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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Happy Earth Day!
Earth Day is one of the few "holidays" that I think is really worth celebrating. Instead of useless clutter, we can give a useFUL gift to our Mother Earth. As the Dalai Lama said at U of M this past weekend- She is home to ALL of us so we need to care for her as we do our own homes (well, I have seen some pretty un-cared-for homes but you know what I mean).

Anyway, generally I spend Earth Day puttering in the yard and planting stuff. But today I am off to Nova Scotia for a week and I need to finish packing and cleaning up. Joey is home sick with the rotten virus he caught from me. Sore throat (I'm past that), general malaise....I have laryngitis. Pretty typical for this time of year. My allergies lower my resistance and make my sinuses produce mucus like a Chinese noodle factory makes noodles. Lovely thought, eh?

So, I am looking forward to seeing home although I wish Joey and Kaiser were going with me. I have to meet with my landscaper, interview and hire a builder to finish my studio in the basement, attend a guild meeting (my first since I am never there when they meet) and drag my brother to a singles Sunday Brunch. Then I come back to Michigan to face moving stuff so my kitchen/living/dining rooms can be painted.

I will leave you with a nice, Earth Day picture- it's amazing what Nature can do:

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Thursday, April 17, 2008
For those of you who don't know, I have some rather, er, quirky idiosyncrasies (why does that word sound suspiciously like "idiot" to me?). Among them, I am a pack rat. Not a casual one, either. I am a serious, "oh, I know I can find a use for that" collector of the most useless items ever made. Not only do I collect "things" I also collect information. I cut newspaper and magazine articles out (must go back to my days working in the "morgue" of the local paper), I print out articles from the internet and I collect quotes. Yep, quotes.

So here's today's:

Don't wait for your ship to come in. Row out to meet it.


Now, I have to tell you, the reason this quote resonated with me today is, the way my day is going, if I did this, my little boat would be swamped. My studio needs cleaning. It always looks like a volcano erupted in here when I finish a project but I can't start the next one until I clean up. Sigh. The room designated "dining room" is going to be having some work done in it so I have to empty it out by Monday. Where I am going to move all that stuff is the question of the hour. Then there's the trip out to Coloma I have to make tomorrow to see a friend from Indy who has a summer home there. She's bringing up a quilting machine I bought from another lady in Indy. I have no clue where I'm going to put that but I suspect it's going to end up in Nova Scotia. And, speaking of which, did I mention I'm going to Nova Scotia on Tuesday?? I still haven't finished catching up on the laundry from Squaw Valley and I need to pack this weekend.

Here's hoping the boys don't make a mess of the house while I'm gone.

Yeah, right......
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Almost 2 weeks since my last post. Slap me silly. I have been cleaning my studio after finishing my taxes. Now, I need to be honest- I do NOT do my own taxes. But I DO have to round up everything my CPA needs and that is not always easy. For 2008 I have a box and anything that is vaguely business related goes into it.

I am still cleaning. I promise I will post some "before" and "after" pics this week.

I am flying high because the Pittsburgh Penguins are 3-0 in the first round of the playoffs. Woo hoo!!!!! Even my little sweetie, Max Talbot scored last night! I always say Max and Jordan (Stall) are due for a goal and last night they got them.

Wish the Red Wings had performed as well....they were up 2-0 in the first but ended up losing 5-3. They looked flat. Although all the slashes to Hank Zetterburg's and Pavel Datsyuk's (top two scorers) hands didn't no calls!! The refs are asleep. I would rather see them ignore the occasional hook or holding but anything that has a real potential for causing injury needs to be called.

Ok, sorry, you come here for art, not hockey.....

"Vagrant Gypsy Life" made it home safely. I don't usually enter quilt shows and was not expecting a judging form back with it, but I received one. 72 out of 80....not too bad. They liked my binding....surprise!!!! (really, I hate doing traditional bindings- can't mitre a corner to save my life). I used the method for French Binding that Alison Schwab posted on her site. I need to practice it more....maybe on some of my postcards.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Squaw Valley
Is beautiful! Of course, I knew that from two years at Art Quilt Tahoe but this is the first time that I have been here when there has been snow on the ground at this elevation (approx. 6000 ft above sea level). All I can say is everyone should experience this place at least once during the winter or spring. Today the sky is absolutely cloudless and the most beautiful shade of blue. It is so warm out that I am walking around in a t-shirt and, up on the mountain I could ski like this (well, IF I could ski). The boys had to come back down Monday after only an hour to change clothes because they were too warm (and too cheap to pay for locker rental in the Village). It's easy enough for them to go back and forth. Right outside the building where we are staying is a chair lift that they take up and then work their way over to the lifts further over (would tell you the direction but I'm not 100% sure- I think it's south) or they can catch the free shuttle that picks them up right by the lift and takes them to the Olympic Village and then go from there. They all bought spring passes for $179 that allows them to use all the lifts from 9am until 4pm except the cable car (which is extra). Unfortunately the second night here (they didn't go out on the 29th because we were all too tired) was the last night of night skiing for the season. Actually I wasn't too upset- I was not crazy about them being out at night since they are all novices out here in the mountains. In Michigan a 400' vertical drop is about the best they can do in the lower part of the state and 900' in the UP. Out here you are talking several thousand feet and the drop is STEEP. I wish I had a picture of them when we turned into the driveway at the resort and they got their first look at the mountains. But, the comment was "oh shit." They did finally find the terrain parks and superpipe and have been spending their time over there enjoying snowboarding themselves and watching the locals who are REALLY good.

I made the trip to High Camp today (8200') to take photos. I only lasted and hour at that elevation before I started getting dizzy but I got lots of great shots that I will share over the next few days. I got a LOT of stuff that will show up in future work!

So, here's a couple of shots for now:
At breakfast this morning there was a woman who was determined to find something to complain about. She didn't like her french toast. So, no big deal. It was made with the wrong kind of bread. The waiter was more than happy to take it back and have it made the way she wanted it. Should have been no big deal but she went on and on and on. I felt sorry for the man with her. I considered asking the hostess to move me because the negative vibes were just rolling off her (she complained about multiple other things through out the meal but I finally just had to feel sorry for her). The big reason I didn't want to move was this group of gentlemen sitting to my left. I could not understand a word they were saying but they were all so happy that they completely over-rode the unhappy woman to my right. Later I ran into 3 of them while I was waiting for the shuttle to the Village. They are from Brazil and a nicer group of guys you would never want to meet (and easy on the eyes, too).

And how could anyone be crabby with THIS as your view at breakfast??

High Camp. This is actually a shot taken as I was going back down. I missed it going up- I was too wrapped up in taking shots of the rest of the view. I am so scared of heights but this didn't bother me at all. I think it's because I was IN a cable car. Although the bouncing when you go through the towers is a little disconcerting.

The boys want me to buy a condo here at the Resort at Squaw Creek. We are actually staying in 1/2 of someone's 2 bedroom condo. Going to take a tour later. It's tempting even though I don't snowboard or ski. In the summer they have golf and swimming and horseback riding. And there's the lake too. And in November there's AQT. And a distinct overpopulation of really good looking people. I am really enjoying taking pictures.

This is Wesley and Doug. Wesley is from Lahina, Hawai'i and has been here for years. Doug is from New Hampshire and must be fairly new because I think I would have remembered him. There are people from all over the world working here. Our first night our waiter was from Transylvania (that's in Romania for those of you who don't know) and my waiter at breakfast this morning is also from Romania. One of the waiters is from Bulgaria (I remember him from last November) but yesterday was his last day- he says it's to cold here and he is transferring to a Destination Hotel in South Carolina. Hope he likes it. He's very intelligent. Was explaining to me all about the Euro Group- the countries that are on the Euro and how a country has to go about applying to join and all the criteria. It was mostly over my head but it makes a lot of sence that a country has to show a stable economy to join so they don't drag the entire group down into a recession. But, once in the Euro Group, the stability of such a strong base will help prevent recession. No wonder the Euro is so strong! Anyway, a more fascinating and friendlier group you would not find anywhere.

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