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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
It's 2006 Already??
Happy New Year 4 days late!

Just have been spending some time catching up on reading blogs of friends.....gee Gabrielle:

Ya know...I could have LIVED not reading about your blue screen. I got it every time I tried to boot my computer the other day. I tried everything....set-up, safe mode, EVERYTHING. Nada. So, I got out the Dell Inspiron 6000 I bought a year ago and never set up. That is what I am using now. Of course, it doesn't help that I have a gazillion things on the other HD that I need- especially photos. Do I not back up?? Well, yes and no. I had copied about 1/3rd of my photos to CD....I have so many that it takes forever. Anyway, took my old 'puter in to doc as well as Joey's IBM (that, teenager that he is, he put a password on after I told him NOT to and, being my son, he forgot what it was and never wrote it down. Got the machines in and, gee guess what? Was able to boot up my computer. Of course. Well, left it anyway to find out WHY it did this. When it comes home I will spend however much time it takes to back up ALL irreplacable files- especially photos!!!!

Oh, and, while I can't remember everything I did New Year's Day I know I wasn't quilting. I think I was knitting socks and watching football.....oh, and falling down and screwing up my knee. The left one. The *good* one (it's all relative at this point). Anyway, not quite sure exactly what happened other than, on the last walk of the night with the dog (kinda like that "last run" at the ski slopes; you know, the one that always ends with a broken leg, or arm, or hitting a tree a la Sonny Bono) I was just getting ready to turn the corner on the front sidewalk to go into the garage (home free) when something on my right boot caught on something on the left one and down I went. Of course, added insult to injury by rolling over into a mud puddle. And Kaiser, instead of doing an imitation of Lassie and going for help thought I was playing (right dog, at 11pm I'm going to roll around in the mud with you). Managed to get into the house, out of the wet/muddy clothes and back to the couch with an ice pack (I now had 2 kneecaps- once decidedly squishier than the other one). Couldn't take Vicodin as codeine makes me hyper so I took 2 of the Fiorinal the doc prescribed to take the place of the Vicodin. Went to bed, the cat stepped on my knee. Said cat learned what it felt like to be launched into space. She returned a few minutes later and curled up on my right side this least SHE learns! Oh, and my DH??? Asleep in his recliner in the living room through the entire thing.

It's still WAY too warm here...42.8 degrees acorrding to my weather station. It's supposed to get cold again tonight and start snowing again. It had better. I shelled out nearly $300 for a season's pass for snowboarding for Joey this year and figured he had to go at least 10 times for me to get my money's worth. So far he's gone 4 times. The kids only managed one trip over winter break since it started raining a couple of days after they got out of school. Sigh.

Well, here's the 2006 resolutions such as they are:

1) Lose weight (of course). Actually, I have lost 10 pounds over the last 3 weeks and managed to keep it off over the holidays. 10 down, 30 to go by June 1 (arbitrary deadline).
2) Get one major *job* done around the house per month. Right now, Jamie is painting the basement. Well, not right this minute. He was here yesterday and will come out again tomorrow. The downstairs bathroom is done except for hanging the towel hooks and mopping the new floor. I did patch drywall but need to sand before Jamie can paint any more. Mike (the DH) keeps asking why I can't use *normal* colors (i.e. white, off-white, eggshell or ivory).The bathroom walls, ceiling and walls of the game room are all in a range of goldish/yellows....bathroom is a butterscotchy color (dubbed "crisp croissant" by the paint gurus) with the ceiling about 6 shades lighter (nearly ivory) and the game room somewhere between the two. I love it.
3) Do NOT start any new art projects (outside the two classes I am taking) until I finish at least 2 of the previously started ones. Originally I wasn't going to start anything new until all the old stuff was done but I know that is too restrictive and I will never stick to it.
4) Get more organized about (gag) housework. We now have a weekly schedule. The good news is, Joey wants a cell phone so is willing to work for it. I am assigning the basically idiot-proof jobs to him; like emptying the dishwasher (which, of course means, FIRST I have to fill it up) and vacuuming. So, I am off to load and run the dishwasher so he has something to unload when he gets home from school today. Oh, and I have to run at least one load of laundry a day until I am all caught up (ha). RIght now there are 4 baskets sitting here in the living room staring at me- waiting for the contents to be folded. I go. Pictures to follow.

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  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger Liz said…

    You had a computer sitting there in the box all year with a teenager in the house? It's a miracle!!

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