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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Shame on Me
For not posting for nearly a week. I have gotten some work done on two pieces. The Monument Valley piece is sitting, waiting for a thread order to come in. So, while I waited, I put a border on my "It's a Wonderful Night for a Loon Dance" and started quilting it. Nothing exciting; the upper background in a bright but not overwhelming, varigated. Sorry, no pictures. I forgot to take the camera.

Yesterday I just didn't feel good enough to go to the studio. My allergies have been the worst they have ever been and where I am doesn't seem to matter. Today was my weaving class; session 1 of the spring six week session. I didn't sign up for summer as I am way too busy. I took the table runner off the loom and am just finishing taking out the waste yarn and tying the fringe. Then, off to the washer it goes. A final trim after it's dry and it will be wrapped up and delivered....a 4 months late Christmas gift.

The warp I dyed isn't long enough to do the project I wanted so I am going to use it, combined with some other fiber for the weft. Ok, so, now I need a warp. Well, the 20/2 Tencel I ordered came in. I had ordered 2 cones so I did a double strand warp. It is at the studio waiting for a scouring and then I will paint it this weekend. I had wanted to try the countermarch loom at the KIA but I am afraid that, by the time I got it warped and tied up, the 6 weeks would be over. So, I have reserved that loom for the fall session and will stay with my jack loom for now.

Oh, and why do I want to work on the countermarch?? Well, because I bought one. I will be picking it up at Convergence, the biannual convention for the Weaver's Guild. The seller is a weaver who used to live in Kalamazoo but moved to Alpena (opposite corner of the lower peninsula). Convergence is in Grand Rapids this year (how cool) and that is only about a 45 minute drive for me. Anyway, the countermarch is a very versitile loom so it should be fun to work with.

Ok, well, I am STILL all stuffed up and coughing from the postnasal drip so I am off to make more of my favorite cold/congestion water with fresh lemon.

posted by Teri Springer @ 8:29 PM  
  • At 5:40 AM, Blogger Julaine said…

    Busy girl!!! Hope Convergence and QSDS are wonderful experiences for you - Congratulations!

    Thanks for your comment on my "fall" - yes, it is a 4 legger!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the "chick" framed - I feel honored that you want to do this...


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