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Friday, January 13, 2006
Well, hopefully. I have been sketching at least. I have a couple of designs I want to work with more extensively. I wish I could do it today but, between grandma's (Mike's grandma) funeral and running Joey to Battle Creek after school, I am not sure when I am going to find time. Tomorrow is Little League try-outs. Hopefully Joey will go to a friend's house after and I can get into the *studio.* In between I am packing up stuff I don't use daily so I can get it organized and ready to move to the new studio as soon as we close on it. Lowe's has chrome-plated shelving units on sale which which will be perfect for the dyeing studio (ie: basement) and some really cool track lighting for the sewing studio. Gee, Lowe's is right across the street from the mall where Best Buy is (where Joey needs to go)......well, we can all see where THIS is going!

Ok...I DID promise the folks in my sock knitters group that I would finally post pictures of my socks (for what it's worth.....)

Currently, this is sock #1 of a pair being made for the SocknittersSAM (sock a month) group. It's a toe-up (my first attempt). I had trouble starting them and ended up using a technique from Lynn Hershberger of "ColorJoy" that she sent me with some beautiful blue yarn I bought from her. Now, toe-up is suposed to make it easier to get perfect fitting socks. This one is too big. I took it literally when told to knit to the instep...I kept going to where the top of my foot turns north so they are a little long in the foot. No matter, I have this really good friend whose feet are a size larger than mine.....The cool yarn is from Astrid in the Netherlands. I have ordered a LOT of yarn from her in the last 6 weeks.

This is the pair I forgot in my list of socks made in 2005. I do NOT know how I could have forgotton (ok, other than they are awaiting washing and my memory is less than stellar). Regia yarn. I can't remember the name. Pattern is a cuff-down in a moss-stitch ribbing. I know, I need to tighten up my knitting. They probably won't last long but I am enjoying them while they do.

This is the second pair I have made. This yarn was purchased at Halcyon (aka weaver's/knitter's Heaven) Yarns in Bath, Maine. I saw it worked up into a pair of socks and fell in love. They are very comfy. Too bad it isn't colder here so I could wear them (it's 47 degrees out and the sun isn't even up yet). This is just a plain ribbing stitch on the leg carried on down to the toes on the top of the sock. I figured anything else would get lost in the colors of the yarn.

This is my third pair....Lorna's Laces Shepherd in Jungle. Done in a basketweave stitch.

Joey's ankle socks in maroon alpaca. Needs washing. Also need to make another one as Kaiser ate the mate....

There are more, including the first pair. I need to take more pictures.

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  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger Karoda said…

    Are socks for beginners? I'm not saying I've been tempted to take up knitting, but I'm asking for a friend ;) hehehe, because she MIGHT want to do socks and shawls if she DOES decide to knit...really funky hip shawls. Please advise.

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