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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Yes- I HAVE been Working
Amazingly enough. First, I am trying to get all "business" stuff out of the studio. It's tough because I listen to the radio on my computer (only way to hear CBC radio here) plus my email is in here.....any way, here is what I spent part (read: most) of my day doing:

Yep- shredding. Tomorrow is recycling day so I thought I'd get a bunch done to put out. As it turns out I have a lot more to shred than I bargained for. I am not even close to done but have put out what is done. The rest will have to go out next recycling day.....

But I have actually worked on some creative stuff too. I am working on a piece for the West MI Art Quilter's Challenge- the theme is "Italy" this year. Never having been there I went looking for photos that screamed Italy at me. I found one of the northern Italian coast and a week later I received a brochure in the mail for cruises and a picture of the same spot was in the brochure! Different angle but the exact same spot. Anyway, I emailed the person who took the first photo and she was kind enough to give me full use of her photo as long as I show her the finished product. Hey, no problem!!

In the meantime I have been working on a series of wholecloth pieces that I am hand stitching (yes, I am crazy but hand stitching is the only way it felt right). I don't want to show any until they are done. BUT, I did give "ice dyeing" a try today. I don't think I will do it again unless the results are REALLY spectacular (meaning, not again).

First I scoured fabric. D'uh. Second, I soaked all the fabric in plain water and wrung it out. Some fabric I put in one bucket, untreated. The rest I put in a second bucket after doing a soda ash soak. I put both buckets outside.

Now, it's been darned cold here so everything froze solid. One thing I didn't think of, all the pieces of fabric froze together (d'uh again). The fabric that was not treated wouldn't come out of the bucket. So today I went out with my dye and started dumping and pouring (I didn't mix up a lot of each color but I did use about 12 colors). The untreated fabric got a soda ash solution dumped on it (in it, as it was still in the bucket) after the dye.

Ok, brought it all inside. As it S-L-O-W-L-Y thawed, I separated the batch that got the soda ash dump (which helped it thaw faster than the pre-treated fabric). squeezed out the excess dye and made fabric burritos with plastic wrap. The burritos were put in a disposable roasting pan and placed in the oven, preheated to 170 degrees F. Those have been in there since 10:20am.

The pretreated fabric took a tad longer to thaw enough to separate....those burritos went in at 1:30pm.

So, now we wait until tomorrow for the wash out to see what the results were. I really hate waiting but, since the Pittsburgh Penguins are playing in 12 minutes, I will manage.....and if I am down in the TV room I can't hear the *(^&^%^%$^*& snowmobilers roaring by the house.....stinky noisy things.

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