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Friday, February 29, 2008
Friday Post
I said I was going to try to post more often and I am. I had forgotten how many pictures I had taken in the last 2 weeks (well, not THAT many- but plenty to post).

So, here we go.

First we studio. Now, the room itself is only 10' x 12'. Into that I have put 2-4' tables and one 8' table and a Koala Outback II and a small book case. To say space is tight would be an understatement. While it's a pain as far as storage goes it's also very convenient/efficient as far as working. The wall on the west (outside wall- all window) has the 8' and one 4' table along it. This is my main workspace. My ironing board (literally- a 4'x4' piece of 1/2" plywood, covered with 2 layers of batting and the silver ironing board fabric) sits on the 8' table. If I am facing it my cordless iron is on the pull-out from the Outback to my left by 90 degrees. A 180 turn puts me facing my machine. I have to roll my chair very little as there is only a little over 3' from the ironing table to the sewing machine. To my right when facing the ironing table are the 2 4' tables in an "L" with slightly 6' from where the iron is to the table on the N wall- this is where my computer is. The 4' table to my left has one of my printers on it, telephone and a lot of my tools. My other printer is under the table holding the computer. It sits on top of a plastic storage drawer full of "odd" fabrics. The rest of the N wall is my beautiful storage cabinet that was custom built into the space that was meant to be a closet (this was supposed to be the third bedroom but was used as an office by the developer of this neighborhood- my friend's mom- who lived here first, used it as a TV room so the French doors into the living room were left and no closet was ever built). There are pictures of this beautiful cabinet in my blog somewhere.....I will try to find them later and put in links for those of you like me....too busy to go hunting.

Ok, the top half of this cabinet, which is 5'6" long, is like a china hutch- glass fronted doors, adjustable shelves (7) on each side. It's about 3' deep. The left side has my hand-dyes (both ones I have done and those purchased) and a large part of my antique kimono silk collection. The right side is all commercial fabrics.

The bottom half of the cabinet is drawers- 5 of them. The top-most is the shallowest, the second drawer a little deeper and the bottom 3 about 5.5" deep. I keep my threads in the top two using adjustable silverware organizers from BB&B. The other three are currently being emptied and rearranged but hold fusibles, unfinished projects, paper pads, a mat cutter (never out of the box), embossing gun (same deal) get the idea.

Ok, the east wall is where the French Doors are. They abut the south corner but take up a little more than 1/2 the wall. The rest of the wall has black felt that is mounted on velcro (hooky side) that is attached to the wall- I have three strips- top and two sides- to keep the felt fairly taught. The south wall, as noted before, has the Outback cabinet against it. With the back portion elevated (and it is) this leaves less than 4' to the door. I managed to find a little bookcase to shove in there to keep my most frequently referenced books there.

As you can imagine, EVERY available surface is in use. Under tables, under the Outback, etc. I have to keep the space in front of the cabinet clear because, as I have discovered, within 30 minutes of setting anything in front of it that will interfere with the opening of a drawer, I will need something out of one of those drawers. The only thing permanently in front of it is Kaiser's (my dog's) fleece blanket (it was purchased as a lap blanket for my friend's mom who lived here because she was always cold- it was too nice to get rid of but way too warm for me- queen of hotflashes). Now, does the dog use it?? Well, occasionally. Usually he just finds a spot that I am most likely to need to occupy in the next 15 minutes and stretches out there. Of course, when I ask him to move he becomes quite offended.

Kaiser in one of his favorite spots- right in front of the computer. If I am at the computer he likes to be behind me, blocking access to the sewing machine. This placement assures maximum attention from me.

To the right is the ironing table- I forgot to mention that I have a cutting mat I store between the table and the window- it's a simple matter to grab it by the top edge and slide it out on top of the ironing board. Originally I had visions of sliding the ironing board off the table when I needed to. Let me tell you- not gonna happen. I did that once and it's heavy and awkward. Much easier to just move the cutting mat.

Another view of the work area- sewing machine to the left. Yes, I could have cleaned up before I took the pictures but, what-the-heck, you might as well see it as it normally is.

View from the door looking in....complete with doggy butt. Heaven forbid I should get up and move and Kaiser not follow. The only place he goes without me it into the bedroom to jump up and lay on MY side of the bed (he has his own side) because he knows he isn't supposed to be there.

My lovely little bookcase- crammed into the corner. There was a bunch of stuff piled in front of it but I needed to rearrange some stuff while looking for the still-missing light box, so I have moved that stuff elsewhere so I can get at the books.

I had visions of continuing this post with photos of some current work but, I have spent enough time here for now and need to get back to my current "gotta-get-it-done" work- a special entry into the "Quilts in the Garden" show in the UK.


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