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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Preparing For DC
No pictures this morning. You'll have to tune back in this afternoon or tonight....

Yesterday I put the finishing quilting on the "Loon Dance" quilt and took it and my Art2Mail Self-Portrait to the framers. My friend Chris was not there having left for the hospital the night before. While I was there her mother came in and told us she had had a girl at 8:57am. Too cool.

So, anyway, the Self-portrait is going to be mounted on a black-velvet covered masonite board and the loon will be stretched and framed in a very cool frame. Then they both will go to the KIA to see if they get into the West Michigan Art Show.

Ok, so once that was done I went and had luch with *the girls* and then had just enough time to run back to the studio, close up everything and get home to walk the dog.

I haven't even started to pack for DC and we have to be at the school parking lot at 3:30AM tomorrow. I have about 3 more loads of laundry to do before I pack. Joey wants ME to pack for him (he's 14...I think I had better or I'm never going to know what he will be wearing).

Today is the *take your kids to work day." Joey is oging to the KIA for weaving class with me then we run errands to pick up all the stuff we need for the trip (cooler, new shoes for both of us, cash), back to the studio so I can print out some stuff and fax it to my dad. Doctor's appointment at 3:40 for Joey then baseball practice. Sigh.....

I will try to post some pictures of Joey weaving oh, and the pieces by Carol Logan Newbill, Sonji and Juliane that I had framed (and Chris got done before having the baby!!).....

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Monday, April 24, 2006
Busy, Busy Day

I have been replacing Rose's artwork in the condo with mine. None of this is hung where it will eventually stay but, for now it is so cool to be able to look at my art collection in my own space. Here are my two pieces by Larkin Van Horn.

The larger of the two pieces I have by Michele Hardy (the smaller one is still at the house).

A work by Gloria Hansen

My Cathy Kleeman piece

A work by Deb Fell that I was lucky enough to get in the auction at QSDS. Deb and I were table mates in a Mickey Lawlor class. I was so fascinated watching Deb work I had trouble concentrating on my own work. I am surprised I don't hear her name more as she is a fabulous artist. I would like more of her work.

Ok, I forgot that, using this method to upload pictures, they actually load in the order that you put them instead of backwards. I am too lazy to go back and rearrange, here is a detail of my loon.

And another


His head....I need to continue the green up the back of his head and a bit more of it on the lower part.

Ok, a nearly full shot.

The full shot, including borders for "It's a Wonderful Night for a Loon Dance." I will post more when he is done (hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday) then he will be off to "The Little Yellow Frameshop and Gallery" to be stretched and mounted. Loony is going to be one of my entries for the West Michigan Show at the Kalamazoo Institute for the Arts and, since it's an art show and not a quilt show, works to be hung must be museum ready.....

Speaking of shows, I sent off my little triptych to the MicroCosmos show....I am so excited. I will be even more excited if it sells but, then again, if it doesn't I have LOTS of room to hang it.

I also didn't take a picture of my little purchase I made Saturday so you will have to wait until tomorrow to see it (and find out what it is).

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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Ok, so Melody tells me how to post pictures to my blog without having the *break* between each one. My first attempt was only partially successful so back I went.

This attempt has been somewhat more successful.

However, I don't know any of these people. The pictures are ones I got for collaging.

So, I will just keep playing.....

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My Rant of the Day...PLEASE READ
Thanks to Jenny Bowker, "Postcards from Cairo" I have been introduced to the blog of a wonderful man in Tehran, Iran "Komijan Childrens". He and I are of very much like minds in that we believe that we can use the internet to bring people together. We see that most of the worlds problems are due to a limited few people in power for whom keeping the rest of us in the dark about each other is advantageous.

During the Cold War years our government led us to believe that the vast majority of people in the USSR wanted us dead and the Soviet government told their people the same thing. I was only a child but I knew I didn't have anything against the Soviet people and I found it really hard to believe that they hated us so much. Thanks to an uncle in the government service (ironic, eh?) I was able to find a penpal in the USSR and quickly discovered I was right. They only feared us because of what their government told them.

I now feel this is at least part of the answer to the problems in the Middle East. The Palestinians don't like living in a constant state of fear and anger and neither do the Israelies. But the powers-that-be WANT them to believe that the only answer is total annihilation of the other. Iranians don't want to kill everyone else- but their government and ours wants us to believe that and wants them to believe that we want to take over their country (ok, George has done a LOT to perpetuate the "US as rulers of the World" belief...we need the Iranian on the street to understand that WE are NOT GW Bush).

And TOLERANCE is NOT the answer. I HATE that word. It is so condescending. Who am I to TOLERATE someone who does not believe as I do?? That implies that I am right and the other person is wrong. NO....THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG....there is just different!! And if we really go to the very heart of things, WE REALLY AREN'T THAT DIFFERENT!!!!

Do Unto Others!!!! It's the answer!! It's what Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha have been trying to teach us from the very beginning!!! Follow the golden rule and all the rest just falls into place!!!

We get into trouble when we start believeing that WE are RIGHT and others are WRONG and that, somehow, it is our responsibility to straighten the other guy out.


Sheese. Ya know, I never understood why studying history is so important. I know..."Those who don't understand history are doomed to repeat it (or something like that)." Well, we might as well throw the history books in the burn pile folks! Beside the fact that the books are notoriously biased is the simple fact that, at the very least, our people in power in the government OBVIOUSLY failed history!! Why did we have a Revolutionary War?? Because we got tired of the blasted "Better than Everyone Else" British government telling us how to live!!! So, what are we doing now????

WE ARE PRACTICING OUR OWN FORM OF BRITISH COLONIALISM!!!! We (the generic *we* in the form of the US government) are running around the world trying to make over everyone else in the mold of us.

STOP. We didn't like it being done to us and I am pretty darned sure these people don't like it being done to them.

You know, there is nothing worse than someone who does you a favor only because it gives them POWER over you. NOW YOU OWE THEM. THIS is the attitude of our government. Yep, will loan you 60 billion dollars even though we know you will never pay it back.....because later we can hold it over your head while we tell you how to run your country.


Ah...if I ruled the world.........

Anyway, Mohammad is doing an English-language blog in the spirit of UNDERSTANDING. I cannot thank him enough. I really admire him and others who can do this. While their English may not be perfect I know it is a darned-sight better than my Farsi or Spanish, German (which I studied for 5 years), or whatever. Isn't it funny that people all over the world have learned English while very, very few of we English-speaking have bothered to learn THEIR languages!! Personally, I find Farsi to be visually a BEAUTIFUL language and auditorally, very musical. I would love the opportunity to learn it. Unfortunately, as our world is right now I will probably never get the opportunity.

Thank you Jenny for opening eyes here in the Western World to the Middle East and thank you Mohammad for furthering her work.

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Friday, April 21, 2006
My Aura
Ok Sapphire....this is YOUR fault!! Funny that we got the same answer.....

I tried to copy and paste but the format wouldn't work with my blog.....but, I am (apparently) magenta....Magentas are jesters. They are zany, spontaneous, offbeat, outrageous, physical, innovative, in the here-and-now, inventors, attention-seekers. Sometimes they're loners.

Hmmm.....this hits pretty darned close to home.
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NOT a Good Day
Crap, crap, crap. I THOUGHT it was goint to be a good day. Got to the studio early, printed out some stuff I needed. Received a shipment of fabulous felting yarn from South America....Then I sat down to work on the loon quilt. Got one wing done and then took a short break to put a load in the washer and do a couple other little chores. Sat back down and everything went to hell in a handbasket. Skipped stitches, thread throw up, broken needle. I just said to heck with it. Tomorrow the 6500P goes to the shop. If they have a 6600P in stock it's coming home with me while the 6500 gets fixed. Once it's fixed then I will decide what to do with it. May keep it and sell the Viking #1 or sell it and keep the Viking. I checked book price and the #1 is STILL worth more than the 6500. And I do like the Viking for what little garment sewing I still do.....Anyone out there use their 6500 for clothing??

I did get a load of mulch on the flower bed but couldn't do any more because I couldn't get the *(^^%^%^&%%^&()*)(* lawn tractor started. Mike bought it at an auction and we quickly found out why it was sold. Somehow it got something in the gas tank that plugs up the fuel like every time the fuel level gets low. Joey used it the other day to mow some grass to make a BMX track and parked it back where I had it except he left it so the front end was, the fuel line is plugged again and it does NOT work to just fill the have to blow out the line. So, couldn't take the trailer back to refill it. Too bad, it sure was nice out today. Oh, and I have ONE yellow tulip open at the house. LOTS of daffodils and narcissus open at the studio.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

My loom from the back....with the 20/2 (very fine) Tencel that I dyed Monday. I call it Tequila Sunrise....brings back memories from college.
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Back of my loom showing raddle (the thing with the nails in it) and lease sticks (the two straight sticks the warp goes over and under).
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I made pretty good progress threading the new warp into the heddles. Of 15 groups of 30 (doubled) thread I got 10 done today before my shoulders told me it was time to quit (and I needed to get home anyway). I should be able to finish this, thread the reed and start weaving next week.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The table runner. My first real weaving project. It's just shy of 9 feet long for a 10 foot long table (I think). Anyway, it was fun and exasperating....the warp yarn was very fuzzy and shed a lot! I also had several warp threads break. I now understand this is from having the tension uneven. I have a book that I received from Kati Reeder Meek on making a trapeze-like device to beam a warp that is absolutely dead even in tension. Thank you so much Kati!! I also have her book on Lithuanian Weaving which is really cool because I grew up in the Chicago area with many Lithuanian friends (Labas!), including one who grew up to be a priest in the Lithuanian-Catholic Church and is a teacher at the University in Lithuania (one of the oldest universities in Europe (hi Arvyd- wanna cookie??). Ironically, Kati needed a translator when she was writing the book. Had I known her then I could have easily found her one! But, I know her now (well, we haven't actually met yet...but we will at Convergence in June) and boy am I glad!!
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Detail of the table runner. It's a tabby and twill....the tabby is a double strand cotton in desert sunset colors- peaches and blues and pale oranges. The twill is a dark green tweedy wool. The warp is the gray-green wool. It didn't felt but it fulled up more than I wanted so the pattern is more indistinct than I had hoped for. It was supposed to look like pine trees (ok, very abstract pine trees).
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Weft for the next weaving project. Hand dyed 10/2 cotton. No pictures of the warp's in the shower drying.
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Finally, my Dancing Loon. Settled on a border and have stippled part of the background. Hope to get more done tomorrow. Sorry about the borders but I used a single sheet of the insulation board and it's only 2' wide....Loony is a tad bigger.
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Monday, April 17, 2006
Which Carol??
Ok, today one of the Carols (Newbill? Mesimer? Another?) left a comment about seeing my work. I am guessing you mean the is posted on my blog. I would tell you the exact date but blogger is being perverse and not letting my see my blog at the moment. If you mean some other work, let me know. Your comment not only appears on the blog but also comes to me as an email but it came thru as a *no reply* or I would know which Carol and would have responded directly....sorry.....

As for work done today.....even though I still don't have a dye studio I HAD to dye today (I mean, really, I did....I had a warp that needed to be dyed for class on Thursday. I managed to do it without making a huge mess in my laundry room (no utility sink so I had to go back and forth to the kitchen over off-white carpet....yikes!!!). Anyway, the warp is *cooking* in my oven (which was set to warm and then turned off) and I will take it out tomorrow morning after I walk the dog and get Joey's luch packed and rinse it out and get it hung up to (hopefully) dry by Thursday. A blow dryer is not an option as the warp is a double strand of very fine (20/2 for you weavers) Tencel and would tangle hopelessly.....That's all I got accomplished today as I didn't sleep well last night and laid back down this morning after sending the guys out to school and work and didn't get to the studio until 11:30. Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow....maybe even get my thread order so I can finish "Reflections of Monument Valley."


(it was Carol McFee!!)
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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Yard Day
Nope, not yard as in fabric....yard as in, pulling weeds, hauling mulch, etc. No pictures right now...maybe tomorrow.

Got a delivery of 10 yards of shredded cedar mulch Thursday afternoon. Was too sick to do anything about it yesterday so I decided to try my hand today. Well, was breathing a bit easier today so I grabbed my bag of newspapers and headed to the sitting area of the flower beds. This area was pretty much cleared of weeds a week ago when I went on a rampage and got most of the large flower bed cleaned out (and paid dearly for it the next two days...why do I always do that?). So, I loaded up a 5 gallon bucket with mulch, walked the length of the house, laid out the paper, dumped the bucket....kept this up for an hour. Finally ran out of papers in the bag so decided to quit for a while (besides, I needed to switch laundry from the washer to the dryer and put another load in the wash). Have decided that the bucket method is just too slow so I have now hooked up my 117 cu. ft. trailer to my garden tractor and it is 2/3rds loaded. However, I am so sadly out of shape and I don't want to end up a wreck tomorrow so, I am calling it a day. Hopefully I will be able to get the area along the house and under the spruce done and then around the iris. The tulip beds will have to wait......this big bed ends up overrun every year. I go to QSDS for a week or more and the weeds have a party. I get back all fired up to work on quilts, take one look at the garden, and run for the studio. Well, not this year. Of course first, I am not going to QSDS because Convergence starts the day I would be driving back and it takes me about two days to recover from the drive. So, I can do Convergence and still pull weeds in the evening. BUT, if the paper with 3" of cedar mulch does the job, I won't have to pull weeds! Instead I can light the fire pit and kick back with an ice cold Molson and admire my garden, listen to the wind chimes and the birds and the bugs......

So, no fiber work until Monday when I have to scour and dye the 4 yd., 30 sett, 15" wide warp for my next weaving project.....

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Friday, April 14, 2006
Brief Celebration
I received my notification from the Ricky Tims group that my triptych was accepted into the MicroCosmos show. I am so very excited as this is the first time I have ever entered anything. Now, hopefully it will sell......

In the meantime, I have 2 pieces in the thread painting/quilting stage and another one on the drawing board using a technique that is new to me. Fingers crossed it will work.

Oh, and a very Happy Ostara (Easter for you Christians, Passover for our Jewish friends, belated Mawlid al-Nabi [April 11] to those of you who are Muslim, and happy belated Buddha birthday [April 8] to my Buddhist friends ) to all. Celebrate Life!!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Shame on Me
For not posting for nearly a week. I have gotten some work done on two pieces. The Monument Valley piece is sitting, waiting for a thread order to come in. So, while I waited, I put a border on my "It's a Wonderful Night for a Loon Dance" and started quilting it. Nothing exciting; the upper background in a bright but not overwhelming, varigated. Sorry, no pictures. I forgot to take the camera.

Yesterday I just didn't feel good enough to go to the studio. My allergies have been the worst they have ever been and where I am doesn't seem to matter. Today was my weaving class; session 1 of the spring six week session. I didn't sign up for summer as I am way too busy. I took the table runner off the loom and am just finishing taking out the waste yarn and tying the fringe. Then, off to the washer it goes. A final trim after it's dry and it will be wrapped up and delivered....a 4 months late Christmas gift.

The warp I dyed isn't long enough to do the project I wanted so I am going to use it, combined with some other fiber for the weft. Ok, so, now I need a warp. Well, the 20/2 Tencel I ordered came in. I had ordered 2 cones so I did a double strand warp. It is at the studio waiting for a scouring and then I will paint it this weekend. I had wanted to try the countermarch loom at the KIA but I am afraid that, by the time I got it warped and tied up, the 6 weeks would be over. So, I have reserved that loom for the fall session and will stay with my jack loom for now.

Oh, and why do I want to work on the countermarch?? Well, because I bought one. I will be picking it up at Convergence, the biannual convention for the Weaver's Guild. The seller is a weaver who used to live in Kalamazoo but moved to Alpena (opposite corner of the lower peninsula). Convergence is in Grand Rapids this year (how cool) and that is only about a 45 minute drive for me. Anyway, the countermarch is a very versitile loom so it should be fun to work with.

Ok, well, I am STILL all stuffed up and coughing from the postnasal drip so I am off to make more of my favorite cold/congestion water with fresh lemon.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

When we moved here, nearly 23 years ago, there were two complete trees like this one and one about 2/3rds the size as it's top had been snapped off. After the partial one had been started on fire by a lightening strike, we removed it, using a bulldozer to take the stump out....VERY expensive and a lot of work. Well, we are now down to one.....and I imagine it won't last much longer given the condition of the one that was just cut down. This time we skipped the dozer and just burned the stump....lots easier, cheaper and made for a nice little bonfire.
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I think the termites were enjoying this tree (treat)!! Time to call Terminex as I am sure the swarm that made this their home will be looking for new digs. We also have a Catalpa next to the garage that is "see through" and a walnut in the back yard that, upon tapping on it, I discovered is virtually hollow.....Sigh......
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It is amazing to me that this tree stood as long as it did. If I hadn't told Consumer's Power to take it down, it would still be standing!
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The termite activity on this one made some cool patterns.
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My entry for MicroCosmos. The CD goes in the mail today.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Good-bye Katie
Well, it's official. Katie Couric is leaving the Today Show in May. Unlike Bryant Gumbal (who I thought stayed WAAAYYYYY too long), I hate to see her go. This team has such chemistry. I get the feeling that this would be a fun place to work. I know she is going to CBS to be a *serious* news anchor but I think she's making a mistake, both professionally and personally. On Today she does plenty of serious reporting and has fun. Plus, she works days and is home at night for her daughters who are 15 and 12 (an age I think parents need to be extra vigalent during) but, working the evening news, she will be gone 5 nights a week. Yes, I know she can afford to hire help (and I'm sure she has a full staff) but nothing or no one can substitute for a parent.

That being said, I hope they give Campbell Brown the job. I just love her. Or Ann Curry and give Campbell Ann's job.

And, speaking of parents: is anyone else wondering where the heck the parents of this kid who had his own porn channel on the internet were? Can you say "heads up their collective ......"?? This kid was taking credit cards for goodness sake! He earned over $100,000! I hope they publish the names, addresses and photos of every single pervert who viewed this kid's performances but I think the parents need to be punished too.

And no, I don't stand over my kid's shoulder whenever he is on the internet BUT, I DO know how to check the history and cache to see where he's been and what he's been doing and yes, he knows I do this (keeps him honest, at least at home). And his friend, Anthony's parents have their computer right in the living room so I know he isn't where he doesn't belong over there. His other friends, well, I can't control everything- I can only try to teach him why I want him to be careful. It DOES help that his older brother once warned him: "don't ever lie to mom- if you lie, she WILL find out. I don't know how, but she always does. And then you are dead meat. If you do something wrong, fess up. You might still get in trouble but not as much."

He's right. We moms have ways........

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Problem Fixed??
Ok....I sent an email to Blogger. Now, no more error messages. Coincidence? Don't care.

Sorry, no pics today. I spent the day at the studio and am now sewing the buttons on the back of my little quilts. Tomorrow I will put the labels on, photograph them, and mail my entry. I decided to not do another set. If this one doesn't make it, they will go on the web site and in the gallery in Richland. In the meantime, I have entries for a couple of other shows I need to get cracking on plus more postcards.

Our dirt bike riders are at it again. 7 of them today. I was gone so the enforcement officer from the Planning & Zoning office came down and took pictures. Tomorrow the complaint goes to the Prosecuter.

And my allergies are driving me NUTZ!!!!! Whine.......

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Sunday, April 02, 2006
Blogger is Pissing Me Off!
Is anyone else getting constant messages about an ATOM Server: there was a possible error contacting the ATOM server: Error #3 [object Object]?? Everytime I open up a Blogger blog I get the message twice and it's getting annoying.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ok, thanks to Deb in TEXAS (not MAINE) I decided to give this Ricky Tims challenge a shot. You are supposed to make 3- 5x7 quilts depicting: Tree of Life, Winds of Change and Fields of Gold. This is NOT supposed to be rocket science but quick and intuitive. I have one thing pictured in my mind....what follows isn't it. I had decided to use fabrics I had that were scraps. Except for the background, they all are. The background was an "under cloth" from a painting class....Even tho this is NOT the triptych I envisioned, I think I might like it. Regardless, I am going to do a second one next week. Heck, you can enter 3 so I might as well get my money's worth for the entry fee.....
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The first two pieces. Just not quite what I wanted but I do intend to make a second triptych. Also, I have yet to do any stitching on these....
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All three together: Tree of Life, Winds of Change and Fields of Gold.....they are starting to grow on me.

I have done the stitching on the Fields of Gold and Winds of Change but didn't have the camera with me on Friday. So, I will get some pictures on Monday.....
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Here is my new "card catalog" cabinet. It really does look like an old-style library card catalog (for thos of you too young to remember- at one time you looked up books in these cabinets that had little cards in them with all the info about the book and where it was in the library). My best friend saw it and thought it was the real thing. This is really a CD-DVD holder from Plow and Hearth. I have succeeded in filling all the drawer but one. Now I need to rearrange the stuff to get it in a semi-logical arrangement and make the little cards for the front so I know what's in each one without having to open them all to find one thing.
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Where oh Where have You Gone??
Where have I been?? In a fit of creativity? On the Riviera? To Florida?

How about, none of the above??

How about, trying to get back on line......Monday I reset the modem 4 times with no luck in getting it to work. So, I called my ISP. Got sent to tech support. Determined that either the modem or the router was bad (and I'm still convinced it was the router) but, instead of messing with getting a new router I just went and bought the new modem (with wireless capability already built in so no need for a router). Ok. So, yesterday I started to set it up but then had to leave so, today I got started again. Oy.

I have spent, 26 minutes on the phone with someone at TDS. He referred me to ActionTec. I spent over an hour on the phone with a girl from India (on, more likely, IN India) with a very soft voice. Oh, did I mention I am somewhat hard of hearing?? We finally determined that the modem was working (I was able to get online with the ethernet cable attached) but my network wireless card and the modem would not talk to each other. Packets went out but nothing came back in. So, on to Dell. First, I got the wrong department (after being on hold for 20 minutes). He was very nice and sent me to the Laptop department. They came on line quicker than I expected. Oops, wrong department. He sent me to the Wireless department. By this time my battery was getting low so, while on hold I figured I run upstairs and get the power cord. Of course, the wireless person picked up right away so HE had to wait......

Finally got the computer plugged in. We fought with reconfiguring the network for over an hour. Finally he decided I needed to change the channel of the modem. But, he didn't know how and I forgot. So, back to Actiontec. But, before I got back on the phone, I reconnected to the ethernet, went to the Actiontec IP and figured out how to change the channel again. Restarted EVERYTHING. Guess what?? Bingo!!

So, here I to reconfigure the other Dell and the IBM......maybe tomorrow.

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