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Sunday, May 13, 2007
Summer Already??
Ok, according to the Celtic calendar, Bealtaine is the beginning of summer and it fell on May 5th this year (yes, I know, calendars say it's May 1 but it really isn't a fixed date, kinda like Easter). I guess Mother Nature approves because it sure is summer around here! Yesterday was nice and cool (low 70's) but the rest of the time has bee toasty- too toasty. I have the feeling we are in for a long, hot summer. And a dry one too...

Oh, and just as I predicted, I ordered a new charger for my camera battery from GreenBatteries. Friday I found my charger on my desk- yes, seriously buried. Anyway, I now have a charged battery and am just waiting for Joey to get up and have him take a new blog pic for me.

I have a BIG box full of daylilys from Gilbert Wild Co. to get planted and I can't wait. I love daylilies. Wish I could take some of them with me to Canada as there is no landscaping at the new condo....well, there are flower beds but nothing in them. So, cleaning and planting is how I will be spending my Mother's Day. Jamie has already been by with a hanging basket for the front porch, nautical themed bookends for the new place and a wonderful card. Joey got me an iPod Nano. Not really; I bought it myself but it's the thought that counts....

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Quick Tease
Ok, I thought I ought to update you all (all 2 or 3 of you). I did make it back safely from Nova Scotia on Friday as planned. Spent the last several days catching up on house stuff and my duties as resident manager here at our condo development. Who knew there would be so much crap to deal with?? I am used to managing commercial properties and let me tell you, it's a lot less work!! Why is it every group of people, no matter what it is for, must have at least one person who gripes just to gripe and who tries to get something for nothing (not necessarily the same person but, in this case, it is)??

One of our residents sent me a letter demanding either the association or our landscaper pay to have his windows rewashed! Seems he hired a professional window service to come out and wash his windows and had his housekeeper do the screens and clean the spaces between the windows and screens 3 days before the landscapers blew in the mulch. Surprise, surprise- now the cleaning needs to be redone! Of course, he ignores the fact that I sent out notices in early April that this was going to be done but heaven forbid he should wait a couple of extra days (it turned out to be 3). Anyway, he was told "too bad, so sad- pay for it yourself and next time READ THE DAMN BULLETINS!! He also did not like the color of the mulch (it's natural cedar). Tough. Oh, and his driveway needs repair as it is built on a hill with a retaining wall and the wall is allowing soil to wash out from under the problem; here we own our lots and homes as it's a site condominium, not a traditional one. Gee, guess what I had to tell him?? I suggested he contact the developer who designed and built the driveway and retaining wall. Oh, did I mention he's related to the developer????

Oh, and yeah, almost forgot, I DID buy a home in Chester, Nova Scotia. Will close on the 27th of June. It's a brand new condo right on the water with great views of the front harbor. I can't post pictures of it yet since I haven't closed but the building inspector said it was the best constructed building he had ever inspected in over 15 years on the job!! Awesome!!!!

Well, gotta go get cleaned up and head into town. I only have two weeks left of my weaving class and I have barely started on the piece I have on the loom so I am going to be going in extra days to get it done!!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007
Since I haven't had much in the line of photos to show I went into the archives and came up with this shot of Kaiser when I was trying out the camera I got Jamie for his birthday. 
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Jamie in Uniondale, NY
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Dan Laquoix, Danny Flynn, Jamie and Ted Nolan: for those who are NHL fans, Dan and Danny are the assistant coaches and Ted is the head coach of the NY Islanders.
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The house that got away
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Still In Nova Scotia
Today I woke up to SUNSHINE!!!!! The sun has come out very briefly on a couple of other days but this is the first time it's been sunny from the get-go. Of course, I go home tomorrow.

On the house-hunting front: ok, the house I fell in love with on the internet was not as nice as it looked. It was too dark and the ceilings too low and it wasn't in the general area I wanted to be in. Then we found house #2. It was right in the heart of the village. Nice size. The dining room would make a nice studio. The entire interior had been gutted and redone in 2001 including wiring and plumbing. Beautiful kitchen. 3 bedrooms but only one full sized bathroom with a lovely tub and separate shower. No yard to speak of but terraced planting beds. Getting up the front steps was a bear and coming in from the garage (under the house) wasn't any easier as the stairs up from the rough basement were steep and narrow. We made an offer. The owner countered. We countered her counter. She would not budge so we said "buh-bye."

Ok, looked at a couple of other places. One is new. On the waterfront with 1/3rd ownership in a wharf. Great studio space facing the water but that level (walkout) is unfinished. No big deal. Made an offer. Now I wait......sigh. It's everything I want. A new condo so no maintenance. 2 big bedrooms and one small one. Main floor is wide open. There is a small dining room with French doors that would make a nice TV room. A nice big deck overlooking the water on the main level and a little balcony off the upper level master bedroom. No yard so no work. There are flowerbeds that need LOTS of attention and I would love to plant them. 2 full bathrooms- one with a shower and tub and one with a big shower (master). A powder room on the main floor and another powder room already plumbed on the walk-out level. Room for a dyeing sink on the wall backing up to the bathroom. Nice closets. There's a small park right across the street so I have a place to take the dog to do his business. And a good friend lives just beyond the park. Lots of people said "you don't want that place; there's got to be a reason it's been on the market for 3 years. It's the busiest corner in town. It will be too noisy." Well, sorry, but I live just off 2 state highways in Michigan. I've lived in the flight path of the longest runway at O'Hare when it was the busiest airport in the world and I've lived next to train tracks. Somehow I seriously doubt that the tiny village of Chester can generate enough traffic noise to bother me. And Tisch, who lives next to the park says it isn't an issue. Everyone think positive.

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