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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
New Operating System
Well, I've had Leopard since the release day but I waited until today to load it as I was backing up my important files to an on-line Mac service and it took almost 4 days!! (that's on DSL- I hate to think how long it would have take with dial-up). So, I installed the OS and went to do other things. Flash forward to this afternoon. Jamie (my oldest) had updated the stats for the hockey team he is assistant coach for but he is sick with a bad cold and wanted Austin (our billet- a kid who plays for the team who lives with us as he is from Wyoming) to take the papers to practice tonight. Now, I just bought Jamie a brand-new Dell laptop with all the bells and whistles including a nice laser printer; has he set it up yet?? Of course not (he's had it since the first week of this month). So, he comes over to print his stuff out. Thankfully I have Excel for Mac and it's compatible with his version. He opens his files on the jump drive and tries to print. The computer can't find the printer. I tried and tried to reinstall with no luck. So Jamie and Austin had to go all the way in to WMU to the Kinko's to print out the stats. Of course, it's all my fault because I didn't make sure the printer worked after installing the new OS....MEN.

I finally got someone at Apple to help me out and all is well...glad I bought the extended service contract. I have found that the only one's worth having are on computers if just for the tech support!

Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhaim/ Dia des los Meurtos!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
This and That
Sigh- October, my favorite month, is nearly over. Why do I love October? Well, the cooler weather (I am NOT a fan of hot weather), the crisp, bright days and crisper nights (the moon was SO clear last night), the change of colors and the smells are just so special to me. My dad and I talked about living in Hawai'i (which we did many years ago) and I said that I could never live there full time. He was really surprised because we all loved it there so much. But, I just love the change of season from summer to fall into winter too much.

I have some pictures of a great sunset from a few nights ago but I need to tweak the pics and put them in my album. For some reason I cannot upload straight from iPhoto- I am sure it is just my inexperience with the iMac. Anyway, I will post them later. I have to take Kaiser in to the vet as he is digging at his ears again (an annual event) and then I still have some tulip bulbs and daylilies to plant. Today is supposed to be our last day in the 60's so I had better get out there and get it done.....

My iris are still blooming and I am going to have to mulch them after a good frost as "baby iris" are popping up....this crazy weather!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Here is the mini I did while at Fabrications last week. It's about 4.5" x 11"
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Ok, I am suffering from sticker shock.....well, shipping shock.

I went to the IKEA web site to order one of the "Alex" carts like Melody Johnson( - what ever happened to the "link" option in blogger???) bought. It looked perfect for my needs and would fit nicely under my work table. So, I placed the order not really paying attention once I had chosen the item (onlu $119- reasonable, I thought). I had just completed putting in my CC info and hit the button when I looked at the total! Over $400!!!! Yikes! I thought I had maybe bought two by accident so I rechecked. Nope; only ordered one at $119- but the shipping was just shy of $290!!!!! HOLD THE PHONE!!!!! Sorry. No way, Jose. Now, the closest IKEA's to me are in Detroit and Chicago (6 of one, hald a dozen of the other as far as distance but I know the Chicago area better). I KNOW I can drive there and back for a LOT less than $290!!!

So, no Alex for me until I have the time to make a road trip!

Oh, had a WONDERFUL time at the Fabrications Retreat Oct. 10-13th. SHared a Villa with Carol Myers and Gina Flatly and a table with Peg Keeney in our class with Laura Cater-Woods. Peg and I had multiple "Ah-ha" moments (that are MUCH better than multiple orgasms as the latter only lasts a few seconds while the former leads to bigger and better things). All in all it was great and I am "starting over"; as in, I am paring my work down to the bare bones: simple shapes, lots of color and simple stitch to enhance the shapes and color by adding some texture. I am not saying I will abandon thread painting entirely but, for now, I am going to concentrate on the color, shapes and textures of the surface....I tried to upload a pciture of a mini-piece I did one day at Fabrications but Blogger wouldn't take it....

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Monday, October 08, 2007
Whew....And Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)
I know, I need to post pictures. I am so busy still trying to get the house done.....My parents are coming for the US Thanksgiving and I want to have the painting done and I need a stair runner so my dad can get downstairs to watch football......And, speaking of Thanksgiving- Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian family and friends!!!

At the moment I am trying to get packed for the Fabrications retreat in Lewiston, MI at the beautiful Garland Resort!! If you live anywhere in the Midwest this is a "must do" retreat! Beautiful surroundings, great teachers, great company....and very reasonably priced! I am taking a class with Laura Cater-Woods (again) and can't wait. Since I have been so sick the last few weeks I just could not come up with a new project (no energy) so I am just taking two "in progress" works with me to work on. It will be so great to be surrounded by all that natural beauty and creative people!!!

The colors for the main part of the house are set. Now I just have to call the painter and get him scheduled to come in. Hopefully he can get this done before the folks get here.....

Will be here in the studio all day so I will work on getting the pics downloaded and post a few....really.

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