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Monday, January 09, 2006
Random Thoughts and Observations
Still working on my 2nd cup of coffee so, bear with me here.....

Grandville, MI is trying to pass an ordinace banning door-to-door solicitation. This would only ban professional, door-to-door commercial sales not religious or political fundraising (nor would it ban sales by kids). Hmmm.....well, I have found that owning a large dog does a real good job of discouraging door-to-door sales. As a matter of fact, in the nearly 23 years we have been here (and have nearly always had a large dog) the only sales people who have stopped are the guy from Kentucky in his over-loaded truck selling gates (farm gates); same guy every year. For some reason my dogs always love him. My husband likes him too and nearly always buys some gates (which explains why he comes back every year). Then there's the guy who fixes and paints the metal roof on the barn. He finally quit stopping because I kept telling him we were going to tear the barn down. We haven't, but I keep hoping it will fall down (it's cinder block so, fat chance; but one can hope). There has been the guy selling (of all things) meat for the freezer. He's been here twice but I don't think he'll be back. I mean, come on, this is a working farm. I have over a dozen head of cattle out there. Why in heaven's name would I want to buy freezer beef from a stranger??

That leaves the religious and political groups. The only political solicitors I get are the damned recorded solicitations on the phone. I really hate these since I can't say no and don't call back. I have made it a personal policy that I say *hello* twice; if I don't get a response, or a recorded voice starts, I hang up. I also immediately hang up when I hear that "Please hold on for an important phone call." If it's so all-fired important, you had better get a *live* person to call me because otherwise, I am hanging up. Any political candidate who uses the recorded contact will NOT get my vote.

The only group I have had problems with are the religious, door-to-door, solicitors. There is no-one as persistant as someone who is determined to save your soul. The Mormons are the most persistant. They are fearless. Why?? Because the more people they get baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the better their chances of great rewards on the other side. I'd call that one heck of an incentive. We have a very active Mormon group in our area. Also 7th Day Adventists, which is a group I grew up with as I attended high school in Hindale Illinois which is a big adventist area. We have an area here we call *Finchville* that is the center of the Adventists in Barry County. 20+ years ago (before I was married) I took in a teenager who had run away from *Finchville* because she hated being an Adventist. I took her in because I worked on the volunteer ambulance service with her parents and I figured they would feel better knowing she was with someone they knew. So, I called them to let them know she was safe. She stayed with me for several months and finally decided to go home.

Anyway, the Adventists no longer come here because they know I am a devout Pagan. That doesn't even slow the Mormons down. Neither does the dog. All of my dogs, thus far, have been just fine with letting these guys, not only up the driveway, but right into the house. In my experience, my dogs are pretty good judges of character (Shanny HATED my new neighbor on sight- he was a VERY perceptive dog). I have a feeling the welcome mat will NOT be out for the Mormons with Kaiser. He hates men. All men. He is ok with my husband only because he accepts him as the *Alpha* male. He is ok with Joey because he accepts HIM as being above him in the pecking order of the pack (I taught Joey how to take a dog down to establish dominance- I learned this from a friend who is a certified Schutzhund trainer). No matter how many times Jamie gets down on the floor with Kaiser, plays with him and feeds him treats, the minute he stands up, Kaiser is on the defensive. I believe Kai perceives Jamie as another Alpha and, thus, he is protective of the pack. Kaiser takes this attitude with all other males who enter our home, with one exception: my father. I have no idea why, but Kaiser just loves my dad. So be it.

Ok, on to another observation:

has anyone else seen the new Allstate ads? The one where they are offering $100/year off your deductable (to a max of $500) for every year you go without an accident? Anyone else see the Catch 22 here?? Ok, so I go 5 years without an accident thus, I now save $500 on my deductable (which happens to be $1000 for collision coverage). One problem, I have to have an accident to benefit. But, if I have an accident, I am not eligible for the money off. Gee Allstate, that's a REAL incentive to switch to your coverage. Yeah. Right.

Oh, and we FINALLY had sunshine for a good part of the day yesterday. That means we went 15 full days with no measurable sunshine (a record) and we have gone, including today (because it was lightly snowing this morning) 48 days with at least a trace of precipitation (unfortunately, more rain than snow). Boy, this is sure depressing.

Well, the handyman is here to yank out the old sink/vanity and toilet in the upstairs bathroom and install the new. I am headed downstairs to pack up books for donation or sale....the DH wants them off his pool table and, frankly, I need access to the pool table too- so I can put the pingpong table covering back on as I need the surface to work on......TAH!

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