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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Da Bears
Well, I was hoping the rain would be to the advantage of the Bears who play far no such luck.

The announcers DID mention my late uncle, Bill George. For those of you who don't know, Bill preceeded That fiesty Lithuanian, Dick Butkis and taught Dick a lot. Bill is credited with creating the position of middle linebacker. He played in 8 straight probowls and was #61. He ended his career with the Los Angeles Rams.

On passing plays, George’s job was to bump the center and then drop back. George, noting the Eagles success at completing short passes just over his head, decided to skip the center bump and drop back immediately. Two plays later he caught the first of his 18 pro interceptions. While no one can swear which middle guard in a five-man line first dropped back to play middle linebacker and create the classic 4-3 defense, George is the most popular choice.

Certainly he was the first to star at the middle linebacker position. It was his ability to diagnose and react quickly that led the Bears to believe he could move that step or two backwards and become a super middle linebacker – a demanding position requiring sometimes pass rushing and sometimes pass defense, along with sure tackling, the speed to move from sideline to sideline, the agility to avoid blockers, and a keen sense of anticipation.

During the 1950’s and early 1960’s, the Bears were known for their outstanding defensive teams and George was a major part reason for their fame. A ferocious all-out player, he was named All-NFL choice eight times – seven consecutive seasons (1955-1961) and then an eighth in 1963 when he was the leader of the defensive that figured in the Bears 14-10 championship win over the New York Giants.

He was also selected to play in eight consecutive Pro Bowls, 1955-1962. In addition to his eighteen career interceptions, George also recovered nineteen fumbles, and in 1954 scored 25 points on thirteen PATs and four field goals. (Profootball HOF web site).

Sadly, Bill was killed in a car accident in 1982 while on a sales trip. Bill once saved my life when I was about 4 or 5 years old while we were at my family's cottage at White Lake in Montague, MI. He was, and will always be, larger than life to me.
Bill George
posted by Teri Springer @ 7:45 PM  
  • At 12:28 AM, Blogger DubiQuilts - Debbi said…

    Oh well the Bears just did not have it today. The Colts were the better team.

    I remember your uncle's name and the great defense of the 60's.

    Another great Bears defense team was in 85. I watched the 85 bears the whole season all the way to the superbowl. I was pregent with Billy and all the yelling at the TV that year, must of been heard by him. Because he is such a sports fan.

  • At 12:02 PM, Blogger Gerrie said…

    I hate football. I went to a highschool too small to have a team. I hid in my studio at the computer suring the game, catching up on work.

  • At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I didn't remember your uncle, but I do remember hearing about Brian Piccalo and Gayle Sayers. I was in grade school when "Brian's Song" came out.

    It's sweet that they remembered your uncle. And I didn't know that Dick was taught by him.

    Welcome to the ring! I look forward to reading about you!

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