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Sunday, November 26, 2006
Thanks and Christmas Decorating
Thanks to Gerrie, Karoda and Jeri for the words of support and comfort. I, too am hoping it's just cystic (I have a long history of cysts) but, if it isn't, you can bet I will stay positive.

Ok, on to nicer things....our weather has been so awesome and it gave me the opportunity to do something I never did before; decorate the outside of my home for Christmas! Haven't done much inside yet but, well, here we go:

Condo all lit up- now we just need 4-6" of snow

I just picked up the sparkly trees at a little shop called Chaubrei Gardens here in Richland. My stepmom bought me the reindeer family. She also did a LOT of work helping Joey and I to get the decorations up. Janet is a real treasure and I am so glad to have added her, Kathy (her daughter), Steve (Kathy's husband), Monty, Katie and Carley (their children) and darling David (her son) to our family and us to theirs.....and David, for taking on being the "Manny" to Monty, Katie and Carley- you are my hero! Not many men could handle a 7 year old and 4 year old twins much less take it on at 41!

Ok gang.....I go for the mammogram and a bone density scan on Dec. 6th. Keep good thoughts!! Tomorrow I am back in the studio and, after school, off to find the perfect 9' tree!

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Saturday, November 25, 2006
'Tis the Season???
Sigh......Thanksgiving is over. The folks have gone back to Florida and Joey is at a friends house for the weekend. I have finished the outside decorations in temperatures approaching 60. It's still almost 55 out!

Laundry's mostly done. Tomorrow I start on the inside decorations. Monday after school is out, Joey and I will go look for a tree. It can be a BIG one as I have 12' ceilings in the living room and dining room. Awesome.

I am trying to get in the Christmas spirit. Really I am. It's tough when I found a lump in my right breast the size of a golf ball. I am scheduled for a mammogram on Dec. 6th. It's the soonest I can get in. Sigh......

I did buy two new books. One on the recommendation of Brenda Smith of Copacabana, NSW Australia, Shibori for Textile Artists by Janice Gunner (ISBN 9780713490138). The other was recommended by Stitch, Dissolve, Distort with Machine Embroidery by (the late) Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey (ISBN 13: 9780713489965). Both great books and they arrived very quickly considering they came from London.

Now that I have my home to myself again I need to get into the studio and clean, put up the new design wall and unpack my projects from Fabrications and AQT and get back to work! I have been invited to submit work for the KIA Corporate Art Program and I have committed to making a piece for the MI Art Quilters Challenge. No time to waste!!

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Thursday, November 23, 2006
Thanks giving......Help Protect Women's Rights
I will be very, very Thankfull if we can stop this appointment!!

Everyone have a wonderful day of good friends, family and food!

Well, Bushy is at it again.....

President Bush's new head of federal family-planning programs believes that birth control is "demeaning" to women. Did you have to read that twice? So did I.

Late last week, after pledging to bring the country together after his electoral losses, President Bush appointed Eric Keroack to lead the Department of Health and Human Services' family-planning program – which supports 4,600 clinics and more than five million people annually. Putting a doctor who opposes birth control in charge of a federal family-planning program is just plain irresponsible. Sign the petition and say NO to Keroack now. Keroack has dedicated his career to telling women that birth control and abortion are wrong. He most recently was the medical director for A Woman's Concern, which oversees six anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" in Massachusetts and maintains a policy stating "that the crass commercialization and distribution of birth control is demeaning to women, degrading of human sexuality and adverse to human health and happiness." Is this the sort of man that YOU want making decisions about women's contraceptive and family planning options? Join NARAL Pro-Choice America in helping to stop Keroack from assuming this influential position. Sign the petition and send a message to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mike Leavitt, urging him to reject Keroack's appointment now.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Back & Busy
I had a WONDERFUL time at AQT. If you have never gone.....GO! The venue is beautiful, the food, delish, and the teachers fantastic!! Hollis Chatelaine is awesome and I can't recommend her classes highly enough. She will be teaching a limited number of classes the next couple of years as she has a HUGE commission, don't walk, to sign up. I understand there may be one or two spaces left in her class at Asilomar (another place I would dearly love to go but can't in March, 2007) so, if you can, grab your opportunity.

I will post more later but I have company coming on Sunday and have a LOT of unpacking and putting away to do before then!!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006
AQT & Happy Birthday to Me!
Well, I had a nice post all written and ready to post when my computer locked up....sigh.

Anyway, I am off to AQT at the crack of dawn tomorrow and can't take this computer with me. I am taking my old one in hopes that I can get the wireless to work. If not, you won't be hearing from me until the 11th.

Since I will be gone on my birthday (the 6th- great birthday gift, huh?) here is a shot of me at 1 year old.......

Me at 1 year...apparently I developed my love of reading quite young!
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Very Bad Blogger
Yes...that's me. Not to mention a total space cadet. I made sure to pack my charger for my camera battery since I had it go dead on me last year. But, in the ultimate d'uh moment, I left the camera at home when I went to Fabrications. Thank goodness Cathy Arnett took lots of great photos. Now I just have to wait until she has time to email me pics of my work and I will post them.

In the's ArtShare Time!~! I was a lucky winner of a piece of Deb Boschert's art on her blog. One of the conditions of the Share is that now, I must also share. So......Here's the deal...

Be one of the first five people to post a comment on this blog entry and I will be thrilled to send you a small piece of original art. Then you simply must make the same offer on your blog! (So, yes... only other bloggers may play at this point.) Just make sure I can email you back from your comment. None of you anonymous or no-reply folks, please. Then I'll email you and we can exchange snail mail address.
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