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Friday, September 29, 2006
I tried to post on Tuesday but Blogger wouldn't let me.....Sigh.

I attended the memorial service for my friend and high school classmate, Bill Huskisson, on Wednesday. There were at least 1500 people there including quite a few classmates from the Hinsdale Central Class of 1975. It's amazing to me how close our class has become. The social barriers that existed in high school are pretty much gone. We're all just classmates.

Got home Thursday afternoon and went to my younger sons football game. Got there in time to see him get put in to replace another running back who hurt his foot (sorry Matt, hope it isn't serrious). Joey did carry the ball a number of times and did pretty well. Unfortunately he was injured on a play where he got a first down. Took a lateral shot to the left knee. We ended up in ER this morning as it wasn't any better (we were hoping for just a little sprain....yeah, right). Well, the good news is, there's no bone damage. But, he is in an immobilizer, non-weight bearing, on crutches....and am MRI next week. Was a real short season! Let's hope it doesn't need surgery. But, he did insist on attending the pep rally at school this afternoon, the parade this evening and the homecoming game tonight. At least he has decided to pass on the dance tomorrow....(didn't have a date anyway).

So hopefully I will be able to get into the dye studio next week to get the fabrics done that I need for the retreat in October.

Have a good weekend!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Very Sad News
This morning I received the email I knew would come someday yet prayed it wouldn't. A wonderful, sweet, kind, caring, intelligent and gentle man has died.

Last September we had our 30th class reunion this very weekend. A good friend told me that he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer earlier in the year and had been given 6 weeks to live. Yet, here he was, hale and hearty and cancer free. I don't know why but, I had a shiver of dread go through me. I have known people who live long lives after being successfully treated for stomach cancer, so I should have been optimistic. But I wasn't.

Earlier this year I got word that his cancer was back. Yesterday I had thoughts of this wonderful man come into my head for no apparent reason. I thought about sending another card. Now I know it will be a card of condolences to his wife and family. For yesterday the world lost a very special man;

Bill Huskisson, may you rest in peace. I will always think of you with love as you were one of the first people in Hinsdale to accept me when I was the new kid in school. An outsider (and a strange one at that) in a world of very tight cliques, I was not someone who most people would bother with. But you did.

We never did run in the same circles but you still made it a point to be a friend. After we grew up and married, you encouraged me to encourage my son to follow his dream of being a coach as you followed that same dream. Jamie continues to follow that dream and I thank you for easing my mind.

Good-bye dear friend. I will see you on the other side.....


Bill Huskisson, Sept. 2005
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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Well, I had thought that my revenge on Michigan Microtech was stolen from me when they called last night to confirm. I had to tell them I was cancelling as I was not going to give them an excuse to bill me for a service call. Well, apparently their internal communication leaves a lot to be desired.....the service tech showed up at 8:26 this morning. He was not happy that he came out here for nothing. And yes, I did tell him that his employer had called at 9pm last night and I had cancelled.

After he left I called Directv to cancel my service. The home office was not pleased that I was cancelling (I've had Directv since it became available in our area) and they were very apologetic. Too little too late.

Now I am waiting for two kids from our 4H group (kids- they are both 18)to show up and haul away about $2000 worth of furniture, *stuff* and computer equipment that I donated for a rummage sale for the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center. The boys were supposed to pick it up yesterday but something happened and they never made it over. I called them this morning and they are supposed to be out *soon.* Hopefully before the sale is over.....

And, hopefully this week I can finally settle in and get back to work!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
TV Rant
Where I live (on our farm) we cannot get cable TV....not enough homes per mile to make it cost effective, I imagine (altho this is rapidly changing) so, we have been subscribers to Directv since it first became available (at $750+ for the equipment). Now, I feel that, if I am loyal to a company they should be loyal to me and be there when I need them. A few years ago, when Dish Network became available through our phone company, the manager of the company (our neighbor and good friend) tried to talk us into switching. I wouldn't do it for 2 reasons: 1) no NHL Center Ice (for those who don't know me, I am addicted to hockey)and 2) Directv was fine...why fix it if it ain't broke??

How prophetic.

Last week Tuesday night we had a heck of a lightening storm and, apparently took a hit. My ceiling fan/light in the bedroom shorted out (scared the heck out of me) and the satellite dish itself ceased working. Wednesday morning I called Directv AFTER having reset the receivers and having checked to make sure BOTH TVs were without service. They contacted the local franchise (out of Grand Rapids, MI) and, oh, so sorry, the soonest they can repair/replace your dish is the 20th. The WHAT????!!!! That's a whole week without TV (no antenna so no local stuff either). Yeah, I know, I could have gone a bought an inexpensive set of rabbit ears.....I voiced my opinion that it was very poor on the local franchise's part if they: a) didn't make special provisions to repair long-time customer's equipment in a timely manner (timely being within 48 hours) and b) didn't have enough technicians to make repairs/installations more quickly than a week out. Of course, these suggestions fell on deaf ears.

Ok, so, I resorted to watching the season premier of NCIS at the condo last night and I missed out on SVU.

The repairman was scheduled for between 8 and 10 am today. I made Mike wait for me to get back from driving kids to school just in case the impossible happened and the tech showed up at exactly 8am. Of course, this did not happen. At 8:40 as I am vacuuming the house the phone rings. It's Michigan Microtech. Sorry, your tech called in sick today so we can't come out until next Tuesday. SAY WHAT? That would mean nearly TWO WEEKS with no TV. Unacceptable. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. After 10 minutes on hold I hung up and called back. After another 7 minutes I finally got a supervisor. Gee....sorry. No, we can't make someone else wait just because you have already waited a week. Sorry if you have to give up a day of work even tho we canceled and sorry you have to give up another day (and who's to say the tech won't call in sick again??) sorry- no guarentees. Well, we couldtry to get someone out there today IF there's another service call in your area (, someone else calls today and gets service the same day?). Or....we could schedule it for Saturday. Fine....Saturday it is.

Got off the phone and went on-line to check out Dish Network. Oh gee- they now have NHL Center Ice. Oh, and I can get all the stuff I have now thru Directv PLUS HBO and Starz AND 3 receivers AND a DVR for LESS than I am paying a month to Directv. Oh, and they can install it TOMORROW.

I will wait until Saturday morning to call DTV and cancel. It's the least I can do.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006
I apologize for not being a better blogger. Between trying to recover from the trip, unpack and reorganize from the trip, kid starting high school, same kid starting football (late due to trip) and father & his (wonderful) new wife visiting, I just haven't had time to do much but laundry and sleep.....

Still, you are all so patient. I did not get the charity quilt done. I arrived in Maine only to discover that I forgot the power cord for my sewing machine! I had it overnighted to me via FedEx and received it on Tuesday. I did some straight-line quilting which went fine...then I moved on the free-motion and CARUNCH! The same &*^%&^%^%$^^(*&(&(&%%$W#%$# problem I had before going on this trip! Apparently the broken bobbin case was NOT the problem but the result of a problem. Needless to say, not much got done. At least I was able to spend time with friends, teaching some techniques that did not require a machine (like fused bias tape and sun printing).

I will get back on the horse next week when dad and Janet head back to Nova Scotia.....I promise.


Janet & Joey- the birthday *kids*, dancing in the kitchen

Skyler, Carly, Stormy and Kate : Skyler & Stormey are twins and so are Carly & Kate....cute bunch, eh?
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Monday, September 04, 2006
Well, I made it home late Saturday....and, after listening to my teenager and his dad fight and yell, I am ready to run away again.....arrgggghhhhhh.

I will post more about my trip later but, to acknowledge some very sad news....goodbye Steve Irwin....we always thought you were invincible, immortal....

My thoughts go out to Terri, Bindi, Bob and his father......

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