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Friday, April 21, 2006
NOT a Good Day
Crap, crap, crap. I THOUGHT it was goint to be a good day. Got to the studio early, printed out some stuff I needed. Received a shipment of fabulous felting yarn from South America....Then I sat down to work on the loon quilt. Got one wing done and then took a short break to put a load in the washer and do a couple other little chores. Sat back down and everything went to hell in a handbasket. Skipped stitches, thread throw up, broken needle. I just said to heck with it. Tomorrow the 6500P goes to the shop. If they have a 6600P in stock it's coming home with me while the 6500 gets fixed. Once it's fixed then I will decide what to do with it. May keep it and sell the Viking #1 or sell it and keep the Viking. I checked book price and the #1 is STILL worth more than the 6500. And I do like the Viking for what little garment sewing I still do.....Anyone out there use their 6500 for clothing??

I did get a load of mulch on the flower bed but couldn't do any more because I couldn't get the *(^^%^%^&%%^&()*)(* lawn tractor started. Mike bought it at an auction and we quickly found out why it was sold. Somehow it got something in the gas tank that plugs up the fuel like every time the fuel level gets low. Joey used it the other day to mow some grass to make a BMX track and parked it back where I had it except he left it so the front end was, the fuel line is plugged again and it does NOT work to just fill the have to blow out the line. So, couldn't take the trailer back to refill it. Too bad, it sure was nice out today. Oh, and I have ONE yellow tulip open at the house. LOTS of daffodils and narcissus open at the studio.

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