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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
New Book Case!!`
Ok, so I missed a few days....the weekend was busy and so was Monday since my beautiful new bookcase was installed. Tuesday and this morning was spent cataloging and shelving books. Guess what? Could have used another 12-14" of height. Oh well, I have listed some books for sale on Amazon and put some others in a box to be donated to the library. And some will just have to stay in the sunroom, especially the weaving books since that's where the loom is.

Any's pics (I hope- Blogger has been stinky lately)!

What it used to look like when you walked into the living room from the front door. The old bookcase stuck out and took up a lot of walking space. The couch couldn't go any closer to the fireplace or there would be no room there and the rug would stick out from the back.

It also didn't help that the dog figured out (in less than a week) that, if he pulled on the railing the gate at the top of the stairs would pop open. Kind of defeated the reason I had the gate installed in the first place.

So, the railing was removed....

Here's Will, Larry and Mike (behind Larry) moving the new bookcase into position.

Will at one end

Mike at the other

And Larry on the stairs behind the case checking placement.

And here's the beautiful new bookcase (in a lovely, natural maple to match the rest of my cabinetry) with a few books on it. It's nearly full now....

So, I am off to run errands. Let's see Kaiser get by this!

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