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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
House Stuff
Work in my Michigan home is moving right along. So far I have: had custom cabinets built, had the basement finished into a bedroom suite, entertainment/home theatre area and utility room/dye studio, new floor through out the upstairs, the guest bedroom painted blue and the guest bath painted yellow.

We are down to the big jobs- right now my kitchen/dining room/ living room and hall are being given "the treatment." I can't just say painted because that does not do justice to what is going on. The walls have been textured and are now being painted. Then they will have a glaze applied. Select walls are getting a faux treatment to look like stone. Once all of this is done, the finishing touch will be granite counters in the kitchen and matching windowsills (because the dog has torn up the wooden ones so I might as well replace those at the same time as the kitchen so it all goes together).

Anyway, here we go:

These all show the texture that has been added to most of the walls.

And here we have the base coat of colour going on. The gold in the kitchen and hall are closest to the actual colour. It's called "toasted sesame seed." Leave it to me to pick a colour with a food name.

You can see the texture portion of the faux treatment in some of the pics.....doesn't even begin to give you the feel of how it will look when it's done!!
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The Good, The far no Ugly
Well, the WONDERFUL news is- I was able to score three tickets to Saturday's game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals in Detroit. I had to buy 3 separate tickets because there were none available together. Thankfully I was able to get two in adjoining sections in the upper bowl of the Joe (Joe Louis Arena) so MY Joe(y) and his buddy, Derrick, will sit there. The third ticket is in the other end of the arena BUT, it's lower bowl- row 9!!!! Hot dog! That one is mine!!!! (for $350 and a bargain at the price). I haven't been to a Red Wings game in probably 10+ years and haven't been to a playoff game since I was a little kid and we had season's tickets. Neither Joey nor Derrick have ever been to an NHL game, much less a playoff! I tried to get tickets to later games (5 and 7 if necessary- and I'm think this one is going to the bitter end) but they were already sold out. Jamie has a friend who is friends with Chris Chelios of the Wings so he is going to see about getting tickets through him. Not that I'm trying to be greedy but I am really looking forward to seeing the Pens play and to see Chris Osgood (Wings goalie) again.....

Now the bad an email from my brother that there's a leak in the basement of my condo in Nova Scotia and they can't do the drywall or flooring until it's taken care of. The place was inspected and passed by the inspector, before I bought it so I am thinking the cost is on his shoulders. If not, because it's a structural thing, I think the condo corp has to pay for it. Regardless, it has to be fixed because I am on a time constraint since I have a class being held there starting July 10th! I'm just happy the problem was discovered before the basement was finished or I would have one hell of a mess to deal with!!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Woo Hoooooooo
The Wings are IN, game 1 is Saturday.......

AND I HAVE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get to see:



And Mad Max!!!!

Plus all the rest AND Pavel, and Z

and OZ the Magnificent!!!


I am one VERY HAPPY Hockey Mom!!!!
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Monday, May 19, 2008
Waiting for Painting
We're getting down to the deadline here. I leave Sunday for Baltimore, OH for a week and my painter knows he has to get the living room, dining room and kitchen done before I go. 98% is masked off and the young man (Chris, yes he has a name) doing that part of the job will be back tonight to finish. He's bringing one of those fancy-dancy ladders that you can put into all kinds of contortions so he can reach the crown molding over the stair case.

In the meantime my main living space is a disaster area. Paintings are down and in the guest bedroom as is my arch-shelf and area rug and a bunch of other stuff. A lot of stuff got taken to the garage and more is piled in the middle of the living room and on the dining room and kitchen tables....Moving into a smaller house is a pain but at least it's forcing me to get rid of stuff. Just wish I had done that BEFORE I moved in.

So, here are some pictures of what I am living with right now:

Had to throw in the shot of the iris....they came up beautifully this year. The only problem is, they seem to be clumped by color! I deliberately tossed all the corms in a bag, gently shook it up and pulled them out at random specifically to avoid that. Sigh- when I divide them in a couple of years I will have to be more methodical about mixing them up. Anyway, they still look nice. But my poor fireplace looks so lonely without the beautiful painting from Melody (Johnson) over it. I am SO looking forward to coming home from Baltimore and putting my house back together- just in time to leave for Columbus!

Oh, and the Penguins kicked butt last night. Now if the Red Wings could just finish off Dallas tonight we can get on with this Stanley Cup business. I hope I can find a sports bar in Baltimore that is carrying the games!
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Saturday, May 17, 2008
Beautiful, Sunny Day
Of course it has to be....and the Red Wings are on in 1 hour. Not enough time to get my stuff I bought yesterday planted. But, the game will be over early enough for me to get out and plant after the game and after I run up to the store for some chicken to cook on the grill for dinner. Ended up with an extra kid for the weekend (and 2 extra last night after the Mustard Plug concert) so I had better get something to cook....

Quick look at some pics from the Italy Challenge and a fond Aloha and safe travels to everyone on the Picton Castle as she sets sail today for Ireland.

Ok, first we have here multiple images of the village in Italy I am using for my challenge piece.

Here we have the cartoon I made of the village to size for the finished piece.

Then I blocked off the approximate size and shape of the sky using release paper. It's larger than the actual sky in the cartoon but, gotta have that over lap (or, in this case, underlap).

Here's a few of the fabrics I pulled to find sky, water, rocks, etc.....

Ok, off to watch the Wings and maybe even see my son in the stands (heaven forbid he take his MOM to the game- no he takes his roommate!).
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Busy, Busy
I know, it isn't much of an excuse. But it IS true. I have painting going on, and I'm trying to get everything rounded up for my class with Jan Myers-Newbury at Nancy Crow's Barn the end of the month. Add to that I am working on my challenge piece for the West MI Art Quilters and taking two on line classes! days are full up! Today I spent the day running errands and still didn't get everything I needed so I will be road tripping again later this week. Joey has a bone scan on Thursday so that will be a lost day.

Nights, oh, you think I should be able to keep up by posting at night??? You forget, the conference finals for the the Stanley Cup have started and both the Red Wings and Penguins are playing so every night is hockey and knitting (I have to do something with my hands). Right now I am hiding out in my basement while my kitchen, living room, dining room and hall are masked for preliminary paint tomorrow. Versus is showing a repeat of last night's Wings-Stars game which is fine with me. I can watch my Wings win over and over. But, at 7:30 the Pens meet the Flyers in Philly- always dicey and exciting.

Oh, weekends? Well, last Saturday we (Joey and I) spent the day in Bangor, MI for the Bangor Invitational. Joey's team, the Delton-Kellogg Panthers (JV) ended up playing the Gull Lake Blue Devils in the championship. Kind of weird that we go all the way to Bangor (over an hour away) and end up playing the team from the school closest to us. Actually, Joey and I live in the Gull Lake school district but he wanted to finish high school at Delton so he uses his dad's address. It's a short drive to school. Anyway, Delton won 14-9 which is a very big deal. We didn't get home until late- I had to listen to the first two periods of the Wings on XM but I got to see the third at home.

And don't even ask about Sunday- it was Mother's Day which means I slept, sipped coffee, read the paper and stayed away from the computer.

Ok, I know I owe some pictures.

This is a memorial to fishermen and sea farers lost at sea from Lunenburg Nova Scotia. It is very cool but also sad when you read the names and realize how entire families were destroyed when all the men, fathers and sons, brothers, served on the same ship and that ship went down.

The Picton Castle. She sets sail in 4 days. She is so beautiful; I wish I could be there to see her and the crew off. I am making it a point to keep track of where they are so I can be there when they return.

This is a house in Lunenburg. See that "turret" in the center?? That's what is known as a "Lunenburg Bump." I have no idea how they started or why but they are an architectural anomaly peculiar to Lunenburg. If you enlarge the picture (click on it) you will see the house to the right and behind it also has one. I have not found a single house in Lunenburg with a widow's walk though.
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Friday, May 02, 2008
Naughty Girl
Ok, I didn't post at all while in Nova Scotia. To be honest, I was so very busy during the day, lining up and interviewing builders, picking up fixtures, choosing floor night all I wanted to do was watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. I thought I was going to have to miss game 3 of the Red Wings- Avs game because it was in Denver and, being in Nova Scotia, I was yet another time zone away. I watched the Pens beat up on the Rangers (yea!! too bad the Pens lost last night) and, around 10pm I got a phone call from United that my flight the next morning (April 30) was canceled due to severe weather. Ok- meant I could stay up and watch the game. I went on-line to see where the "severe weather" was....nada. The only warnings I could find ANYWHERE on the North American continent were the flood warnings for Quebec, Ontario and parts of New Brunswick. I think the "severe weather" was a code for "not enough seats sold to make it worth flying." No problem. One more day in Nova Scotia was dandy with me.

But, I'm back in Michigan for now. The weather is lovely- high 60's to low 70's and my tulips are blooming like crazy! I need to take pictures. I planted a lot of new ones last year and it's fun seeing them come up since I forgot what colours I planted.

While I was in Nova Scotia I made a trip to Lunenburg to visit the crew of the Picton Castle and take them the quilt "Vagrant Gypsy Life." Captain Dan and his crew were so wonderful and thanked me. What I wouldn't give to be healthy enough to sail with them. I talked to Joey about signing on for a trip in a year or so but he has no interest. Sigh.

Anyway, I will post some pictures later since they are all on the laptop.

Back to work....

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