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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Finally- Pictures
Found one of my card readers. Not the one I was looking for but, hey, it gets the job done.

Anyway, still have to run out tomorrow to get gifts for 3 great-nieces and a great-nephew but, except for that, I am DONE. I am going to relax and enjoy what remains of the holidays.....

So, here are some shots of the tree, etc.

Outside with snow on the ground. Of course, the snow is all gone now......

The tree...I need to get another shot at night so you can see the lights better. I bought a bunch of antique ornaments on eBay and they looked so nice I never got out most of the ones I already had.

Here's the little guy I found for Dr. Andrea. I'm counting on the fact that she probably does not have time to read my blog....

Ok, that's it for now. I'm off to straighten up the living room and then try to get rid of this sinus headache I've had for the last three days.....


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Whew.....busy, busy
Well, I would really like to post some pictures but I cannnot locate either of my card readers.

I spent all day Monday suffering with a colitis attack. Needless to say, nothing got done around here. Good thing I had leftovers from Sunday dinner or Joey would have been eating cereal for dinner. Today I spent the day on the road. First to the Secretary of State's to change the address on my driver's license and voter's registration. Oh, lookee there.....right next to the SoS office is a SteinMart and Tuesday Morning! So, I finished my Christmas Shopping. Serendipity was along for the ride as I had wanted a double sided easel for the twins (my sister's 2 girls) who also have their birthday on January 3rd. Mister Art was out and I was going to check Dick Blick today but Tuesday Morning just happened to have 1. It's in my car. I also adopted a bear for Carly, a polar bear for Katie and a tiger for Monty so I guess the easel and finger painting stuff will be for their birthday. There was also this really wild jester doll dressed in purples, greens and golds. For some reason he made me think of Andrea, our medical student (don't ask why- there is often no rhyme or reason to how my mind works) so I had to buy it. Then, to find something for her brother, the financial wizard.....ah, yes, golf balls.....he always can use those. Guess I will have to get him socks too (family joke).

Picked up flannel sheets and a nice wool blanket at TM for my soon-to-be-ex (yes, we are still good friends) and some golf related stuff for A & A's dad. Their mom's gift is on it's way from J Jill. Got both my kids taken care of. Just need something silly for my friend in Manistique. Oh, also picked up a dozen wine bottle bags for those last minute gifts.....I can always raid the wine cellar.

Stopped at Russell's Country Store (great little place for furniture and appliances.- where else can you write a check for $300+ and no one asks for your ID?). They had the perfect little chest freezer, 7 cubic feet- just right for me and Joey. It will be delivered tomorrow which is perfect as Mike got us 1/2 a hog for Christmas. Now I just have to remember to call the processor to get it cut up and packaged how I want it. Mike is coming over for Christmas dinner with me and the boys so I think I will try out the "chicken spinner" (as aforementioned friend from Manistique's husband calls rotisserie cooker- he loves his) and fix a nice pork roast and/or goose breast.

I have put up all the decorations I am going to do this year. Next year the basement will (hopefully) be done and I will have storage shelves for all the containers making it easier to find stuff and put it away so I will do more....One thing I am going to do is go out right after Christmas and buy a couple of pre-lit artificial trees. Next year I will still get one real tree but it's NOT going to be 11' tall. I can't handle all that up and down the ladder- especially when I am scared to death of heights!

So, hopefully pictures tomorrow....

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Sigh....of Relief
It's a cyst. According to the Radiologist (who took a LOT of time comparing last years mammogram and ultrasound with this years mammogram) it's the same as last year. Same cysts, no changes. Why can I feel it now and I coudn't before?? He thinks it's hormones.....

Thank goodness!!

Thanks so much for all the good words and support.

Now I can finish putting up my Christmas decorations in the proper state of mind!!

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Monday, December 04, 2006
Thanks for the Support
Thanks to everyone for all the support. I wish I had thought to call my doctor and have him call the hospital to expedite the mammogram but, too late now. It's scheduled for Wednesday morning so I will just wait. It isn't a sore tooth, I find myself checking the lump several times a day and, with my imagination, it seems to get bigger every time.

Well, we got a tree this weekend. What an experience! I don't remember it being this tough in college when the guys next door took my roommates and I out to get a tree. One of the guys, Brad (who was over 6 ft.) was running around the tree lot with his right arm extended over his head as he insisted the tree had to be *this tall.* We had plenty of people to carry the tree back then (and we were all a lot younger and in much better shape).

This time it was just me (49) and Mike (50) as Joey had gone to a friend's house for a birthday overnight and Jamie was off coaching hockey. It didn't take me long to find a tree but getting it up the hill and into the truck was hard work. It didn't help that the tree was covered with snow and ice from the storm Thursday night. Mike ended up cutting about 18" off the trunk so it would fit into the cup of the tree stand. We also had to hose the tree off to try to get rid of some of the ice. So, we finally dragged in a dripping wet tree that did not want to stand up. Seems that, while the stand is rated for a 10' tree, it is also only rated up to 100 lbs. We did finally get it to stand up (with the help of the string from one of the shades). Then we had to spread towels under it to catch the water dripping off. Mike left with a promise to be back the next day to help me figure out how to get the tree to stand up without tyeing it to the window shade. I went to take a nap. When I got up all the ice had dripped off (and I had towels the weighed about 4o lbs) and I was able to adjust the stand and tree so it would stand alone (just don't bump it).

And there it stands....just about 4 inches from the ceiling. And, do I have a ladder tall enough to reach the top to put on the lights?? Heck no. I was going to go out and buy a taller ladder but, when I stopped by the farm this morning (to get some notebook paper for Joey that I knew was in the pantry) I spotted a nice, shiny new 6' ladder in the garage. Well, it wouldn't fit in my car so I left a phone message for Mike to bring it over tonight so I can get the lights on.

I really want to get going on this before Wednesday because, if I need a biopsy (which I am pretty sure I will) I want to have the heaviest part of the lifting/reaching done.....

I tried to get Joey to pose next to the tree to give you perspective but he refused.....

Well, off to work in the office since my desk arrived Saturday.....

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