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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Christmas in March
At least, that's the way I feel when the mail arrives and there's lots of "stuff." Now, granted, I paid for that "stuff" but half the time I forget what I ordered so opening the packages really IS like Christmas. And, even when I remember what I ordered it is still exciting to see it in person and be able to hold it, play with it, etc. Ok, I need to get out more. Regardless, yesterday was one of those days.

First, Brenda from UPS arrived. She is Kaiser's buddy. He goes absolutely crazy when she drives up. I always know when the brown truck is in the neighborhood. She brought me part of the order I placed with Staples Friday....Quickbooks for PC (groan- because I need to get all my info typed in for the accountant), MS Office, a new wireless router so I can hook up my wireless printer in the other room (it uses cheaper ink than the HP B9180 so I will use it for documents and save the fancy HP for the good stuff), and a wireless laptop adapter. Of course, some of you may be wondering why all this stuff....well, it's to go with the very inexpensive Dell laptop I had to order that should be here today. Yes- HAD to. So I can do my accounts on a PC so my accountant can actually open them. Even tho Quickbooks says it works across operating platforms, it doesn't. At least WE (my accountant and I) can't get it to despite HOURS on the phone with tech support at Quickbooks and Apple. So, this computer will be dedicated JUST for business accounts.

Ok, now to the fun stuff:

Mail's here!!

Oh yes- the butter warmers I ordered. The 32 qt lobster pot, 12 qt corn steamer and shell fish tools are already here and waiting to go to Nova Scotia.

The 1916 printing of "Salt Water Ballads" by John Masefield. This is the book containing the poem "Sea Fever." I was incorrect tho- the book is not a 1st printing but the third. The book was originally published in 1913. Pretty good- 3 printings in 3 years. And I should have knowing I wasn't going to get a first edition for what I paid for this ($5). Still, it's in very good shape for it's age and it will be happy in it's new home in Nova Scotia.

More goodies- a shirt from "a Muse" as well as a lovely card and bookmark (which is now in the new book, sitting on my bedside table). And, BEST OF ALL- the new SAQA Journal!! The piece on the cover is spectacular. I took it with me into the bedroom when I went to lay down for a while (sore back- needed the heating pad). I read every single page (it is that good) up to the midpoint when the pain pill kicked in. I will read the rest of it today. Some really great articles.

If you are an art quilter and are not a member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) you need to join. This is the first organization of it's type where I felt like I was not only getting my money's worth out of my dues but MORE than my money's worth!!! Go to SAQA!!!

Ok, off to wash out the sails and see how they look. I will try to post more later with the pics of the sails but....sonlet wants mom, AKA the Springer ATM to take him clothes shopping after school. And the Penguins play Tampa tonight at 7:30 and I am NOT gonna miss that! Pens are in 1st in their division and Evgeni Malkin is in a points duel with Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) for the scoring title....right now Sasha (Ovechkin) is up by 2 due to a hat trick (3 goals for you non-hockey fans) last night. So here's hoping Geno nets three tonight!


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