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Sunday, August 20, 2006
More of New Brunswick & Nova Scotia
As promised- young bull moose in New Brunswick
When we went back to look down the logging road we discovered there were actually 3 moose!
Lovely view north from the Rasmussen House (looking into bay at Chester)
Looking south (out to sea) from the Rasmussen house.
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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Nova Scotia
The view from the parking lot on Friday morning- overlooking Edmundston, New Brunswick; I felt pretty dumb as it's a French speaking area and my French is pathetic....Altho I was able to translate a sign about an art fair a couple of towns south of Edmundston, but Joey wouldn't let me stop....
Katelyn and Carley with my brother-in-law, Steve.....Carley is hiding.
And this is where I am sleeping in my sister's house. Tomorrow I will post more pictures...including one of the moose we saw along the side of the road.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Vacation Time
Just wanted to let anyone who was interested know, Joey and I are currently in New Brunswick. We left from Battle Creek, MI at 11am Wednesday and made it through Port Huron, over the Blue Water Bridge (no small accomplishment for me as I am scared to death of heights) across to St Catherine's, over the Rainbow Bridge and into Niagara....stayed in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Got up today and went through Syracuse, up into Ontario in the 1000 Islands region along the St. Lawrence River/Seaway thru Montreal then continued on to Edwardston, NB which is where we are now. Tomorrow we have about 450 miles to go to get to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and then a short drive to Chester so we will be there tomorrow. I will post a better travel-log and pics after we are in Chester.

Oh, and of course, MY laptop is one of the Dell's with a recalled battery. I have pulled it and will have to get it replaced when we get home!

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Friday, August 11, 2006
Making Progress
The class sample for the class I am teaching in Maine the end of the month is nearly done. I have really enjoyed making it and I hope my students enjoy the process as much as I have. The design is based upon and Australian Aboriginal story of the Mother Goddess Nungeena, who saved the beautiful plants and flowers of the world from beening eaten up by bugs (created by the evil Marmoo) by taking a handful of the most colorful flowers and creating the Lyre bird to eat the bugs. Other helpful spirits then joined in and, not being as creative or talented as Nungeena (or as powerful) they created other, less spectacular birds (who, none-the-less had appetites for bugs). So, we have here my version of a Lyre bird in front of a waterfall (because Nungeena lived behind a waterfall in a beautiful valley) sitting in the branches of plants. So far I have one flower added and will add two more. There are also 2 bugs- a shield (or stink) bug and a katydid....after all, the birds couldn't eat them all or else there would no longer be a use for the birds!

The finished piece will be about 24" x 24".

I do hope I have not offended anyone of Australian Aboriginal descent or from Australia by using one of their stories but it just so fascinated me and I just couldn't let the images go.

I will have to work on the hand stitching all weekend as my goal is to have it done, backed and bound by 5pm Monday so I can pack up my teaching supplies and ship them off to Barb in Mass. on Tuesday. I SURE don't want to have to go through the hassle of clearing customs with all this stuff....especially since I would have to do it 6 times (Port Huron/Sarnia, Toronto/Buffalo, Yarmouth/Portland). At least with the sewing machine I will have the receipt handy to prove I have had it a while.


Lyre Bird

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Getting it Off My Chest
Ok...I have deleted the entire exchange.

I DO NOT support Hezbollah. I would like to see them all rounded up and punished along with all terrorists.

However, I DO NOT support Israel either. Yes, Hezbollah attacked them and they need to defend themselves. Defending themselves does NOT make wholesale attack on the Lebanese people and their country right.

And wanting your own homeland does not make denying another people (the Palestinians) the same consideration, right.

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Monday, August 07, 2006
Stop the Bombs
Please, please, please go to the cease fire page and sign the petition. The world needs to know how much we, the People of the United States of America do NOT support the choice of violent confrontation taken by the Israeli government and the terrorists of Hezbohla. Cease Fire Campaign

I have friends who, thankfully, were able to get out of Lebanon but their children will be forever traumatized by having bombs explode within a block of their home and behind their car when fleeing for the ship that got them out of there. NO CHILD should have to go through this!

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Thursday, August 03, 2006
What I'm Up To

Yes, I actually am working...feaverishly, to get this class sample done. I hope to complete the top tomorrow so I can start quilting it Monday. Just a couple of bugs and I'm good to go.......

My trusty studio assistant....
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