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Monday, May 19, 2008
Waiting for Painting
We're getting down to the deadline here. I leave Sunday for Baltimore, OH for a week and my painter knows he has to get the living room, dining room and kitchen done before I go. 98% is masked off and the young man (Chris, yes he has a name) doing that part of the job will be back tonight to finish. He's bringing one of those fancy-dancy ladders that you can put into all kinds of contortions so he can reach the crown molding over the stair case.

In the meantime my main living space is a disaster area. Paintings are down and in the guest bedroom as is my arch-shelf and area rug and a bunch of other stuff. A lot of stuff got taken to the garage and more is piled in the middle of the living room and on the dining room and kitchen tables....Moving into a smaller house is a pain but at least it's forcing me to get rid of stuff. Just wish I had done that BEFORE I moved in.

So, here are some pictures of what I am living with right now:

Had to throw in the shot of the iris....they came up beautifully this year. The only problem is, they seem to be clumped by color! I deliberately tossed all the corms in a bag, gently shook it up and pulled them out at random specifically to avoid that. Sigh- when I divide them in a couple of years I will have to be more methodical about mixing them up. Anyway, they still look nice. But my poor fireplace looks so lonely without the beautiful painting from Melody (Johnson) over it. I am SO looking forward to coming home from Baltimore and putting my house back together- just in time to leave for Columbus!

Oh, and the Penguins kicked butt last night. Now if the Red Wings could just finish off Dallas tonight we can get on with this Stanley Cup business. I hope I can find a sports bar in Baltimore that is carrying the games!
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