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Thursday, March 02, 2006
Random Thoughts (I have a lot of those)
Are teenagers today really that much dumber than we were? Case in point (well, actually, caseS):

1) a bunch of kids at an east GR high school got in trouble after pictures showed up on MySpace showing them partying. Ok, I understand these kids didn't think their parents (or the other adults in their lives) were savvy enough to know about MySpace. Lesson learned....right??

Apparently not. Since then we have had kids in the area in trouble for posting child porn (17 year old posted a pic of 2 friends having sex at a New Year's Eve party at his house. I don't know HOW this constitutes child porn as the kids having sex were both at least 16 and that is the age of consent in Michigan. I guess it's ok to HAVE sex at 16, just not for anyone to SEE you. Then, another brilliant kid posted a pic of himself with some guns and comments about shooting people. Gee, you didn't think anyone would take you seriously??? Now, 3 athletes at another area school are in deep kim chee (look it up) for posting pics of themselves drinking alcoholic beverages.

HEY KIDS....we 'rents aren't TOTAL morons. We DO know about MySpace (and many other similar sites) and, beleive it or not, we check. So do your school counselors, teachers, etc. No, we aren't doing it because we LOVE to make your lives miserable but we would prefer it if you didn't give every perv on the 'Net (and there are plenty of them) your name, picture and name of the town where you live and the school you attend.....DUH.

No matter how hard I try (and I don't know WHY I did, but I did) I cannot knit a pair of socks from self-patterning yarn and get both socks the same. I can get close. Now the question is, why do I care? I am the one who wears Birks in the dead of winter (and remember, this is Michigan) and deliberately wears 2 different colored socks. So, all of a sudden I'm fashion conscious??? Never mind. I've gotten over it....whew!

Found the remains of a hat my DH got for Christmas in the dog's kennel cage. With all the (&(%^&%^(* I have bought for that dog to chew on, why is it he prefers what he can steal?? I did get him an ostrich femur which he insists on chewing while sitting ON the couch. Last night I got out of bed and took it away from him or he would have been crunching on it all night. It's bad enough I have to listen to the neighbor's 9879876534- (hit shift and retype that to get the translation) dogs bark half the night. Gotta talk to her about that. All the rest of us take our dogs in at night. Not her. Let's see, zoning ordinance says you can have 1 horse per 1.5 acres of fenced in pasture. She has 7.5 acres total of which maybe 1/2 is fenced in. She has 10 horses.....I think a little blackmail is in order here.......

Saturday I am taking a warp dyeing class from 9-4. Then I have to drive to Lansing to pick up eldest son and his 2 buddies at the airport (it's over an hour drive)at 8pm. I am the idiot who booked their trip to Florida and had them fly out of Lansing to save THEM each about $150. But I didn't make them pay me for gas (I drove them there too). DUH.

Ok, time to quit. I am depressing myself (not really but I DO have the 2nd sock of a pair to work on.....)

Maybe pictures tomorrow......

posted by Teri Springer @ 7:35 PM  
  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger Shirley Goodwin said…

    Oh dear Teri, all that stress is not good for your creativity. My kids are beyond teenhood now, but yes, they feel they inhabit a parallel universe with different rules. Sigh.

  • At 5:11 PM, Blogger DAVE CONSULTING DAVE said…

    Kids will be kids, and getting dumber with every generation. Maybe knit the neighbor a pair of socks and then ask if they would be so kind as to...........

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