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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Harry Potter and other Odds and Ends
Well, don't look for me for a few days. My brother finished Harry Potter and I picked up the book this morning. I have to finish it by Monday so we can discuss it. Why Monday?? Well, Saturday morning Joey and I are off to PEI (Prince Edward Island for you who aren't in the know). We have tickets for the "Legends of Golf" on Sunday to see Vijay Singh and Mike Weir play. After that we will drive to the Bay of Fundy area where we will spent the night as July 30th is the full moon. The low tide is at 7:17 ADT and high tide is at 1pm. For those who don't know, the Bay of Fundy has the greatest difference is tide height in the world. The low tide will be 1.8m (5.9 ft) and high tide will be 11.8m (38.7 ft). The land actually bends when the high tide is in....really. The highest tide of the month is at 00:34 Monday (12.1m or 39.7 ft) but I will miss that one in favor of sleep. Besides, it's too difficult to take a good picture at o'dark thirty.....

From there we will go to Annapolis Royal, the original capital of Nova Scotia and the site of the second oldest cathedral in North America (ok history buffs, where is the OLDEST cathedral in North America?? A mini quilt to the first correct answer in comments). It is also the site of the Acadians being driven out of Nova Scotia....if you have ever heard Acadian music and Cajun music you will have no doubt noted a similarity. That's because the Acadians fled to the Caribbean and Gulf Coast regions before some drifted back to the Maritimes in defiance of the Brits....

Then we will head back home to Chester on Monday to relieve brother David who will be dog sitting for Kaiser....

No quilt content to post. I have been too busy making curtains for the living room. They aren't anything spectacular; just plain whilte filter cloth that I will take back to Michigan with me in August to shibori dye. I will show them to you then. to start Harry Potter the final book!!!!
posted by Teri Springer @ 8:57 AM  
  • At 10:57 AM, Blogger Louise in SW Saskatchewan said…

    the oldest cathedral in North America St Paul's Church in Halifax NS It was established by the first Bishop, Charles Inglis on his arrival in 1787. It continued to be such until 1864.
    From the History of The Cathedral Chruch of All Saints

    Louise in SW Saskatchewan who used to live in NS and has been by that cathedral any number of times when in Halifax (but never inside that I can remember).

  • At 11:06 AM, Blogger Louise in SW Saskatchewan said…

    I was too quick to finish off my comments Teri......sounds like you're having a nice time in NS this summer.... You'll enjoy the trip to PEI and NS.... are you going to Margaretsville to see the high tides? Theirs are reputed to have the greatest difference. The icecream shop is a hit too.


    PS We could use some of the rain out here in SW Sask

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger Marlene said…

    My Aunt Ann and Uncle Peter Brown live in Annapolis Royal, wave to for me.

  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger teri springer said…

    Very cool, Louise. St. Paul's pre-dates the first church in what is now the US by 10 years. So, I learned something new! (I thought the church in St. Augustine was the oldest).

    Anyway- will send you a mini quilt when I finish it in August if you will email me your mailing address.

    We are actually going to be in Grand Pre and are going to miss the highest tides on the 30th because we are now staying 2 days on PEI to see Mike Weir and Vijay Singh (yipee skippeee). We also plan to go to Annapolis to see the site of the expulsion and I will get you a picture of the spot/tree.

    It's stopped raining here and gotten HOT (30's). Would love to send you all some rain tho...I think the UK can spare some.


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