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Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's back from the frame shop...."It's a Lovely Night for a Loon Dance" is all ready to be submitted to the KIA for the jury process into the West Michigan Art Show. There is only one juror and he is a painter so....not sure it will get in. If not, I can re-enter it next year. Regardless, I am very happy with how he turned out.

I wanted a detail shot here of the stitching....not very good. I will get a bettter lit one today.

View of the new cabinet, partially loaded. Note the stylish blue tape pulls....

Part of my thread collection

I think I need more space!!! I did find a lovely Sago palm, something I have wanted for a long time. Now I need a banana plant, an orange tree and lemon tree for the bathroom (dwarf varieties)

The center portion of the display case with my latest weaving prominently displayed (still haven't really finished it) and my smaller quilt from Michele Hardy

Left side of case is also filling up

And the right side. BTW, that antique green glass bottle JUST fits in it's section and that was not planned

After I had taken all the pictures, Mike from Hawks Hollow Builders showed up with the pulls for my cabinet. Originally I had ordered pulls for the drawers that were like the ones on the front of library card catalogs so I could label the drawers. I don't know where these came from but I like them.

Where I sit and wind my yarn into balls for weaving....Talk about a mindless task!

And, last but not least. This is a class piece from the 1999 class I took with Jo Diggs at the Mayflower Quilter's guild's retreat at Pictou, Nova Scotia. We just happened to be there in September when there was a collision of the remnants of hurricanes Floyd and Gert off the coast (thankfully, far enough off that we really only got rain....LOTS of it. The causeway to Pictou was closed and the ferry to PEI was shut down). It really was beautiful tho and this piece unconsciously ended up reflecting the breaking of the sun through the clouds as the storm died. I have done extensive handstitching on it and then it has been in a pile ever since. The other day, Tara came by and asked if I had a small piece to donate for a fundraiser tonight for our 4H group (they are going out to a Lakota Souix reservation to do community service) and another for the Cheff Center. I offered this for the 4H but, when I realized I wouldn't get it done on time I donated a larger piece ("Going with the Flow" from the Round and Round series I started in a retreat with Melody Johnson at Tommy's house 2 summers ago). Besides, it's such a good cause. So, this one will go to the Cheff fundraiser as soon as it is done.
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  • At 10:27 AM, Blogger Leigh said…

    "Loon Dance" is lovely! A blue ribbon piece in my book. I also enjoyed the pix of your studio. My but you're orderly and neat!

  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger Gerrie said…

    I love Loon Dance, but want to see it larger and better lit!! Your studio storage is to die for!!

  • At 5:49 PM, Blogger Karoda said…

    great to see how you are decorating your studio house :)

  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Marlene said…

    Wonderful room with all that great storage space!

  • At 11:49 PM, Blogger PaMdora said…

    Oh my gosh! It's like dream shelving, I've never seen studio cabinets so beautiful. If they were mine, I'd have them so crammed full of stuff they wouldn't look as nice as yours though!

  • At 10:41 PM, Blogger solje said…

    Is the antique glass bottle signed? I have one that was from my grandmother's journeys... it's signed, but I have no clue what the mark means :-) Mine is a gold with a pattern (reminds me of a cold icy window during winter).

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