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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Pictures Even!!
Ok, I got off my butt and took some pictures. Actually, I had to wash some dress shirts for Mike (normally they would go to the dry cleaners but.....) he needs one for Friday as he is a pall bearer at his grandmother's funeral. Yep, old Gert finally gave in. She was 101! I think Aunt Grace was 102 when she died last year. A tough bunch, that family. I wish Mike's other grandmother had lived longer so I could have met her. Gert was kind of rejected by our side because she left grandpa when he had cancer and then tried to screw Pa out of the milk route (Grandpa Harold and Pa picked up milk and Pa bought the route a paycheck at a time...unfortunately no paperwork was drawn up. I mean, come on; if a handshake and verbal agreement isn't good enough between father and son....well, it wasn't. Pa finally prevailed but not before totally pissing off my mother-in-law and the kids....).

Anyway...on to happier things: First, my redone bathrooms.

The walk-out level bathroom is located below our master bath. The idea was that Mike could come in the downstairs entrance after milking (we had a dairy herd when we built this house), leave his boots, etc in the entry way, todd the dirty clothes in the laundry room which is just to the left of the bathroom, hop in the shower and come upstairs all clean and nice smelling. Great design on my part...right?? Yeah. Too bad he rarely came in that way. Still, it has been his bathroom for 20+ years. Well, turns out we had two from the water line to the toilet and one from the shower drain (the plumber who was hired when we built the house was a nice guy- but a lousey plumber). So, we ended up with damaged and moldy drywall. Last month I had the damaged stuff pulled out. I was also replacing the fans...good thing; turns out dear Brian (never hire family to build for you) never vented the fans outside. The new fans are from Bosch and have a humidistat in them. They turn on automatically when the humidity reaches a preset level. They are also very quiet. I highly recommend them. I bought 3 for less than $1000. Anyway, we were also going to replace the vanity/sink and toilet. Well, the vanity/sink in that bathroom were still in good shape but the vanity/sink in the main floor bathroom (the one where I potty trained 2 boys) wasn't. Gee, I wonder why. So, we left the originals in
downstairs. Did replace the water-wasting loo tho. And I replaced it with a lovely, ADA approved, tall one. Mike hates it. Also planned that this would become Joey's bathroom as he is (supposed to be) sleeping downstairs now (he still ends up on the couch most nights). So, I chose a paint color I thought would look nice with his new Texas Longhorns shower curtain that he got for Christmas. Sigh.....The new shower curtain ended up UPSTAIRS....because he likes the shower up there better (it's in a tub so the curtain is stretched out more and you can see it better)., here are pics of the (99.9%)finished bathroom downstairs. It WAS ivory color (you know...contractor white) with a really ugly white and gray linolium floor (that I chose) and where the cabinet is now was a deep, narrow alcove with shelves for the towels.

The new cabinet (custom made to fit the space and match the vanity) and the upstairs shower curtain, washed and...hey, it goes with that paint!!

New floor, new paint, new toilet. Love it. Oh, and the wall just outside (that you can see only a sliver of) that was pastel blue....we are repainting that room (the game room) in a shade somewhere between the new bathroom wall and ceiling colors (crisp croissant and popcorn- why must they name all this stuff with food names???). Even tho the carpet is a blue, the new color actually looks really good with the wood wainscotting- brings out the golds in it and really perks up the room.


One of the reasons I chose this vanity (besides the fact it was inexpensive) was I just loved this little drawer. It is the perfect depth for toilet tissue! And what a handy spot!

New vanity- in a much lighter wood than before (the old vanity was identical to the one in the lower level bathroom- ALL the wood in this house was dark walnut or cherry- what WAS I thinking!?). New toilet...since Mike complained about the new one downstairs being too tall I got a standard height for this bathroom....and it's shorter than what was there! I need to have them switched because I am afraid my dad will have problems with this one because of his Parkinson's.

The new sink and counter-top are a single unit. I love it. The fewer the seams the easier to clean. Only problem...the old sink had a backsplash all the way around and the wallpaper under it came off with it. I am going to get some glass tiles and cover that spot and maybe go a little further....get artsy-fartsy. Gee, can you tell a teenager lives here (Stridex pads, Act fluoride rinse)?? Oh, the towel ring is new too- I was tired of having to turn around to dry my hands and dripping on the floor.

Ok, the purple towel does NOT go well. I am slowly replacing them all. As they get worn out they go to my friend's farm where she boards and trains horses. The towels comein handy for drying off horses after a bath and cleaning saddles. Those pictures have to go. They have hung there for 20+ years and, even tho I still love them (pen and ink with watercolor wash) they just don't look right in there any more.

The (in)famous shower curtain. Joey loves Texas so I got him this, a sweatshirt, clock and knit hat for Christmas. Now he wants to out and get a championship hat....I have to stall because I already ordered a hat and shirt from

Whew....I was going to post pics of my socks I have made but, I need a break (and I am sure YOU do too....IF anyone made it this far). Maybe this afternoon!

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