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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey....she's working!! This was supposed to be one of my Journal Quilts from 2004. I am finally finishing it. The free-motion quilting/thread painting on this is a warm up for the Monument Valley piece in the back.
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The sewing studio itself is looking better. Still trying to find places for everything, I ordered a cool cabinet from Plow & Hearth. It looks like a library card catalog and is intended for CD, DVD storage but I will use it for all the *stuff* I collect to embellish my work. It's cool because the fronts have those little slots for the cards identifying what's in each drawer. In elementary school and Jr. high I worked in the library and often thought I would become a librairian.
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My "pretty clean" sunroom- this will be the library and drawing room for the studio. To the left will be a maple bookcase under the windows and to the right will be a floor to ceiling bookcase/display case of maple. The desk was supposed to go in the master bedroom/office but it wouldn't fit through the door. It will go out in the garage when the bookcase is installed (I'd put it in the basement but it won't go around the corner!!)
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Thanks to artist Mary Ellen Hains (jewelry) for pointing me to The Smart Shop in Kalamazoo. She told me about these three horse sculptures and I called Tara's husband, Steve about them. He had me buy them for him, sight unseen (by him- is that trust or what??). It was not a great day yesterday so I only took a picture of one....they positioned him so it looks like he is eating the fountain grass. I will get pics of the other two later when stuff greens up. So
  • Eastfork Farms
  • has 3 new horses!!
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    Happy Birthday Son- I am so Proud of YOU!!!!

    Yesterday was my son Jamie's 22nd birthday. Now, I'm 5'9" so.....yep, he's a BIG boy. Why he is wearing a Wisconsin shirt (my alma mater) when they would not accept him, is beyond me. Note MY Red Wings Championship shirt (1997). Jamie is a senior at Western Michigan University and a professional hockey coach (he is coaching a travel team of, I believe, 11 year olds). Currently he is an assistant track coach at Portage Northern High School (shot put and discus). This is the kid our former pediatrician's office said would only be 5' 10"....he was over 6' by 14!!
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    Not last night- but a neat shot of the full moon on the 14th. And, it's actually pretty focused considering I was not using a tripod.
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    This morning's sunrise; ?red sky at morning? We'll see- nothing major showing up on the weather report.
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    Monday, March 20, 2006
    Another Quiz
    You're 70% Irish

    You're very Irish, and most likely from Ireland.
    (And if you're not, you should be!)

    Actually, I'm 75% Irish.....I think I could have written a better quiz on this subject. Yeah, bitch, bitch, bitch.....

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    Friday, March 17, 2006
    Happy St. Paddy's Day
    Irish? In truth I would not want to be anything else. It is a state of mind as well as an actual country. It is being at odds with other nationalities, having quite different philosophy about pleasure, about punishment, about life, and about death. At least it does not leave one pusillanimous.
    - Edna O'Brien

    I only celebrate this day as I am very proud of the fact that I am nearly 100% Irish (my father is). But, just for those of you who don't know, St. Patrick was NOT Irish; he was a Brit, kidnapped and held as a slave. After he escaped he became a priest and returned to "save" his Pagan captors. Being a Celtic Pagan, I resent what he did to Ireland. However, you have to respect the man as he accomplished what no countries army could- he conquered Ireland......


    May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the rain fall softly upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand (and may you be in Heaven an hour before the Devil knows you're dead).

    teri donovan springer
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    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    Good-bye Sweet Prince (because he was a prince of a guy)

    Sadly I report the loss of yet another of my classmates from Hinsdale Central Class of 1975. Yesterday, March 14, 2006, Mark McCoy lost his long battle with cancer. This is Mark (on the left) with Jane Schultz and Bruce Butler.....Hey we had a BIG class- I didn't know everyone.....(and even fewer knew me...was not part of the *in* crowd)....Mark looked so good at the reunion with his "Chia Pet" hair and he was so upbeat but, I really think he knew this would be the last time he would see most of us.

    And Miss have barely changed since high school- what little change has only been for the better. Wish I could say the same about me.....sigh.....

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    Third try is the charm (I hope). I discovered a drawback to moving my studio- I was left with three naked bulletin boards in my living (where the studio used to be). So, I have to find something to put on them. I also need to do something with that pile of books....most of them are out because I am using them to develop the class notes for my teaching stint at Ferry Beach in August.
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    Still haven't put a hanging sleeve on my Art2Mail Self Portrait so it is hung with push pins. Still, I was getting tired of moving it out of my way in the bedroom (which I am in the process of *Feng Shui-ing*) so I thought I would use it to cover up some of the bare design board.
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    Results from the 3/4 warp painting class. The skein that is 3rd from the left must not have spent long enough in the scouring bath as some areas just did not take the dye very well. Regardless, I like the results. You can kinda guess what my favorite colors are (just ask Carol Taylor....SHE knows!!) but, interestingly enough, the one on the right (which I did just because I got 8 balls of red and orange weft on eBay for an obscenely low price) turned out to be my favorite. I rarely work with warm colors so this will be interesting. Of course, I can't use ANY of this until I finish the 12' table runner currently on the loom at the KIA (unless, of course, I buy my own loom).
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    I purchased this several years ago. I love to look at the stars but can only pick out a few very obvious constellations (Big & Little Dippers, Orion). I never noticed the line at the top or what it says in the red circle.....Yep....that's perfect for me!!
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    Saturday, March 11, 2006
    Thanks for the Memories
    Any who knows me knows I am not just a hockey fan.....I grew up LOVING hockey. Had I been born male, I would have done all I could to play in the NHL.

    Not being able to even try to play beyond our shinny (pond hockey) I still was a rink rat, spending many happy hours at the old Olympia in Detroit. There I was able to watch and meet many of the all-time greats of the game.

    I was really looking forward to watching the pre-game for the Montreal Canadiens tonight as they retired the #5- proudly worn by Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion who is credited with inventing the slap shot (hence the Boom-Boom). He was one of those greats I was priveledged to watch and meet.

    I had learned yesterday that Mr. Geoffrion would not be able to attend the ceremony. Very recently he was diagnosed with stomach cancer while having other surgery. He had still planned to come but, this past week his health took a turn and he decided to stay in Atlanta and let his sons attend in his place. Sadly, Boom-Boom died early this morning. I did not learn of this until I turned on the TV tonight. In his place his ENTIRE FAMILY- wife, children, children's spouses, and grandchildren, were in Montreal. I don't know how his wife, Marlene, did it but wow, what a lady. This was his last wish- that his family be there and that this be a celebration. He got his wish.

    Good-bye, Boom-Boom. You will really be missed.
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    Thursday, March 09, 2006
    Welcome to the Neighborhood (NOT)

    All 4 boys came over to the property line to rev their engines (that's right kids, waste that gas!! Spend more of daddy's money!!), wheelie walk, make obscene gestures, swear and, the lovely child on the left tried to hit my car with gravel but he couldn't get enough power. These kids also go sit at the corner of the property by the road and shoot gravel out in the path of on-coming cars to see if they can make them swerve. Oh, and all of this was done with the approval and encouragement of the 3 "adult" males present.

    Currently there is only a pole barn and foundation for a house on the 43 acres. Last spring the owner was bragging that he had sold his house for $400,000+ and would be building a beautiful house here and a "state of the art" dirt bike track. Well, a year later and he and his family are renting a home after being forced to follow thru on the sale of the other home. I hope the legal proceedings cost him a LOT. I also hope he keeps filing for copies of my complaints under the "Freedom of Information Act" so he can keep shelling out money for the copies. The more this costs him the happier I will be. Apparently having stuff stored in the pole barn has already cost him as he reported his portable generator stolen. Gee, could be because you have so many people (mostly teens) in and out of there? Oh, and this morning he was seen leaving the property before daybreak with his ATV in the back of his truck. Wonder if that will be the next thing to come up missing?

    Of course, the people who were his neighbors over on Gull Lake Channel, while they are sympathizing with me, can't help but be SO happy he and the rest of his obnoxious family have moved.
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    Real classy looking bunch, aren't they? The only thing missing are the beer cans. Oh, wait, I forgot; WE are the hicks, not my neighbor and his friends. THEY are the intelligent, high class folks.

    The one on the right is the property owner who thinks he has the right to do whatever, whenever he wants because he owns the property. Unfortunately for him, this county has zoning ordinances. And, because of this, he is handing me plenty of evidence of violations on a silver platter. Shortly before this picture, he was over at the fence shouting at me and using obscenities. And people wonder why I wanted a studio NOT next to the house.
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    Saturday, March 04, 2006

    A lovely cold and sunny day. Perfect to spend in the studio. I still haven't figured out what to do with that big, blank wall. It's too difficult to get at to use for a design wall or anything else that would require frequent access so I guess I will just have to hang something there......
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    Snip, snip!! Using up the scraps of hand dyed and painted cotton sateen from the horse quilt from last year (see pictures from QSDS to see the fabric in all it's glory). I have mixed in a few other scraps too.
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    The ironing/cutting area. The design wall is just leaning up there for now. I have to trim it and cover it then figure out how I'm going to attach it to the wall in a manner that will cause as little damage to the wall as possible.
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    She's sewing!
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    Thought you might want to see my view from the new studio. Not a whole lot different than the studio in my house except, no houses. Now, I know there will be homes built back there eventually; as a matter of fact, the developer who built the condos was going to buy this land and build single family homes starting next year. The stress is on "was." Since the Kalamazoo Promise program they decided to concentrate on building homes within the Kalamazoo school district (no brainer) and now that there is the chance that 800+ acres right to the north of where this land comes out on M89 will be a gravel pit...well, let's say, developing this 300+ acres behind me has become a little dicey. Doesn't hurt my feelings any. This view is to the west and it get REALLY warm in the summer so my builder friend is drawing up a plan for a nice pergola to go over the patio you see out there. Of course, then I have to get the ok from the condo association. If that doesn't happen I guess I will have to plant some shade trees.
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    The sunroom in the condo. The desk is not staying. It was supposed to go in the master bedroom so I could have my office in there but the desk would not fit thru the door without dismanteling one or the other. Not an option. Where you see it now...this wall will be floor-to-ceiling shelves in natural maple in various sizes of squares and rectangles. Here I will keep my collection of books, magazines and some of my 3D art pieces.
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    Also in the sunroom. The chair and ottoman will be moved. Along this wall, under the window molding, will be a 12" deep bookcase in natural maple that will run along the entire wall. My cat would love it.
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    Warp Painting
    Today was spent at the KIA ( painting warps. While I have dyed plenty of fabric and a small amount of silk fiber, I have never dyed yarn or threads. It was worth the price just to see the beautiful work that Gretchen has done.

    Our fearless leader, Gretchen. On the table are some of the warps she has dyed and she is showing us some of the beautiful things she has made with her dyed warps. The one to the far left could have easily left with me (but I behaved). She had a beautiful scarf done with an Ikat warp she dyed. She has the job so many of us would like- she teaches one day a week at the KIA and is a working weaver/artist the rest of the time.
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    One of the warps I dyed today. I still have 2 undyed that I will do at home.
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    Thursday, March 02, 2006
    Random Thoughts (I have a lot of those)
    Are teenagers today really that much dumber than we were? Case in point (well, actually, caseS):

    1) a bunch of kids at an east GR high school got in trouble after pictures showed up on MySpace showing them partying. Ok, I understand these kids didn't think their parents (or the other adults in their lives) were savvy enough to know about MySpace. Lesson learned....right??

    Apparently not. Since then we have had kids in the area in trouble for posting child porn (17 year old posted a pic of 2 friends having sex at a New Year's Eve party at his house. I don't know HOW this constitutes child porn as the kids having sex were both at least 16 and that is the age of consent in Michigan. I guess it's ok to HAVE sex at 16, just not for anyone to SEE you. Then, another brilliant kid posted a pic of himself with some guns and comments about shooting people. Gee, you didn't think anyone would take you seriously??? Now, 3 athletes at another area school are in deep kim chee (look it up) for posting pics of themselves drinking alcoholic beverages.

    HEY KIDS....we 'rents aren't TOTAL morons. We DO know about MySpace (and many other similar sites) and, beleive it or not, we check. So do your school counselors, teachers, etc. No, we aren't doing it because we LOVE to make your lives miserable but we would prefer it if you didn't give every perv on the 'Net (and there are plenty of them) your name, picture and name of the town where you live and the school you attend.....DUH.

    No matter how hard I try (and I don't know WHY I did, but I did) I cannot knit a pair of socks from self-patterning yarn and get both socks the same. I can get close. Now the question is, why do I care? I am the one who wears Birks in the dead of winter (and remember, this is Michigan) and deliberately wears 2 different colored socks. So, all of a sudden I'm fashion conscious??? Never mind. I've gotten over it....whew!

    Found the remains of a hat my DH got for Christmas in the dog's kennel cage. With all the (&(%^&%^(* I have bought for that dog to chew on, why is it he prefers what he can steal?? I did get him an ostrich femur which he insists on chewing while sitting ON the couch. Last night I got out of bed and took it away from him or he would have been crunching on it all night. It's bad enough I have to listen to the neighbor's 9879876534- (hit shift and retype that to get the translation) dogs bark half the night. Gotta talk to her about that. All the rest of us take our dogs in at night. Not her. Let's see, zoning ordinance says you can have 1 horse per 1.5 acres of fenced in pasture. She has 7.5 acres total of which maybe 1/2 is fenced in. She has 10 horses.....I think a little blackmail is in order here.......

    Saturday I am taking a warp dyeing class from 9-4. Then I have to drive to Lansing to pick up eldest son and his 2 buddies at the airport (it's over an hour drive)at 8pm. I am the idiot who booked their trip to Florida and had them fly out of Lansing to save THEM each about $150. But I didn't make them pay me for gas (I drove them there too). DUH.

    Ok, time to quit. I am depressing myself (not really but I DO have the 2nd sock of a pair to work on.....)

    Maybe pictures tomorrow......

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    Wednesday, March 01, 2006
    Ok, I HAVE been back at work! Finally! I have spent the last three days at my new studio working. I am SO happy!!!!! I almost resent having to take a day away to go to weaving tomorrow (almost- but my weaving is going so well). Plus, I am taking a one-day warp dyeing class on Saturday and have to take my warp and the Tencil weft I had custom dyed (don't ask me why...I could have done it myself except I don't have a warp board- but I have access to the ones at the KIA).

    Anyway, I will take pictures tomorrow and post them from the studio and weaving!!
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