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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Foiled Again
I was supposed to go to Carol Myers' home on Paw Paw Lake to play with monoprinting. Sigh, but I had to be home to take delivery of an overnight package. I was expecting it no later than 10 so I could be on the road by 10:05. No such luck. So, we're going to shoot for next week. In the meantime, I will spend time tomorrow and Friday trying to coax my Epson R2400 printer to work with the Lyson Cave Inks system. If I wasted $300+ on this system I'm going to be really PO'd. The folks at Lyson have bent over backwards to try to help but what I need is someone here who know what they are doing. If I can't get it working tomorrow I will have to disconnect it and switch to the HP because I must get some "save the date" cards in the mail by Monday.....

And I need to get some work done on the pieces I started at AQT. I'd like to get 2-3 of them done before this week ends. My poor webmaster must think I'm NEVER going to get her enough images to finish that site!

Now I need to pop over to my other blog to post day-to-day stuff.....

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Thursday, January 17, 2008
What a Day
I have been cruising right along, working on several small pieces including ones I started at AQT. I had progressed to doing some freemotion and, sigh, the 6600 decides to be a brat. Threads snapping, needles snapping.

Ok, I can take a hint. So, "Jake II" will be headed in to the "doctor" tomorrow for a good cleaning and tune up. problem, right? Even tho "Jake I" (the 6500) is in Chester I still have Brunhilda (my Viking workhorse). So, out comes Brunhilda. Sigh, but I can't find her powercord which is in the bag with the manual. And where might THAT be? Beats the *&^%&^% out of me.

Well, I am off to the basement to see if maybe I stashed it in the dye's easier than moving all the stuff in front of the drawers in the studio....that will be the last resort if I can't find the cord downstairs.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Flower Child
You are a Hippie

You are a total hippie. While you may not wear birks or smell of incense, you have the soul of a hippie.
You don't trust authority, and you do as you please. You're willing to take a stand, even when what you believe isn't popular.

You like to experiment with ideas, lifestyles, and different subcultures.
You always gravitate toward what's radical and subversive. Normal, mainstream culture doesn't really resonate with you.

Thank you Gabrielle and DebR

Yes, I still burn incense and I still wear Birks and Earth Shoes and I am still a rebel and liberal as hell......And I am rereading "On the Road."

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
New Project
Ok, still no pictures. Hopefully by the end of the week.

I just started a new project (do I hear groans out there???? Yes, I know, I need to FINISH a few things. The new project is making a data base of my books so I quit wasting money on ones I already have. Also, then I will be able to look at the list and see where I have it (sun room, studio, dye studio, etc) since I can never find the one I want when I need it.

Anyway, I had placed an order with Amazon some time ago and one of the books was back ordered, and back ordered, get the picture. This is the second time Amazon has done this, kept me hanging on for months waiting for a book. Both times I got tired of waiting and went to other sites to obtain the book at the same price or less. This time it was a book called: Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia, edited by Peter Sutton and published in 1988. It's a large "coffee table" book and it is luscious. I haven't had the opportunity to go through the entire book yet but I find myself wondering why the Aboriginie's use dots. It's all dots. And then I start thinking "beads....yes, this would work very nicely in beads." And no, I would never copy someone else's work but there is no reason I can't take my own design and translate it into dots using beads, is there? I mean, Seurat certainly didn't originate the idea.

I can't try it right now as I DO have several things on the burner right now (surprise, surprise) but I am going to make a note of it.

Also received a book today called "Making Love with Light" by John Daido Loori. It isn't what I was expecting. I thought it was more or less an instructional book on using light more effectively in photography. Instead I received a lovely book of fabulous nature photography with brief musings and, while it isn't what I was expecting I am actually quite delighted with it.

Ok, now back to straightening up the studio, cataloging the books I come across and trying to find the $#%@##%@ soldering iron I bought!

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Sunday, January 06, 2008
Check Back Tomorrow
I had every good intention of working on my scrap challenge piece today. But old, ugly colitis has decided to make an appearance instead. Will try to get to it later.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Happy New Year
Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's celebration last night! I did.

Skip over to my other blog if you are interested in some non-art content.

Off to watch the "Winter Classic" outdoor hockey on CBC (hockey played the way it was meant to be!!)

teri in Chester
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