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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Just for Gerrie
Gerrie Congdon of Crazy for Fiber requested I take some straight-on, better lit shots of "Loon Dance" so, Gerrie, just for you......Sunday he heads over to the KIA to be juried in or not, to the West Michigan Art Show.

"It's a Lovely Night for a Loon Dance"

Detail of right wing

Detail of Left Wing

Detail of neck and head

I took my Boston Fern down from it's hook on the front porch today to water it and look what I found.....I think they are house finch eggs.
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
I apologize to anyone who reads my blog. As you can tell, I am trying to change my template and am having a hard time finding something I like that I can plug in without having to do a whole lot of work copying and pasting from the old template.....Please be patient....

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's back from the frame shop...."It's a Lovely Night for a Loon Dance" is all ready to be submitted to the KIA for the jury process into the West Michigan Art Show. There is only one juror and he is a painter so....not sure it will get in. If not, I can re-enter it next year. Regardless, I am very happy with how he turned out.

I wanted a detail shot here of the stitching....not very good. I will get a bettter lit one today.

View of the new cabinet, partially loaded. Note the stylish blue tape pulls....

Part of my thread collection

I think I need more space!!! I did find a lovely Sago palm, something I have wanted for a long time. Now I need a banana plant, an orange tree and lemon tree for the bathroom (dwarf varieties)

The center portion of the display case with my latest weaving prominently displayed (still haven't really finished it) and my smaller quilt from Michele Hardy

Left side of case is also filling up

And the right side. BTW, that antique green glass bottle JUST fits in it's section and that was not planned

After I had taken all the pictures, Mike from Hawks Hollow Builders showed up with the pulls for my cabinet. Originally I had ordered pulls for the drawers that were like the ones on the front of library card catalogs so I could label the drawers. I don't know where these came from but I like them.

Where I sit and wind my yarn into balls for weaving....Talk about a mindless task!

And, last but not least. This is a class piece from the 1999 class I took with Jo Diggs at the Mayflower Quilter's guild's retreat at Pictou, Nova Scotia. We just happened to be there in September when there was a collision of the remnants of hurricanes Floyd and Gert off the coast (thankfully, far enough off that we really only got rain....LOTS of it. The causeway to Pictou was closed and the ferry to PEI was shut down). It really was beautiful tho and this piece unconsciously ended up reflecting the breaking of the sun through the clouds as the storm died. I have done extensive handstitching on it and then it has been in a pile ever since. The other day, Tara came by and asked if I had a small piece to donate for a fundraiser tonight for our 4H group (they are going out to a Lakota Souix reservation to do community service) and another for the Cheff Center. I offered this for the 4H but, when I realized I wouldn't get it done on time I donated a larger piece ("Going with the Flow" from the Round and Round series I started in a retreat with Melody Johnson at Tommy's house 2 summers ago). Besides, it's such a good cause. So, this one will go to the Cheff fundraiser as soon as it is done.
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Monday, May 22, 2006
Happy Birthday Quilt Goddess

Just to be annoying: This is Frieda Anderson, Quilt Goddess, Instructor at and co-founder of, the Chicago School of Fusing and Birthday Girl!!

So, go on over to her blog A Walk in the Woods and wish her a happy day!!! to meet the plumber at the studio to get my dye sink installed.
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Sunday, May 21, 2006
New Cabinets in Studio

Sorry about the angle but it's the only way to fit it in. This is the window seat/book case in the sun room. I am going to be making some cushions for it....eventually.

Wall opposite the window seat. Originally this was going to be the book case but it makes a better display for the odds and ends I have collected.

A close up of Brigit and my Swarovski.

The sewing room cabinet....still waiting for the hardware. This is now nearly full of fabric. The top drawer has much of my thread collection in it.

I will post pictures of these again after I get everything put away.
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Monday, May 15, 2006
More of My Art Collection

A shot of my Bundles from Sonji and Margarita Time from Carol Logan Newbill. The latter is going over the bar!

Museum Chicks 5- matted and framed- Julaine Lofquist-Birch. I really love how these all came together!!

I have another new piece coming but I am going to keep it a secret until it arrives. I have a really good idea where I am going to hang it!

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Friday, May 12, 2006
Ah....Pictures at Last!!
Ok, first....the BIG event. On May 6th my dad remarried. So, here is the happy couple, my dad, Larry, and his beautiful new wife, Janet O'Neill Donovan. Janet is from Chester, Nova Scotia and they met 3 years ago. They were reintroduced by our dear friends, Dugger and Marion McNeil and Roy Steed of Halifax. BTW, for those of you who read Dave Johnson's blog, my dad looks older than he is due to Parkinson's. Getting together with Janet has given him new life.

This is: my new brother-in-law, Steve, my dad's new wife (I am not fond of the term *stepmother*), Janet, my dad, and my new sister, Kathy.

I guess you could say my son Jamie approves.

Back to weaving. Flash didn't go off. Still, you can see the color changes in my warp.

Ok, without the flash it's too dark; with the flash it's a little washed out....but, you get the idea.

More of the warp.

It's done. I wish I hadn't put the other weft colors in- the yellow worked so well but, who knew?? The ends will make good hems.....

The whole thing. It's about 6 feet long.


Close up of the pattern....a twill with a row of tabby to divide....The warp is Tencel; the weft is cotton. This is SOOOOOOOO soft. I guess it is NOT going to be pillows but, I am still not sure if it's going to be a wall hanging, a narrow shawl (it's about 14" wide) or 2 bags......Any suggestions??


Ok, for some reason this picture did not load with the others.....These are my new nieces, Katelyn and Carley. Their brother, Monty, and his friends, Sam and Omar, were at Disney Land so the girls came to the beach with their mom.....
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
Will Catch Up
Just a quick note to let you know (if there are any readers left out there) that I have not deserted my blog. I just got back from Florida yesterday and have been running like crazy. Still trying to catch up from all the travels. I will post a good report tomorrow along with some pictures.......

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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Naughty Me
I FINALLY started weaving my latest project today after 2 1/2 weeks of fighting with getting the loom warped properly. I am doing a twill pattern and I goofed the first time thru. What a serendipitous goof. I loved the way it looked so I kept right on *goofing.* I probably got 18" done in the 1 1/2 hours I actually was weaving. I have 2 weeks to get it done. Thankfully I can now go in other than during class time to work. Problem is, I am going to be gone from tomorrow morning until next Wednesday afternoon. So, I will have to work my not-so-little tushie off to finish. I have to say, my previous weaving was ok but I wasn't as excited by it as I am by quilting.....but, after today, I am hooked!!

Anyway, why am I naughty?? Well, I forgot my camera so you will have to wait until next week to see it.

Gretchen....thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a wonderful teacher. And you and Mary Ellen are great cheerleaders!!! I can't wait to get my own loom and learn how to use it.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
For DebR- Gobbler's Knob

View of Lake Independance and Lake Superior from Gobbler's Knob, Big Bay, Michigan

Joey and friend Brad (Bird) standing in front of the drop off at Gobbler's Knob, Marquette County,Michigan
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DC Pics...No Particular Order

Tomb of the Unknowns

Beautiful Azalias at the Tomb of the Unknowns

Two of the 4 kids from our school who presented a wreath at the Tomb.

"The Drummer" at the Hirshhorn- since it is outdoors in plain site I believe I can legally photograph and show this as I am not profiting. Now, since I forgot to take a picture of the plaque, could someone please tell me the artist??

I couldn't resist this one. It was one of 5 or 6 but this one caught my attention because of the slight smile....reminded me of something else but can't quite place it....I am guessing some sci fi movie.

From the garden next to the original Smithsonian. I spent some very peaceful time knitting in this garden and listening to the beautiful song of a very plain sparrow. A varitable oasis of beauty withing the madness of DC.

More from the garden.

And more.

Beautiful blue and white Columbines. Mine are just now sending up flower shoots.

Lovely yellow and white flowers.

Does anyone know what this is??

My cousin, William James Donovan, killed in 1971 in Viet Nam. (my eldest son is James William- purely a coincidence)

Another cousin, Joseph William Brand, shot down over Viet Nam in 1966. My younger son, Lawrence Joseph, is named after my father (Lawrence) and this cousin. Interestingly, William James Donovan's father was William Joseph Donovan.....this is my father's side of the family and my mother was a Brand.....BTW, William Joseph Donovan was a Major General in WWI, won the Congressional Medal of Honor. He rejoined the service during WWII and was the director of the OSS which later became the CIA. Another cousin, William Barrett (what is it with my family and the name William??) was also in the OSS....recruited by "Wild Bill." If you have never seen the movie "A Man Called Intrepid", see it; but bear in mind, the William "Wild Bill" Donovan bears very little resemblance to my cousin. Also, this was a man whose parents were penniless imigrants from Ireland. He went through college and Law School and paid for it himself. He also invented the first silent pistol. I have a rather colorful family.....)

Deon Ferris and my son, Joey.

Viet Nam Women's Memorial
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