a variety of topics? Does she ever read a book on Oprah's list? Does she know anything about classical/jazz/blues?? Can she cook?

A friend of mine, a very attractive young man, recently started a relationship with an older woman who I also happen to know. She is fit (former gymnist) and trim (never had kids) and attractive and intelligent. She has never been married. Without getting to know her as a person he decided a relationship with her sounded great. He even talked about the possibility of marriage and children. A physical relationship quickly developed. (hey, what woman over the age of 37 wouldn't LOVE to be pursued by a very handsome, intelligent, athletic man more than 10 years younger than her). After less than two weeks my male friend discovered WHY this attractive, intelligent, fit woman is still single. SHE'S DEMANDING. She expected him to jump and run when she called. She expected him to restructure his entire life around HER schedule and needs. And when she didn't get her way SHE GOT PISSED OFF.

Lessons here: first, don't assume that an attractive person is also kind, considerate and patient. I may not look like Christie Brinkley (nor have her money) but I am not into drama or head games or control. I want friendship,companionship, a comfortable relationship with respect and space and a little romance.

The other lesson: just because the sex is great doesn't mean the rest of the relationship will be. Conversely, just because the relationship lacks that high drama doesn't mean the sex can't be great.

Sigh, anyone out there with a single brother willing to date a not-spectacular looking woman who is still a little over weight who is relearning to ride a bicycle (27 gears!!!!????? you have GOT to be kidding!!! I never mastered 10!!!), is a beginning kayak enthusiast, who loves to fish, sit on the deck in the evening listening to jazz, sipping wine and watching for shooting stars and walking a night in the fog????

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Monday, August 18, 2008
On a Sad Note
Yesterday one of Joey's life-long friends and teammate from soccer, Nick Smith, was killed in a car accident on a windy, narrow county highway. Another boy in the car has also died and the third is in unknown condition in Bronson Hospital. I don't know if alcohol was a factor but speed surely was.

Nick was his parents only son and he and his dad were the best of buddies. I can remember Mike and Nick on all of the class trips always having a great time.

Nick and Joey weren't as close in recent years as they had been growing up (Smith's lived not far from us) but I always enjoyed Nick. He will be greatly missed by his birth family and by all in Delton, MI.
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Summer's Almost Over
And I have greatly neglected my blog and a lot of other things. What can I say. I've been SO busy!!!!

I am still in Nova Scotia and will be until at least September 7th. We have had an 80th birthday party for my dad, a Katazome Workshop with Karen Miller (more on that in a minute), parties, run-ins with the neighbor that involved RCMP, visits from friends in the states, painting the entire house (interior), hanging new art, gardening, Race Week, lots of time with family and friends, shopping for a boat and, coming up, shibori dyeing. Yep, it's been busy and, for the most part, fun.

My new studio is beautiful and I don't want to go back to the states but, at least for now, I have to. I plan to be back here for Christmas (Joey is going to Cozumel with Austin and his family). And next summer I will be headed here as soon as I am done at QSDS and will stay at least until the end of September. I am already signed up for sailing lessons with a wonderful instructor from Washington, DC who comes up here for the summer (he's originally from Ft. Wayne- how ironic) and now Joey wants to learn to sail also.

Regarding the Katazome Workshop....if you EVER have the opportunity to take this class with Karen Miller DO IT. We had 5 days of learning and creativity that was out of this world. I made 3 great new friends out of it, Sandy Ternoway, who lives not far up the road from me, Linda Mills who lives over in Marriott's Cove (where I almost bought a house) and Laurie Swim from Blue Rocks who is the most talented Art Quilter!!! These 3 are coming back next week to "play" in my studio and I can't wait. Anyway, the workshop was worth every penny and then some. And the bonus was having a weekend to roam around with Karen along the South Shore and take pictures, talk and generally have fun. She is SO brilliant. We visited Laurie on the Saturday and SHE took Karen and I on a tour of Blue Rocks and the general area that was not to be missed. We had a lobster feast and a dinner at the Rope Loft with my family.

I will be posting pictures but most of them are on my other computer and, since my friend and roommate, Chris, is painting, I am trying to stay out of his way. Besides, the weather is SO beautiful that I don't want to go inside (I'm sitting on my deck watching the nearly cloudless blue sky, enjoying the breeze, and watching the tide go out)'t you wish YOU were here???

I will be having a shibori workshop here next summer and, hopefully, a workshop with Laurie Swim teaching so stay tuned. I have room for 9 students plus teacher and will work out details over the next few months. First I have to find out when my sailing lessons are!!

And Mel, sorry about the no posts....Your paintings are going to be hung in my breakfast area so they can also be sen from the living room....but you need to SIGN them!!!!!

Hugs and apologies to all,

teri in sunny, comfortable (22C around 75F) Chester Nova Scotia
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