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Saturday, July 28, 2007
New Adventures
Joey is still asleep but I will be rousting him soon so we can pack and head to PEI. We are now spending two nights at the Stanhope Beach Resort ( ) so we may attend both days at the Legends of Golf (yippee skippee- not a big golf fan am I). Then we will be off to the Beach Breeze Motel in Grand Pre Nova Scotia for a night then back to Chester. Dear brother David will be doggy sitting since I would guess the Crowbush Golf Course frowns upon bringing one's German Shepherd to the course.

Hopefully it will be a tad cooler on the north shore of PEI than it has been here. Was over 30 yesterday (about 93 F) and not much of a breeze. Joey and I went to Halifax (well, not the city proper but a shopping area called Bayers Lake) and went to see "The Simpsons." If you are not a big fan of the TV don't waste your money but it you ARE a fan- GO! I mean, no really BIG surprises but it was nice to see a long feature sans ads. Besides, the theater was air conditioned. Oh, and we had free tickets because I bought the DVDs of the 1st and 2nd seasons and there were $10 coupons inside. After the movie we went shopping and I bought another fan for the condo. If this heat keeps up we may have to get a couple of small room a/cs.

Went up to sister Kathy's for a jump in the pool which, despite the water temp being in the high 20's (ok, 88F), was quite refreshing. So, now I am off to shave legs and pack for the trip.

Some parting photos:

Condo from the park across the street. Mine is the one on the right.

Walking back from the Rope Loft

John & Gail Carroll's house on Water St. with it's lovely gardens. It's for sale and has a really nice wharf.

Dinner view from the Rope Loft of the Thursday night sailing group. As a friend jokingly told me my first Friday night here: "In Chester we're drinkers with a sailing problem!" It IS a party town- no doubt about it!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Harry Potter and other Odds and Ends
Well, don't look for me for a few days. My brother finished Harry Potter and I picked up the book this morning. I have to finish it by Monday so we can discuss it. Why Monday?? Well, Saturday morning Joey and I are off to PEI (Prince Edward Island for you who aren't in the know). We have tickets for the "Legends of Golf" on Sunday to see Vijay Singh and Mike Weir play. After that we will drive to the Bay of Fundy area where we will spent the night as July 30th is the full moon. The low tide is at 7:17 ADT and high tide is at 1pm. For those who don't know, the Bay of Fundy has the greatest difference is tide height in the world. The low tide will be 1.8m (5.9 ft) and high tide will be 11.8m (38.7 ft). The land actually bends when the high tide is in....really. The highest tide of the month is at 00:34 Monday (12.1m or 39.7 ft) but I will miss that one in favor of sleep. Besides, it's too difficult to take a good picture at o'dark thirty.....

From there we will go to Annapolis Royal, the original capital of Nova Scotia and the site of the second oldest cathedral in North America (ok history buffs, where is the OLDEST cathedral in North America?? A mini quilt to the first correct answer in comments). It is also the site of the Acadians being driven out of Nova Scotia....if you have ever heard Acadian music and Cajun music you will have no doubt noted a similarity. That's because the Acadians fled to the Caribbean and Gulf Coast regions before some drifted back to the Maritimes in defiance of the Brits....

Then we will head back home to Chester on Monday to relieve brother David who will be dog sitting for Kaiser....

No quilt content to post. I have been too busy making curtains for the living room. They aren't anything spectacular; just plain whilte filter cloth that I will take back to Michigan with me in August to shibori dye. I will show them to you then. to start Harry Potter the final book!!!!
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Monday, July 23, 2007
Better Weather & Copyright Controversy
Well, yesterday dawned well overcast and cool but the sun was out by noon and so were the denizens of Chester. The streets were busy with car, motorcycle and foot traffic and the evening repast on the lower deck at the Rope Loft was pleasant with plenty of company. Joey asked me to leave after I paid the bill as there were two young ladies in the vicinity he wanted to talk to without his mother hanging around so I complied, walking home alone. I ran into him as he was on his way home and I was walking the dog. So, did he talk to the girls?? Of course not. Sigh.

Today the skys were only partly sunny at dawn but it was warmer than it has been. It's supposed to be like yesterday but, so far it's gotten more overcast rather than less. Oh well. Once I get Joey up at 10am we can head into Halifax for some shopping and to visit my folks and see their completed condo at Summer Gardens for the first time.

Now, for the copyright discussion. I am not a very confrontational person but I have to weigh in on this. Two other bloggers in the SAQA ring have posted their opinions. Susan Brubaker Knapp of "Blue Moon River" ( pretty well covers my feelings on the subject: if you want to use an image of one of my pieces for a NON-profit use, feel free but I would appreciate credit. Do NOT try to claim one of my images as your own (like anyone would want to but, hey, someday someone might) and don't sell one of my images because I would strongly object to that.

Alison Schwab of "Greetings from Montevideo" takes a much different and narrower view. She blasts a quilter for posting a picture of a nontraditional quilt top made in response to a "Gee's Bend Challenge" Now, I am not going to go into the issue of copyright with respect to the large controversy over the use/abuse of the Gee's Bend quilts and quilters. What I do take issue with is Alison's attack on the challenge. What I am addressing is this statement by Alison (and no, I did NOT ask for permission to quote her- I have provided you with a link and have credited her with it and that should be sufficient. If it isn't, too bad; sue me.) And I quote: "What really bothered me (Alison) that is that the name of this town/group has been used by a quiltgroup (on the other side of the world, no less) for a challenge that could just as easily and much more properly been called something like an" Improvisational Piecing Challenge".

And the problem with using that name is???? The challenge was to make a quilt top INSPIRED BY the Gee's Bend quilts, NOT copy them. Good grief. Have we become SO anal that we can't be inspired by someone or something else?? If we can't be inspired, how are we ever to create ANYTHING?? I guess Alison's work is entirely fresh and new; sprung fully formed from her brow (oh drat, there I go stealing again) and she has never derived inspiration from anyone or anything else. Well, good for her. Wish I could claim the same but I can't and I don't know too many others who can (actually, I don't know ANYone in the modern era who can). And the challenge wouldn't have meant much without the Gee's Bend reference (Alison's suggestion to call it an "Improvisational Piecing Challenge" seems awfully nebulous to me). And I think the title "Gee's Bend Inspirational Challenge" makes it pretty clear that the resuts are NOT Gee's Bend quilts and there is no attempt to mislead anyone.

Oh, but wait, it gets better! She goes on to say: (and, again I quote without permission) "And the other thing that has always bugged me is how some people use the names of other (usually deceased) artists in the titles of their own works. Quilters especially seem to freely do this, with particular favs being Klimt, Klee and Huntderwasser [sic](sorry H - not sure of the spelling of your name - forgive me) If you are claiming to be producing original work not copying anyone else's designs," (you will have to go to her site for the rest of the paragraph).

So, first she tells us we aren't allowed to be influenced by anyone else and now (it appears) that IF we (heaven forbid) ARE influenced by someone else's work we should NOT acknowledge it. Hmmm......And anyone who notes in the name of a piece that it was influenced by a famous artist is "sleezy."

Gee Alison; tell us how you really feel.

Frankly, I find her entire post to be insulting and a very passive-aggressive attack on some quilters whose work I love. But that is beside the point. Alison calls herself "picky." I would use other terms. But, she IS entitled to her opinion and that is what blogging is all about. But, if you're going to attack someone don't be so circumspect, name names! give your readers the opportunity to see for themselves and make their own decisions. So, I give you the example of a piece by Dijanne Cevaal at:; please note her piece entitled: "If Hundertwasser Had Lived in the Otways" To be honest, if I could afford it I would have this piece in my collection. And the challenge piece is by Monica Johnstone and can be seen here: ; and just to nit-pick- Monica is in Michigan, not Oz (yes, she is FROM Oz but...just had to be a prig)....I find Monica's piece interesting but, as she herself points out, not nearly as "free" as the Gee's Bend work. Again, the influence is there and noted- she isn't trying to pass her work off as being a Gee's Bend quilt.

So, NO ONE use ANY of Alison's work as inspiration and, if you accidentally do, make sure to not mention her name. But feel free to be inspired by, influenced by any of MY work. Just say "Teri made me do it."

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Saturday, July 21, 2007
Still Raining
And no, I don't mind too much. It's still better than the heat and humidity in Michigan. And the view is so much better. Too bad it didn't hold off today tho as the Chester Garden Club tour was supposed to be today. One of my neighbors, Gail Carroll, had her garden on the tour and, if it's any indication of what the other gardens on the tour are like, it would be well worth the price of the ticket. I will post a picture of her garden when the rain stops (which it's supposed to do tomorrow).

Any way, my younger son, Joey,made it in (finally) on Thursday night/Friday morning. The flights from Newark are NEVER on time but he didn't seem to mind the delays too much. A year ago he would have been freaking out but this year he just used the time to girl watch. He was sorely tempted to skateboard on the concourse at Newark but decided that security might frown on that (see, he IS growing up- some).

So, since the weather is so shitty, I guess I should do some sewing today (curtains) but first, some quilt content.

The wharf

Further up the harbor; the tree in the way is getting trimmed next week as it cannot extend beyond the wall to the left of it nor may it be more than 10' tall as I have a deeded easment for the view

Some quilt content: my quilt from Dijanne Cevaal on the wall; one of my (very) old pieces on the cutting table waiting to be quilted.

A distant shot of "Patsy Ann's Garden"- a piece I started when my mom was being treated for cancer.

Patsy Ann's Garden: I am thinking I need to add one of the "Super Brights" threads from the Superior Thread line to make the flower petals more visible


Another detail shot


This is the only picture I took last Saturday on my way to pick up the lobsters at Shatford's in Fox Point- my battery went dead.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Where'd that Picture Go??
Ok, I am clueless. Yesterday I put a new pic of me for the profile and now it's vanished into cyberspace. Well, I will have to repost it later.

The new condo is coming together. Vacuum system is in but the power head is not working (brush not turning). I double checked to make sure the electrical outlet it is plugged into works so I am baffled. Will have to try the one upstairs and see if it works then call the dealer. At least it sucks....

Got the living room rearranged for now with the new recliner and tables that are not the ones I ordered but are actually much nicer and I like them. My friend Leeann is right, I need to get the studio downstairs at least floored and drywalled with the lights installed and bathroom done so I can move my sewing stuff down there as it dominates the poor living room. Then I can get a love seat and a very small desk for the iMac. Oh, and move the couch off the beautiful area rug so it can all be seen.

My handy man is here finishing up the installation of bathroom hardware and the last curtain rod. I am going to start on the curtains today. They are sheers made of filter cloth from Testfabrics. For now they will be just plain white but I plan to take them back to Michigan with me at the end of the summer so I can dye them and bring them back next year. Even tho I am not crazy about most of the colors in the condo I can live with them until next summer when I will get it repainted to suit my decor and taste.

So, now some more pictures. I don't have any exterior shots as of yet but you can see what the place looks like here:

It's two units and mine is on the right. I have a smaller deck but, IMNSHO, the better view. The problem I am dealing with now is the fact that there are only two of us and so, if we can't agree on how to spend money in the association account, what we do. The daught-in-law of the other owner controls the money. If it comes down to it I may have to just withhold my payments to pay for exterior work (landscaping) and fight with her later.

A view from the living room on a foggy morning

Another view from the lr

Going upstairs

The downstairs bathroom- it's a cool terra cotta that is one of the few colors in the place I really like
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Yep- I'm Here
Yes, I made it to Chester, Nova Scotia just fine. Arrived on July 3rd- exhausted but happy to be here. Kaiser and I spent that night in the condo; he slept on the floor and I slept on an Aerobed.

So, why haven't I posted?? Well, let's see: I had to get appliances and furniture, get shades for the windows and a bunch of stuff done. I really have been busy! When I do have the time to sit at the computer I am so tired it is all I can do to read my email and my regular blogs. I am still waiting for a futon, recliner and two end tables that are coming today. My central vac got hooked up yesterday and the last of the shades for my bedroom and some other stuff got hung up. Some friends from Florida are here but just until tomorrow so I am supposed to meet them and the folks in Lunenburg after my furniture arrives.

The Tall Ships festival was this past weekend in Halifax. I didn't go down as many of the ships are now in Lunenburg so I will see them there.

Joey arrives Thursday night and will be spending most of his time swimming at his cousin's and playing golf. He can join the Chester Golf Club for free since he's under 19. I can join for free in 2009 or pay to join now. I think I will wait and just pay to play when (if) I want.

The weather has been hit-and-miss. The day the tall ships came in was terribly foggy and it has been foggy and chilly a lot. Saturday was beautiful tho and we (my sister,her kids, Kaiser and I) went to a party at Mack Lake given by the wonderful owners of the Rope Loft (a Chester institution- good food, good drinks and great people) Derrick and Elaine. Yesterday was pretty too and today is shaping up to be the same....sun, high clouds and temps around 26 (he, he- I am finally getting used to the temps being listed in degrees C).

Sunday we had a lobster party- I went to Fox Point to pick up the lobbies. Only got one picture on the way there as my camera battery went dead.....

So, here are some photos of Chester and my new home:

I am at the northern most point of what is known as the Front Harbor

The kitchen from the side entrance

Dining area and living room from the side entrance

Dining room and living room from the kitchen

Side entrance

I will post more later but right now I want to finish the binding on a quilt.

Oh, and please note the updated picture of moi......
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Sunday, July 01, 2007
I'm Off!
As soon as I get done cramming stuff in the car (and I DO mean cramming) I will be off to Nova Scotia for the summer. It will be a bit before I get wireless set up in the new place so I will be out of touch until then except for running up to my sister's house with the laptop.

Check back in in a week or so and I hope to have shots of the new place posted!


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