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Friday, September 09, 2005
Beware Knititems on eBay
Of course I knew he would do this. I have received the following negative feedback from Mr. Furia: CHECK FRAUD LIST! SLANDERS SELLERS! BEWARE! WILL RUN YOU OUT OF EBAY! SHAME!!

Hmmm....well, first, I have no clue what this *fraud list* is. Anyone know? I sure can't find it. And, how can I be guilty of fraud- let's review: I paid $17.33 for yarn; when I received it, it was NOT what was pictured or described in the listing so I demanded a full refund (purchase price and shipping); I send the yarn back packaged exactly the same way I received it (costing me $2.44 plus the cost of delivery confirmation) and I get a refund of $11.33 after PayPal takes out their chunk. So, I am out over $8- now WHO'S GUILTY OF FRAUD???? Not to mention the man accuses me of *slander*- last I knew, to be slander it had to be verbal and untrue. Everything I have posted is true as anyone with eyes can see by looking at the pictures. Not to mention this is the FIRST negative feedback I have EVER left. And the only shame here is that eBay allows this guy to get away with this. As long as you are happy with his product he's a nice guy. But boy...if you are a dissatisfied customer he refuses to work with you, keeps the excessive shipping and handling fees (he charged me $5.35 for a package that cost him $2.44 to mail and the packaging consisted of a plastic grocery bag wrapped around the cone of thread covered with a clear plastic bag, sealed with a single piece of shipping tape and a shipping label.

So- beware. Yes, he has lots of satified customers BUT, if you are not happy with your purchase you will get no satisfaction from this nasty man.

posted by Teri Springer @ 7:00 AM  
  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger Gerrie said…

    Geeez... I hate it when people like this spoil such a good thing. All I can say is I hope his bad kharma comes back to bite him in the butt!!

  • At 5:52 PM, Blogger Carol Logan Newbill said…

    Teri, be sure you post an answer on your own feedback under the negative that he gave you. State the facts calmly and succinctly, being sure to say that his comment was a "retaliatory neg." Most long-time sellers know about these people and it won't hurt your credibility with other sellers.

  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger Kathy said…

    Terri, I'm glad you put up your experience: you have outlined exactly the kind of experience that has made me leery of buying yarn on eBay. I went to check his feedback and found your blog reference -- glad I checked. Thanks. I'm an old, old eBayer, and agree with the previous comment: be sure that your own response to his feedback is calm and reasoned.

  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger Carol Ann said…

    Holy moly--that guy's feedback is terrible! 98.8% positive--most people would think, "99 out of a 100 people were happy--sounds good!" But when someone with that much feedback has less than 99% positive, it's a big red flag (remember, lots of unhappy people never say anything for fear of retaliation). With low levels of FB, one unhappy customer can really drop the percentage, but that's not the case here. BTW, to get a good feel for what kind of problems a seller has, try this site:
    It will show you the negs & neutrals an eBay member has received & left; can be very instructive.

    Sorry you had such a bad experience; thanks for warning the rest of us!

  • At 10:24 AM, Blogger Diane said…


    I had a similar situation with this "gentleman". I ordered three items, the first was described and pictured as buttercream but actually more of a lemon yellow. I accepted it. The second item arrived which was supposed to be green grass. Instead I received a tightly pulled spool of a murky, brown color with just a hint of green tint to it. I contacted him immediately stating he sent the wrong item and he responded that it was the correct product and my monitor distorted the color. In the meantime I received the third item which was exactly the color I purchased and informed him it was not my monitor but the wrong item. His response was rude and curt. He disagreed but said to return the item. By the way, you do get something special with this yarn. It has a smokey and musty odor at no extra charge!

    Being new and naive to E-bay, I did not check his feedback before bidding but at this point I did. I saw that other buyers had returned items and never received compensation. My decision was simple, bad yarn is better than no yarn. I left brief and honest feedback.

    Several weeks later I happened to check my feedback and was shocked to see that I had received negative marks. When I honestly described the situation at hand, I was publicly "Shamed" by this man. I went on to check his other detractors and found that his MO is the same. He retaliates despite the fact that he's receiving good service and timely payment on his end.

    So, just remember, if you're going to purchase from Knititems, be prepared for disappointment and keep in mind........THIS DOG ATTACKS!!!!

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