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Saturday, June 23, 2007
Yes, that's me. Haven't blogged in over a month! No excuses....

QSDS was wonderful as always. I sure missed all those people! Heide's class was lots of work and great fun. I will post a picture of the swatch book we did and my fabrics this weekend sometime. The class made 3 extra swatch books and three of us decided at almost the same time that we really needed to donate them for the silent auction to raise money for the scholarship fund. I received an e-mail from Linda Fowler last night and the 3 books brought in $1500!!! That is so wonderful however, having been involved in fundraising for the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center for the last few years I know we will have to find a way to top that next year and I just don't know how!

I sent my eldest, Jamie and his friend Michael off to Nova Scotia with a 14' U-Haul on Tuesday morning. They made it to Chester by 11pm (Atlantic time, so 10pm eastern) on Wednesday (according to Google Maps it's a 25 hour drive so they did very well). They got up Thursday and had the truck unloaded and returned to the local U-Haul by noon. Back to my sister's and into the pool (when they weren't playing brother David's Wii). Friday Michael left Halifax via UAL at 8:20am. Made it to Boston but his flight to O'Hare was delayed. I have no idea what time he finally made it back to Kalamazoo. But I'll bet he faired better than Jamie. He was supposed to be in Rochester, NY around 2pm. His flight, that was scheduled to leave Halifax at 9am got canceled so, instead of flying to Newark he was rerouted to LaGuardia. Ok, no big problem. Oh, wait! The flight from LaGuardia to Rochester got canceled so he was rerouted to Philly. He finally made it to Rochester about 8:30pm- only 5 1/2 hours late. He's spending the week coaching at a hockey develoment camp for USA Hockey. He informed me that one of the players from the Kalamazoo Wings is also there and, if he drove, Jamie is going to beg a ride home with him. Can you blame him?? The state of air travel in the US is pathetic.....

Well, I'm off to pick up Joey's "project car" for auto shop this fall. It's a 1978 Chevy Camero with only 26,000 original miles on it. A beautiful California car. Needs a little work (what good is a project car that doesn't need any work??) and he will have to drive the Taurus in the winter or bad weather as he wants to restore the Camero as a show car. I'm probably as excited as he is altho I would have preferred a 1969 Malibu SS with a 4-barrel carb, lift kit, 4-speed Hurst shift, etc......

Sigh- do I have to grow up??

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