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Saturday, April 21, 2007
Spring Cleaning
Ok, I am still without a camera as I have yet to figure out where I stashed my battery charger. You will have to take my word for it that it is BEAUTIFUL here. My best friend and I sat out on the front porch last night sipping wine while we waited for her husband to show up from the train station with their daughter (the med student) and her new fella. We were really curious as Andi, despite her physical beauty and exceptional intelligence, seems to have a talent for losers....fabulously good looking losers but losers none-the-less. When Tara asked her about this guy Andi's reply was "mom, he makes me laugh." Finally, sounds like a winner to me. And, after meeting him, he's pretty sweet. Attractive without looking like a male model, obviously intelligent (goes without saying if he's in med school) and very personable. Will hold final judgement but he's a big improvement over the last several (including a relative of my ex's) controlling jerks. It's funny how these guys see this sweet, petite, blond girl who is very soft spoken and think they can make her march to their music even after having dated her a while. Just proves they didn't bother to really get to know her because Andi has a mind of her own and is VERY strong willed- kind of like her "Aunt" Teri.....

Well, back to cleaning the studio to see if I can find that darned battery charger.

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