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Saturday, December 29, 2007
Christmas in Nova Scotia
As you can probably guess, it's been a busy 9 days (ok, 8 1/2). I got in very late - actually arriving on the 21st. I drove out to my home in Chester, dragged my suitcases in, dumped them in the living room, dug out the jammies and was in bed at 2AM. SInce then it has been pretty much non-stop until today.

It's great because we are having snow, snow and more snow which is unusual around here. One of the effects of global warming has been that the South Shore of Nova Scotia has been getting more rain and ice than snow the last few winters. But not this winter!! It has been snowing all day today and it looks lovely. Hopefully it won't warm up too much the rest of my trip so the snow will stay and not turn to slush and then freeze. I was supposed to go into Halifax with my brother today to go to the Marilyn Monroe exhibit at the Nova Scotia Art Museum but we decided to stay put. Just as well....I have been watching the World Junior Championships (hockey) and the Cze team just beat Slovakia (an intense rivalry). Next up is Team Canada and Sweden. So far the Canadian team has beaten the CZE team and the Slovakians and allowed no goals. The Swedes will be a bit tougher although their defence is a bit suspect. Here's hoping the Canadian team continues in it's winning ways. The US team is in the other division so the two teams won't meet until the finals, if at all. Last year's final was so good with Team USA finally losing to Team Canada in a shoot-out. Ironically, the player (Jonathan Toews) for Team Canada who scored on 3 shots is now the roommate of the Team USA player (Patrick Kane) who did not score- they both play for the Chicago Blackhawks. Bet they have some interesting conversations!!

Ok, off hockey.

I have decided that, for my "New Year's Resolution" (FWIW) I am going to rededicate this blog to my art and move the day-to-day stuff to my other blog,"The View From My Front Porch" Since I didn't bring any quilt stuff with me I am now going to pop over to the other blog to post pictures from this trip. But, first, I will post a shot I am going to use for a quilt.....

This is on Hwy 329 going to Blandford, NS- this is a stream that empties into a little bay on the Atlantic.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!

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Friday, December 14, 2007
Warning! Danger Will Robinson; Danger!
Today I received a very strange email from Frieda Anderson (Chicago School of Fusing). According to the email she was in Africa and had lost her wallet and needed help. I was, of course, immediately suspicious for multiple reasons, not the least of which was the fact that Frieda has lots of friends and I am pretty sure she would not be contacting me for help. So, I called her. Sure enough, someone had hijacked her entire Google account. Sigh; is NOTHING safe?? I would expect Google to have great security....and I know Frieda didn't fall for any Phishing expedition. Needless to say, I just changed my Google password (which I hadn't done in probably 2+ years.

I highly recommend everyone do the same and come up with something less obvious than your birthday.....(and no, that is not what mine a matter of fact it was the name of a good friend, a name no one outside his family and myself ever managed to spell correctly, plus some numbers significant only to us. Still......)

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
It's Here!!
What am I so excited about!!??!! The book from Deborah Boschert that's what!! I am about to take my lunch break and watch the noon news but first, I am going to go through this book of lovely work.

What a great time- yesterday I received my two books from SAQA, "A Sense of Place" and Portfolio 14- great stuff; and now this!! To top it off, we had 3" of snow last night and the sun is out so it is SO pretty outside!!!!


Back Later!

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Monday, December 03, 2007
Now We're Moving!!
Today has been one of those days where I have been totally unable to keep track of time. I got 6 packages ready to ship via FedEX to my sister in Canada. Mostly Christmas gifts but a couple of things for my condo. Larger stuff will have to wait to go with me in the summer. Between shipping costs and the duty there's no way I am shipping my hall runner, mini-stereo, 13" TV, etc. As it is the cost of sending these gifts will be high. Sigh. So now I am waiting for the FedEx guy to get here. Poor dog- ran him outside for a quick sprinkle and that was it.

Then I started getting fabrics ready to throw together a Christmas table runner for my family in Nova Scotia. All are ironed and ready to be cut.

Then the mail came. I have two new knitting toys!! One is a magnetic chart thing that allows me to keep track of where I am- now that I am getting into these fancy charts and things! The other is a set of interchangeable nickle-plated circular needles from Knit Picks. I decided I needed these as I never have the right size needle for the job and got tired of having to put aside patterns I wanted to do simply because of this. The great thing is, there are two sets of two cables (23" and 9"- I think) and cable ends, so I can use them as regular needles and I can do socks using circs instead of dps (of course- I already have a full set of dps and I have no clue how to knit socks with circs- but I have directions!!). I am SO happy!! I have this throw I am working on and this will make it so much easier! I was using sticky notes to mark my place in the pattern and it was taking two notes to make it through the repeat one time!! (36 rows). Anyway, the pattern is actually for a shawl but I am making multiple "shawls" and knitting them together to make one large throw in multiple colors. It will look great in my living room in Chester.

Last project for the day...I am in yet another postcard exchange. This is with the original Art2Mail group and I feel really bad that, as always, I am running behind (wayyyyy behind). But I am printing out on "Printed Treasures" fabric some stuff to get these done and in the mail. Hopefully before I go to Chester for Christmas. Anyway, am I being too perverse by making tulip postcards???? As much as I love winter I am SO looking forward to seeing what my flowerbeds here in Michigan look like in the spring and then to doing some major planting in Chester next summer.

Ok, I'll shut up and load pictures.....

This is my ironing board- home made. 4'x3' 1/2" plywood with a double layer of cotton batting and the silver ironing board cover fabric- all stapled on in the back. Mostly I just leave it on the table top and put the cutting mat on top when I need to cut.

The same ironing board in use- ironing the Christmas fabrics for a table runner.

See, I AM perverse (ok, you knew that already) but aren't these tulips yummy? I have so many new ones planted I can't wait to see them in the spring.

Finally, the new knitting toys.

Wow, two posts in two days. I AM on a roll! Ok, back to work!!
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Sunday, December 02, 2007
Ok- I Know I Promised
It's been one of those days. Watered plants and one decided to run over getting top of bookcase wet and the envelopes containing Joey's school pictures for this year and last. Rescued the pictures, dried off the bookcase and drained excess water out of planter. Later realized water had run on to floor. Slid bookcase out to mop up water. Moved bookcase back and a bottle of wine (yikes- an imported Riesling) fell and, of course, broke all over the floor. Pick up glass and dry floor again.....sigh.

Anyway, here is a shot of felted triangles that I knit being sewn together into a square (sort of).....

Ok, I plan to do some work tomorrow so I hope to have more to post then. Right now I'm going to see if the Bears at least can win one (since Green Bay and Detroit both lost).

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