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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Busy, Busy
I know, it isn't much of an excuse. But it IS true. I have painting going on, and I'm trying to get everything rounded up for my class with Jan Myers-Newbury at Nancy Crow's Barn the end of the month. Add to that I am working on my challenge piece for the West MI Art Quilters and taking two on line classes! days are full up! Today I spent the day running errands and still didn't get everything I needed so I will be road tripping again later this week. Joey has a bone scan on Thursday so that will be a lost day.

Nights, oh, you think I should be able to keep up by posting at night??? You forget, the conference finals for the the Stanley Cup have started and both the Red Wings and Penguins are playing so every night is hockey and knitting (I have to do something with my hands). Right now I am hiding out in my basement while my kitchen, living room, dining room and hall are masked for preliminary paint tomorrow. Versus is showing a repeat of last night's Wings-Stars game which is fine with me. I can watch my Wings win over and over. But, at 7:30 the Pens meet the Flyers in Philly- always dicey and exciting.

Oh, weekends? Well, last Saturday we (Joey and I) spent the day in Bangor, MI for the Bangor Invitational. Joey's team, the Delton-Kellogg Panthers (JV) ended up playing the Gull Lake Blue Devils in the championship. Kind of weird that we go all the way to Bangor (over an hour away) and end up playing the team from the school closest to us. Actually, Joey and I live in the Gull Lake school district but he wanted to finish high school at Delton so he uses his dad's address. It's a short drive to school. Anyway, Delton won 14-9 which is a very big deal. We didn't get home until late- I had to listen to the first two periods of the Wings on XM but I got to see the third at home.

And don't even ask about Sunday- it was Mother's Day which means I slept, sipped coffee, read the paper and stayed away from the computer.

Ok, I know I owe some pictures.

This is a memorial to fishermen and sea farers lost at sea from Lunenburg Nova Scotia. It is very cool but also sad when you read the names and realize how entire families were destroyed when all the men, fathers and sons, brothers, served on the same ship and that ship went down.

The Picton Castle. She sets sail in 4 days. She is so beautiful; I wish I could be there to see her and the crew off. I am making it a point to keep track of where they are so I can be there when they return.

This is a house in Lunenburg. See that "turret" in the center?? That's what is known as a "Lunenburg Bump." I have no idea how they started or why but they are an architectural anomaly peculiar to Lunenburg. If you enlarge the picture (click on it) you will see the house to the right and behind it also has one. I have not found a single house in Lunenburg with a widow's walk though.
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  • At 5:50 PM, Blogger margaret said…

    Ah the Lunenburg bump! Several computers ago I had a wonderful screensaver of Lunenburg from the water. I used to live in Halifax but have been in UK for more than 20 years now. Still love to read about/see pix of Nova Scotia!

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