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Monday, February 27, 2006
A Sad Day
I was so sad to open my paper on Saturday to find the obituary for a warm, wonderful woman who was also a very talented quilter.

On Wednesday, February 22nd, Lethonee Jones of Kalamazoo, MI died of complications following surgery. Lethonee was only 67 years old. She was retired from her position as an associate professor of social work at Western Michigan University.

Many of Lethonee's quilts reflected her African-American heritage. She was currently working on a quilt about the Underground Railroad. Her daughter, Angela Gray, will complete the quilt (which was done except for the quilting).

The obitutary mentioned a quilt that I had the pleasure of seeing at it's first showing in the Log Cabin Quilter's biennial show. This quilt was called "Road Kill" and was her reaction to her distress at seeing so many dead animals along the side of the road. The quilt looks like a 2 lane road and has stuffed animals attached with tire tracks. She told the story of how, while working on it, her son approached her to ask her if this was to be his quilt (she had made quilts for her daughter and step-daughter). When Lethonee told Leander no, he let out a big breath and said "oh, good." Here's a link to the piece, which is in the museum collection of Michigan State University:
  • Road Kill

  • Lethonee and her husband, retired professor of Black Americana Studies at WMU, married in 1962 and joined the Peace Corps in 1964, serving 2 years in Somalia.

    Lethonee will be greatly missed.

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    Friday, February 24, 2006

    Here we are....the new studio. Still a bit messy but it's ALL mine!! The dyeing studio will get set up next week.
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    The alcove where the cabinet will go.
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    These hand-dyed pieces of silk charmeuse are now all fused and ready to use. Not a real productive day but I just was not feeling really good so I decided to quit before I messed something up.
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    Still have a bit of unpacking to do. Until I get the cabinet built (in the alcove that was intended for a closet) I really can't put a lot of stuff away.
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    Done for the day (I quit early as I am not feeling really well). I am debating what to do about this design wall. I was going to make the wall floor-to-ceiling. Well, with the table there I don't see much point in that. I do have 2 more sheets of board to put together and I have white fleece to put over it. I am contemplating attaching the insulation to a single piece of 1/4" plywood before attaching it to the wall. And yes, I am going to trim the blue board.
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    Thursday, February 23, 2006
    Ok....Finally Some Pictures!

    Obligatory (and long over-due) shot of the Cole-Hanns I bought before Christmas. They were special ordered by some woman at a shop called Sydney in the Radisson in Kalamazoo. She never came to get them. They caught my eye (and I am NOT a shoe person) and just happened to be my size. This is the first pair of heels I can honestly say I like to wear. DebR, this shot's for you.

    Another shot.....

    Now for some pics from the EAST coast of Florida.
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    Dinner out with Roy Steed (Halifax, NS), Barb Walsh (Toronto) me, and my dad at the Delray Beach Club.
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    View down the dock. It's low tide.
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    View of the house from the dock.
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    Not just a dock and a lift but a fish-cleaning station with running water and a shower too.
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    Here's your paradise, Dave. Too bad Frank has been too busy to go out. They are just a short distance from the Boca Inlet.
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    View of the back of the house. The balcony had a celing fan but it is "gone with the wind" (got taken out by Wilma).
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    The outdoor dining area. Dave....see what's out beyond the fence??
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    A lovely little pool. I wish I had gotten a picture of the little *critters* to the right of the pool.
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    View out the sliders from the kitchen/family room. The cabinet above the fireplace will eventually have a flat-screen TV....
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    The barbeque opposite the fireplace/TV so cooking may be done with the game on TV. They do a LOT of entertaining.
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    The kitchen (with professional appliances)- Tommy, I can see you in this kitchen. Liane is the only person I have ever met besides you who cooks BETTER than ANY chef in a 4 star restaurant.
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    Master bedroom....with it's beautiful Dupioni silk duvet cover. This is a main floor room and has a lovely view of the dock and boat.....
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    Frank's sanctuary- upstairs
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    Another view of Frank's room.
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    Home and Frustrated
    Well, tried posting from "Performancing" this morning but it wouldn't let me post pictures (Cathy- how did you do it??). I can post using another Firefox extension program but first I have to resize all my pictures (and there were quite a few) and I have weaving class this morning so- no time. I will try again tonight. Of course, I will be a tad engrossed in the Women's Freeskate. Sigh....a very disappointing Olympics overall with both US hockey teams AND the men's Team Canada out. Thank you Shaun White for so much excitement in snowboarding.

    Well....I'm off! (ok, I repeat with it)

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    Wednesday, February 15, 2006
    Out of Touch
    Well, I am here in not-so-sunny Florida. I have been out of touch due to no internet access. Interestingly, when I boot up the computer in the condo my computer is picking up a real good wifi signal but I need a network passcode to access it. I have no idea whose wifi this is (it says "florida"- wow, that helps- NOT). Right now I am at the tax man's office (yes- I get my taxes done in Florida) and he has access. Unfortunately, while I can receive email via my web site (thank you Carol) I cannot send because my ISP is in Michigan. So, I will be pretty much out of touch until the 22nd.

    But, I am happily watching the Olympics- sorry I missed Plushenko's short program but enjoyed Johnny's. Missed Bode's screw-up but got to see that cute redhead win the gold in the halfpipe (I love snowboarding). Am really enjoying watching the women's hockey and, starting this morning, the men.

    To all the Floridian's- I apologize for bringing the cold weather with me.....

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    Tuesday, February 07, 2006
    Almost Mine!
    I close on the new condo tomorrow afternoon!! Went to the Department of Public Works today to get the water bill in my name. Insurance will be in place tomorrow morning. Trash and heat/electric are taken care of as is the cable TV/Internet (just waiting on the modem). I have moved a bunch of stuff in and will get some pictures tomorrow.....Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Blogger wouldn't let me post this last night so I am trying again!

    Sigh....and again.....

    Well, it IS mine. Closed today (2-8) at 4PM.....Unfortunately, I leave at 8am Friday for 10 days in Florida (I know, I have to be one of the few people in Michigan who don't want to go to FLA in February) so finishing moving in and getting the dyeing studio set up will have to wait....
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    Saturday, February 04, 2006
    ??Problems with Blogger or RingSurf??
    I have been trying for, literally, hours to read blogs on both Artful Quilter's Ring and Surface Design Ring. I can't even access my own blog. Nor can I directly access anyone else's. Sigh.....Anyone else having a problem?

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    Thursday, February 02, 2006
    Robin Made Me Do It
    Who Should Paint You: Alfred Gockel

    All American yet funky, you inspire an artist's imagination
    And while not everyone will understand your portrait, you will!
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    I can't believe I missed it! Yesterday was: 1) my nephew, Adam's 22nd birthday (I called his sister on her cell phone on her 25th on 1/21 and sang happy birthday to her but I didn't do it to Adam....I feel bad so now I will have to do something nice for him) and 2) the one year anniversary of my blog. I have posted 314 times so it averages out to nearly once every day. Of course, often I post multiple times in one day but still......


    Getting started on my new project- a table runner that will be about 12 feet long and 12" wide when it is done. Last week I measured out my warp on the warp board. Now, I have the warp attached to the back beam and wound on and I am getting ready to thread....the part I like the least!!!
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    My disassembled loom. See that tiny, white stool there? That's what I am going to be sitting on to thread the heddles.

    Ugh- what a mess! 5 yards of warp to cut and then tread thru the heddles and then the reed.
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    All 195 threads of the warp are now threaded thru the heddles. This is how I ended today (at a little after 1PM). My back didn't hurt nearly as bad this time as it did last time!
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    Wednesday, February 01, 2006
    A Great New Blog!!
    Be sure to check out
  • Dave's Consulting
  • , the blog of Melody Johnson's DH. I have added his blog to the top of my links list. I have never met Dave but, feel like I know him from reading Mel's blog. His insight, as the spouse of a very talented artist, is awesome. Not to mention, he is just an interesting guy (and cute, too).

    Not much going on here. I am packing stuff up to move to the new condo/studio. Will be closing on the 8th but, since I leave for 10 days in Florida on the 10th, I won't get to get much done until I return after the 21st. But, I have my orders to get the Dh's pool table cleaned off today!!!!! I had been cleaning out the office and loaded the table with books I am getting rid of. Some are going to a friend in Manistique, MI (north shore of Lake Michigan) who is still working as medical case manager and some are going to the School of Nursing Library at Western Michigan University. I have several thousands of dollars worth of books (yes, that's right) to donate. Since I am now fully and permanently retired from nursing and case management, it's time to get them out of here before they are so old they won't do anyone any good.

    I'm off!! (but, you already knew that, didn't you??)

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