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Saturday, July 29, 2006
A Wonderful Retreat
I am beating the drum here. For those of you in the Michigan area or willing to drive to the northern portion of the lower peninsula, please look into a fabulous retreat:

Fabrications 2006
A Fiber Arts Retreat in Northern Michigan
Fabrications Retreat

This year the retreat is at the Garland Resort which is beautiful and set in an area where the colors will be great in October which is when the retreat is- Oct. 19-22. The teachers this years are:

Laura Cater-Woods
Pamela Allen
Jeanne Beck
or an open studio

The food will be wonderful and so will the company. SO, check it out!!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
I'm Back (I think)
Sorry I have not posted since last week. We have been very wrapped up in Little League All Stars. Our school district has only been involved with Little League for 6 years and my youngest son was in on the ground floor (the year prior to that he played in AABC for a team that went all the way to regionals- Joey didn't play much be he learned a lot). Our first year we sent a team in each age division to All-Stars and Joey's age group was the only one to win a game. Since then our All-Star teams have won in round one but never beyond. Well, this year we made it all the way to round 4 before being knocked out. Pretty much the same group of kids ( a few were too old and are playing JV at the high school) since we have so few to choose from. To give you an example- one district in our division has 10 teams at the Junior Baseball level from which to select their All-Stars from. We have two. Our entire school district (k-12) has just about 1000 students. Yet, we managed to beat teams from school districts that have had Little League programs for 50 and more years. Sadly, several areas within our district didn't even send teams to All-Stars because they felt they had no chance to win. Well, if our LL had taken that attitude 6 years ago we wouldn't be where we are now....and building. Next year will be the first time we field a team (or maybe two) in the Senior age group thanks to a president who wants to see our program grow (thanks Rod!!) I know my baseball loving younger son will be out there and my older son, Jamie (who is already a professional travel hockey and high school track coach and he is still in college) has offered to coach Joey's team.

But, for now, the season is over and we move on to other, golf, the family vacation then back to school!! Oh my- I will be sending my baby off to high school....darn (please note-, VERY BIG, grin).

Delton-Kellogg Junior Baseball All Stars 2006

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
A Very Special Day

Today (July 20) is a VERY special day! Today is the 7th birthday of my nephew, Monty. Monty, I wish we could be there for your special day but we will be there next month and we can have a special day to celebrate your birthday and your cousin Joey's birthday on August 23rd. Can't wait to see you!!

Love, Aunt Teri, Uncle Mike, Jamie and Joey
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Monday, July 17, 2006
Some Work Done
Well, despite the heat, I did get some work done today. As long as I don't eat my colitis behaves so.....drank lots of water and my alloted 2 diet Cokes today and actually was able to get some work done including cleaning out the laundry room pending delivery of my new washer and dryer tomorrow. Pretty much finished quilting the wedding gift for my niece (signature quilt). I even put on a border with mitred corners (which I hate doing).

The second image is the older top that I have decided to finish for my donation to the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center fund raiser. After hanging it up it became clear to me how I want to finish it. Hopefully it will work the way I am picturing it. I will keep you posted.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Not Much Done
Yes, I know I promised photos. This week for sure. At least I have a lovely pile of fabric ready to dye and paint this coming week. AND I purchased a new washer and dryer for the studio Friday. I needed a new dryer and had budgeted for an LG dryer but when I arrived at George's Appliance I found I could get a Fischer-Paykal washer and dryer for just a little more, well, why not?? The washer is so old. So Tuesday I will have them...of course after I have already washed and dryed over 100 yds of fabric. Such is life. I just want to get going in the new dye studio.

I did pull out a finished top that has been stewing for a few years waiting for me to quilt it. It will be what I finish for my annual charity quilt for the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center. Now, there is still the issue of figuring out how to quilt it, which is why it has stewed this long! So, that is the priority for tomorrow.

And yes, I will take some pictures.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Rip, rip, rip
Well, I had hoped to be dying fabric by today. I'm close but not yet....Actually, in the past I have always cut and scoured just the amount of fabric I needed but, I didn't have the room I have now. I got out the bolt of silk I had and tore 14 yards. I scoured it yesterday and dried it today. I put the bolt back. Today I took out my bolt of sateen from Testfabrics and just tore it all into 1 yard pieces (I only had 10 metres). Then I thought....why don't I just do all the fabric I have for dyeing?? So, next was the 50 m of broadcloth, then the rest of the silk. I have a big pile of fabric on the floor in the hall outside the laundry room waiting to be scoured. I did get two more loads washed and dried and a third load be dried tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will also get my soda ash bath ready (I have a 5 gallon bucket with a lid from Dharma just waiting), finish scouring and drying the fabric (I hope) so Thursday.....MAYBE.....I can do some dyeing. Oh, and my friend's son is coming over Thursday too so he can put together all my shelving units (4 in the dye studio and 2 in the garage) and my two Rubbermaid I can put stuff away.

Oh, and I bought 6- 2' x 8' foam sheets and some construction glue so I will get Kevin to help me glue those up in the studio too.

Pictures to follow.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Developing a Style
In the last few days I have received Nancy Crow's new book as well as Joan Colvin's "Nature's Studio." I have been thoroughly enjoying going through them, soaking in the images and reading.

First, Nancy's book. I confess, I had long wondered what all the fuss was about both Nancy's and Michael's quilts. To me, it looked like they were both in a rut...the same stuff over and over and over. Now, in my defense, I am NOT a formally trained artist and that is why (I believe) that I did not understand what the point was.

Thank you Nancy for giving me the education I didn't get in college. To view the work in her new book, after reading what she has written and getting the opportunity to understand her process is (sorry Mastercard), priceless. Ok, I need to take her basic question.

Now, on to Joan. My biggest issue has been that of style. I have none. I jump from here to there and over there.....nothing I do has any continuity. Probably the only thing I can think of that is common to my work is thread work- sometimes by machine and sometimes by hand- but there is always a lot of it. That is not enough to define a style.

This is what Joan says: "So, what is a recognizable style? It means just what it says, that when people see your work, they can identify it as yours. Your own particular choices fit into a pattern that is becoming consistent, and you are sufficiently comfortable with this set of choices that you can settle in to work more deeply and more searchingly within the framework you've chosen."

Ok, I do understand what she is saying. But HOW DOES ONE DEVELOP A STYLE? This is the part I don't get. She goes on to discuss this in further detail and I will continue to read and question here. I would really appreciate any input/discussion I can get from my friends/readers/fellow artists.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006
The Dye Studio is Coming Together
The sink and 10' table with the original lighting....the camera did compensate for the lack of light.

And with all 4 8' T-12 lights on. Thank you Gerrie for letting me know about these lights.

Spent the weekend in Petoskey/Charlevoix at the wedding of the last niece (on my husband's side). Now we just have 7 boys to marry off. Had NO time to just enjoy the area. To tell the truth, it's become so commercialized that I really just wanted to get out of there. And the motel we stayed at! Oy! If you like sleeping on a concrete slab with a flat postage stamp of a pillow in a room where the air conditioning barely works....well, this is the place for you! Ugh.

I am SO happy to be home.

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