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Monday, February 04, 2008
No, it's not ME moving but my blog posts. I just can't keep up with two blogs and it really seems silly to post some stuff on one and then not post anything on the blog most people have come to associate with me so, I am going to just one blog. I was going to make this blog strictly work/art related but, since I am trying to force myself to get stuff done, photographed and to my web mistress, I said "ta heck with it" and am using this blog for everything. So, here's a post from 1/23:

But now it's one of the smoke detectors in my Michigan home driving me crazy!!! It's been beeping the last week; telling me I need to change the battery. Of course, it just HAD to be the one in the living room- the room with 12 foot ceilings! So I have put it off and put it off....Today I backed my dad's car out of the garage to get to my 8' ladder (that my ex got me for Christmas- no, he's not trying to knock me off- I asked for an 8 or 10' ladder so I wouldn't have to keep borrowing his 6' one). So, in comes the ladder:

Did I mention that I'm scared to death of heights?? So, I set up the ladder. Problem, the batteries are in the laundry room- on the OTHER side of the ladder. Ok, so I climb over the box of wine that needs to go down to the wine cooler, get the battery, climb back over the box. Climb the ladder, hugging the wall on my left because- oh my, the steps to the basement are just to my right so, not only am I near the top of the 8' ladder but I also have a full story drop down hard wood stairs to my right. Goody.

So, I climb up and realize I have the top of the ladder under the lower ceiling of the hallway, making it necessary for me to lean back to get to the smoke detector. Nope, not gonna happen. I climb back down; move the ladder.

Climb back up. Open the smoke detector and remove the old battery, forgetting to note which way it was facing. D'uh. I try to get the new 9 volt in. Won't go in. I try and try. Ok, finally I reverse it. A couple of pushes and it goes in. Oh YEAH! I close the smoke detector and climb down. Then I go to toss out the old battery and wash my hands. Go to put the ladder away.


Crap. That's a brand new battery. It's dated 2012! I climb back up the ladder. Make sure the detector door is closed properly. Yep. Test the detector (yikes- in my house, when one goes off they ALL go off!) yep, it works. So, WHY is it still beeping?

At this point I have given up. I am downstairs (in the basement) waiting for the Toronto game to start and I can still hear the ^%&*%% thing. Too bad. There's nothing I can do. I will go buy another battery tomorrow and see if it works. If not, I guess I have to call my electrician. Usually the detectors last about 10 years (did YOU know that the ones that are hard-wired into your homes electrical system need to be replaced??) and this one is 8 years old so maybe I need a new one. If I'm going to get one replaced I'm getting them ALL replaced (I'm not paying the electrician to come out to replace just one smoke detector).

Ok, it's time for hockey.

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