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Thursday, October 19, 2006
On The Road Again
Ok, still no pictures. But, I should get plenty this weekend. I am off this afternoon to the Fabrications Retreat in Lewiston, MI. 4.5 hour drive (piece of cake) to a beautiful resort in northern Michigan to spend time being with wonderfully creative and talented women. I will not be taking my computer as my son needs it to put music on his new iPod so I will post either Sunday night or on Monday.

Everyone have a great weekend!!

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Friday, October 13, 2006
I just can't seem to get it right. First, I kept forgetting my camera. Next, I remembered the camera but discovered the battery was dead. I recharged the battery today at the studio, took pictures of all the fabric I have dyed and overdyed the past week and I forgot that *(&&*^(^% card reader! So, you will have to wait.....sorry. I am so tangled trying to get stuff ready to go north to Lewiston next Thursday for the Fabrications Retreat. I am SO excited!! It is always a great time getting together with Desi Vaughn, Peggy Keeney, Kathie Briggs, Cathy Arnett, PT Weeks, Carol Myers, Deb Harowitz and so many other wonderful, talented people!!!

Shivering here just a bit. I can't complain about the weather because I know New York state got hit so much harder than we did. It was still the earliest in the school year that we have had a snow day.

Oh, I was also going to take pictures of the weaving I finally started on "the Beast" as the Cranbrook countermarch loom at the KIA is called. I asked for it this session since my new loom is also a countermarch, tho mine does not have the beater attached overhead. I am really not finding it that much different in set-up than the last loom I worked with but, then again, I didn't have to change the tie-up of the shafts...I DID have to undo two tie-ups tho and removing the clips was a bitch....

Oh...Go TIGERS!!!!! (those poor guys HAVE to be freezing their collective butts off....glad the game time got moved earlier in the day so they won't be playing so late; and glad I DIDN'T get tickets....I would much rather watch from the comfort of my living room with the nice warm, always accessible bathroom!).

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Friday, October 06, 2006
Yet another rant
Just realized it has again been a week since I posted.....sigh....

I was reading Melody's tale of woe with her lost luggage, Brenda Smith's problems with Blockbutler....and links on Brenda's blog to other ring members problems with customer service (or lack-thereof). Well, I guess I can join the chorus....

I belong to a wine club and receive a shipment of 4 wines (2 red, 2 white) every month. Earlier this summer I found one I really loved so I ordered 1/2 a case of it and 1/2 a case of another (to get the full case discount). When I realized the wine would ship for arrival the end of August I was in a panic....I would be out of town and they won't deliver without a live signature of someone 21 or one would be here. Ok, figured out the wine would arrive the very end of August and UPS would attempt delivery 3 times then hold the shipment a week so I would be back in time to get it.

I get home from vacation. No delivery slip from UPS. Called wine broker. Yes, case was shipped as well as the August club selections. They called UPS and UPS claimed the boxes were signed for on Sept. 1 by me.....NOT. I was in Saco, Maine. Call wine broker back who called UPS who called me.

Long story short, the wine was NOT delivered to my home and signed for by some mystery person. It was picked up at the local warehouse and signed for by some unknown party who signed my name. I have NO idea who it was. That was ove a month ago and no one I have asked has a clue. UPS faxed me a copy of *my* signature (that the woman there claimed looked "just like your signature we have on file"). Again, NOT. The signature was obviously by a lefty (I am a righty) and the letters were rounded and short, my handwriting is much more upright and letters are slender. Oh, and the "T" was done the way we were taught in school....except I have never written my capital "t's" like that.

UPSkept telling me they would not honor the insurance "unless and until it is determined that UPS is at fault." Excuse me?? You released over $200 worth of wine to someone, not me and you are questioning who is at fault?? Well, let's see, I was over 1000 miles away, so I don't see how it could be my fault; the wine broker shipped it and that was the end of their I don't see how it could be their fault. Hellooooooooo! I am the one out the money (it's on my VISA- I could refuse the charge but then the wine broker is screwed....don't want that).

Well, after a week of arguing, threats (hey folks, that's what the AG in your state is for.....let the AG's office step in; I have done it many times), etc, the wine broker had already agreed to reship at their expense and take it upon themselves to collect (or not) from UPS (now THAT'S customer service!!!) a UPS investigator called wanting to come over with the police to investigate the "identity theft" (there was no identity theft, they only checked the persons age, not WHO they were), he got very defensive and I got PO'd....Finally the Grand Rapids office called and said not to worry about it....they would pay. Now, I can tell you, the ONLY reason they finally did this is because the wine broker ships thousands of dollars of product with them monthly and UPS did not want to lose this business. Throughout the ordeal I was made to feel like I was lying (well, the package was signed for by T. Springer on Sept. 1st......uh, no it wasn't.....I was in Maine and I have proof) or somehow at fault. Needless to say MY opinion of UPS went waaaayyyyyy down, yet again.

I love my UPS driver but the higher-ups need some classes on tact, handling upset customers, etc.

Oh, and the wonderful wine broker.....International Wines........thank you Cathy, my personal advisor.


Oh.....quilt content.....I head up north to a retreat on the I am busy dyeing fabric for my project. And I STILL need to get together the stuff I need for Tahoe.....
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