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Friday, September 28, 2007
Still Cleaning
Yep- a bigger job than I anticipated. The floors are all in. The new furniture is in. Even most of the new area rugs (still waiting for the dining room rug, guest bedroom rug and two hall runners). Will have to get a stair runner put in as the laminate stairs are a bit weird and slippery. The dishwasher is back in (now I need to clean the kitchen) and the fridge goes back in tomorrow (doors need to come off to get it in the door).

Now, I have been using those fabric covered bins from Bed, Bath & Beyond in place of dresser drawers in my walk-in-closet however, the shelving unit they sat on had to be removed to put the floor in the closet and having it out made the closet so much more user-friendly!! As a result I have redesigned the closet and now need shelves at the far end for my bins. I tried buying two of those hanging sweater bags but they are so flimsy that even putting all my panties in (they took up two shelves) was almost more than the thing could handle. I can't imagine putting sweaters in this thing! (ok, I tend toward bulky, cotton sweaters rather than sweet cashmere). So, I am having my favorite carpenter, Larry (who made all the custom cabinetry in my place) come over to measure for the shelves. Unfortunately this means I can't put everything away until they are done so I am without a bath tub (it's full of blankets and clothes). At least I picked up some nice plastic containers (a la Melody Johnson) for my knitting yarn. I think I need two more.

Yesterday was one-of-those-days).....the lawmakers here in Michigan in their *infinate wisdom* (heavy sarcasm) have been unable to come up with a workable budget which means the state government will shut down on Sunday if no agreement is reached. This means: no liquor (which has to be purchased by the retailers from the state), no lottery (no big deal to me as I play maybe once a year), and no Secretary of State. Normally the last would not be a big deal either except my birthday is the first week of November and, wouldn't you know it, this is the year I had to go in to renew. I thought I would be smart and go in on Thursday morning before my weaving class. I arrived at 9:10am (they open at 9) and the line to get a number was already out the door!! Yikes! When I got out of there I was already late for class so I thought I would swing by Home Depot (it's on the way to class and a right turn in and out again- I hate making lefts) to get my paint and a couple of other things. First stop, the paint counter. Only one person working. Great. Twenty minutes minimum to get my 4 quarts. Ok. So, I go to do my other shopping there. 30 minutes later and she's still working on my order in between phone calls and answering questions. By the time I got out of there I was really late and decided to just finish my shoppinig. So, off to Michaels (almost next door) to pick up some 26" x 26" pillow forms. No such luck; the largest they had was 20" x 20". Drat. Did manage to pick up the cotton, queen-size batt I need for AQT and a couple of other things. Then to BB&B. Got out of there $300+ lighter ( I love and hate that store). Last stop the grocery store and then home. By then I had a migraine going. Walked the dog, ate lunch, took a pain pill and fell asleep.

I did get most of the yarn put away after I got up, migraine free. And I have been doing a bang-up job of decluttering my files. But not much else.....

Today we work on cleaning the kitchen and the studio......

Yes, pictures to follow.

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