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Sunday, July 31, 2005
Well, as if it isn't bad enough that I can't receive any email and haven't been able to most of the day....yesterday, I spent the first half of the day in ER with Joey. Nothing life threatening....just a really bad case of swimmer's ear. He was in so much pain. So 24 hours of tylenol #3s and ear drops and he feels better. Unfortunately, after we left ER we went to Appleby's for lunch and I ended up with an attack of my colitis. So, the rest of the day was a waste. Today I end up with a 2nd degree burn on my left hand while making ravioli for Joey for lunch. Crap. Another day mostly wasted with my hand wrapped in cold cloths. Thank goodness for my training as an EMT and burn nurse. I immediately turned to the kitchen sink and ran cold water over the hand and continued to do so for some time. What could have been a really nasty burn ended up resulting in only 3 small blisters and a very sore hand. But, at least I will be able to quilt. Here I was, lying in bed with the hand wrapped waiting for the Vicodin to kick in, imagining that I was not going to be able to quilt and thinking of how much I have to get done befoe September 9th!!! Plus, a week of beading to teach the end of August! Whew.....No more procrastinating, tomorrow the quilt gets the final layer pinned on and I start the final quilting.

The good side was...I have a very strange reaction to makes me hyper. So, I got both bathrooms cleaned and the fridge and the dishes done. Tomorrow the wood floors get vacuumed (yes, it's faster and does a better job than sweeping) and then a once-over with the swiffer....mop the bathrooms, some laundry, and I'm basically ready for my dad to visit.....

Don't worry, slob sister bedroom is a DISASTER and the pantry is virtually impassible.....And we won't even discuss the basement.....

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Friday, July 29, 2005
I Love it When A Plan Comes Together
Sorry Hannibal.....Ironically, one of the musical pieces our 4H group is using for their precision riding (horseback) demo is the theme from "The A Team" (I wonder how many if any of them have ever seen the show). looks like plan C for the *Dreams* quilt is my solution. The tulle mutes the piece just a tad; lets the colors through and adds a glitter/shine to the entire piece. So, now it's time to head to the studio, finish vacuuming, and do some more stitching on the horses before I take the entire piece downstairs to the ping-pong table for layering and pinning......

Oh, in case you didn't notice, I went into my blog template and increased the size of the fonts. I was tired of straining my eyes to read other people's blogs and looked at mine. It was much too tiny!! So, this is for all the other over-40 people out there reading my blog (assuming anyone is).

Have a glorious day!!!!

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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Perfect Weather and Creating
I don't know about the rest of the country, but we, in the Great Lakes region, are having what I define as PERFECT weather. Morning temps in the high 50's; afternoon temps in the 70's; nearly cloudless sky and gentle breezes. I LOVE being able to turn off the a/c and throw open all the windows. I can listen to the birds singing between runs of sewing.

Speaking of sewing.....I have done the basic line drawings of all the horses on the *Dreams* quilt and gone back over them in a tiny zig-zag to accentuate them. I then hung the piece on the wall (unfortunately, the only wall large enough that was available is in the front hall meaning I can only get 3' away from the piece so it's impossible to get a picture). Next, I hung the silk organza over the piece to see the effect. Ok....looks like San Francisco on an early fall morning.....while it makes the line drawings ethereal it so totally dulls out the beautiful sateens that it just ruins the effect.

Ok....fold up the organza and put it away (never fear, I will find a use for it). Take out the silk gauze and hang it over the piece. Lighter effect but still ruins the background.

Sigh.....ok. Plan C. I will try the tulle next. Of course, I don't have a big enough piece so, IF it works I will have to go to town tomorrow to get 3 yards of it. And if it doesn't?? Plan D.....quilt with no overlay with iridescent thread and bead, bead, bead......maybe some sequins.

So, for the moment the quilt is going to stay hanging up. I cleaned all the stray threads, fuzz, cat hair, my hair, and batting fuzz off the front. I do still plan to do more shading on the horses but I need a shoulders are killing me.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Keeping Cool....Or Not
Whew....heat index of 110 F!!! Folks, I HATE hot weather. I have asthma, not bad, is bad; humid is AND humid...well, I am staying INSIDE. Thankfully, we have central air which I INSISTED on in the spring of 1991 when I was pregnant with Joey (one of my patient's noted to me that this HAD to be an unplanned pregnancy because NO ONE in their right mind would PLAN to have a baby in August). That was a very hot summer. I think this one is hotter. My elderly neighbor was complaining to me this morning that her a/c wasn't doing a very good job of cooling her tiny house off. I invited her to come over and keep me company. Of course, she declined (stubborn old wench...she IS a redhead...even if it's out of a bottle at this point). Then I asked when the last time was she cleaned the filter. ??CLEANED the FILTER??? She had no clue she was supposed to do this. Ok, Annie, you've had that unit HOW many years now?? (it's a window a/c that, for some reason, my eldest son is the ONLY one who can install it properly). She called back about an hour later and pronounced the a/c *fixed.* SIGH........

I don't know what I will do when she is gone. Sometimes she is frustrating; other times, infuriating; but she is always a character!!!

Oh...quilting...right. That IS what the blog is supposed to be about. Got all the basic line drawings of the horses on the "Dreams" quilt done. Now to embellish them a bit so they will show thru the silk gauze (or organza...still don't know which I will use)......only 8 working days until I go to Chicago to pick up my dad.....

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Yep...that's what I accomplished today...well, I did get one more line drawing on the quilt done. But, major ice pick headache (a type of migraine) cut into my day big time. Unfortunately, post-Vicodin I can't do much either...I really don't want to sew myself into the quilt.

Well, at least it's raining. This past week we have actually had several days where it's rained. My lawn still looks cooked where there is little or no shade, but, it DOES need mowing. Too bad it was thundering out by the time I got Joey home from golfing (he's become addicted- he even went out alone today!).

Well, think I will turn in and hope for less pain tomorrow because I HAVE to get the rest of the basic line drawings done before Friday.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Slob Update
Ok Susan, don't know how far you've gotten....the worst of the kitchen is done. Didn't need to do the cupboards as they were already pretty clean...well, except the Lazy Susans in the 2 corners (I will NEVER get these again...they are a pain!!). I will get to them later as my dad won't be looking in there (I hope).

Got started on the dining room table (which, being a flat surface, collects all kinds of stuff) and my desk (which is in the dining room) and it's getting better. I have errands to run and a dentist appointment today so I will have to wait and tackle the rest of the dining room and start the living room this afternoon. The living room is going to be the BIG challenge....trying to figure out where to put everything! I guess I really need to toss a lot!

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Cats Will Be Cats

Ok, we all know cats love to climb. This is Lilo on top of the overhead frame on my bed. There is an armoire next to her and a bulletin board mounted to the wall behind the armoire (I was too lazy to take it down when we got the furniture). Lilo climbs onto the headboard and then climbs the bulletin board and gets on top of the armoire. When that gets boring, she walks along the top of the frame! Of course, she generally does this when I am in bed!
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Here she's already made the trip from one top corner to the other....without falling on my head.
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My view when laying down.
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Checking out the ceiling fan.
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Once she passes the armoire she has no support.
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THIS is where all our hard-earned money goes! Lately, into his mouth!
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Close shot of central image. This horse is 24" tall from the bottoms of his rear hooves to the tip of his ears.
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The *Dreams* quilt; sandwiched and first line drawing on- the drawings will have more detail but first I just want to get the images placed.
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Saturday, July 16, 2005
Slobs Unite
Ok, Susan Bingham-McLaughlin of QuiltArt Quests and Quandries issued a call for fellow slobs/packrats, to join her in cleaning their homes. I answered her call for a partner in this. So far, I have cleaned 2/3rds of my kitchen but not the inside of the refrigerator. I will save that for later...and the freezer...oy!

I have taken all extraneous stuff off the counters, scrubbed and polished. Still have a LONG way to go before I go to Chicago August 2nd to pick up my dad.....

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Monday, July 11, 2005
Dodged a Bullet
Thanks for the emails of support. It worked!

I survived my visit with the oncologist. First, I should explain....I have known the doctor for 24 years. He was my first husband's doctor. I also took my neighbor to him when she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Our kids went to camp, we have a history. I was also a nurse on the oncology unit at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo and a Hospice nurse....

Call me paranoid. I have had a lump in my right jaw for about a year. It comes and goes and it is often painful. I went to the dentist and he put me on antibiotics for a suspected abcess (I have had several) and referred me to an endodontist (my dentist no longer does root canals since his experience with my first one....I scared him off). I went to the sensitivity in the area, no signs of problems on the x-ray, no root canal.

The lump keeps coming back. My lab work has been off. I had a CRP of 19.58. Normal is 1.5. CRP is a measure of inflammation that can indicate many things, among them possible malignancy or heart problems. It can also indicate colitis.

Ok, yes, I know I have colitis. I know I don't have breast, ovarian, uterine or cervical cancer because I have been checked for all of these in the last 4 months. My cardiac risk for an event in the next 10 years according to the Framingham study scale is a whopping 1%. So, I went worst case scenario and went to the oncologist (he is also a hematologist so I knew he would be able to make educated suggestions on what I should do). He looked at all my labs and examined me....and sent me on my way. He did tell me to schedule an appointment with the cardiologist for a check up but advised me that, given the rest of my labs, he suspects the high CRP was due to the colitis.

Yes, I feel SO much better. I will call my family doc tomorrow and have his office set up the cardiology consult but, for now, I feel pretty good (I know the cardiologist is going to put me on a diet...that's ok...I WANT to lose weight).

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Ok, I admit it. I'm a slacker. I really didn't realize that it's been a week since I posted. Last week just was not a great one. Spent the first part of the week helping my best friend get stuff around for her mom's Celebration of Life, which was Wednesday night. I have spent the rest of the time working (SHOCK) and cleaning (BIGGER SHOCK). Actually, unless you know my house well, you wouldn't be able to tell any difference. BUT, all the bags and boxes sitting in my kitchen and dining room are filled with stuff on it's way OUT. I still have a long way to go but, it's a start.

I have also been working on my BIG quilt....still have a way to go...but it's progresing. I will post more pictures of it once I get all the initial stitching of the line drawings done.

I'm asking for positive thoughts. Today I go in to see an oncologist. My CRP levels (a measure of inflammation) have been elevated and we are trying to rule stuff out. Since an elevated CRP can be a sign of cancer or other inflammatory process, seeing an oncologist and a cardiologist for evaluation seemed to be in order. It may be that the CRP is elevated due to my colitis but I don't remember if I was in an active cycle when the blood was drawn so, better safe.....

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Monday, July 04, 2005
Catching Up
Well, I am finally getting around to posting the rest of my pictures from QSDS and a few others. I did get the fabric dyed to complete the background of "What Dreams are Made Of". Now I have to find someplace to hang it up so I can finish it. The only place that is really big enough is on the lower level and my studio is on the upper level...this is NOT going to work. Tomorrow the DH goes back to work so I can hang it across the wall that has the door to his office.....THAT works.

I also have decided to stitch the horses directly on the background then layer the silk organza (or gauze- haven't decided which yet) over it and quilt over it. This should give me the ethereal look I want.....

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Nope...these last two rows are not working for me.....
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Ok...this works for me; now to finish sewing it together.
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Well, it's as done as it's going to get until I can get home and dye some more (and darker) blues. The beautiful diptych above is one of Meg Manderson's works made with her hand painted fabric.
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The background with the transparencies of the horses in place. Obviously (since the background ended up just a *tad* bigger than originally planned) I will have to enlarge them.
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Ellen Lindner and Cathy Vigor (Cathy was my roommate my first QSDS- she makes the most glorious silk scarves!!) And most of the QA folks know who Ellen is by her now you can put a face with the name! Both ladies are fun and great company as well as being very talented!!
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Me and my wonderful friend, Meg Manderson. We met MANY years ago on QuiltNet and then met in person in 1999 at the retreat in Pictou, Nova Scotia put on by The Mayflower Quilter' Guild (if you have the chance to attend DO IT- beautiful location and delightful company). Meg has since moved from the Boston area to North Carolina. I KNOW I won't have any trouble getting Mike (my DH) to visit there....hey Meg, gotta get that guest room finished!! I miss you already.
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Thursday night in my studio.....Judith and Cathy at the bar......
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Me and my *sweety* Arnold. We have been buddies for a while too (this was my 5th year at QSDS). He is the sweetest guy. He's getting married in September and I am so happy for him!!
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My long-time buddy, Judith Berns from New York. Judith was a model many years ago and you can still see what a stunner she is. Judith has 5 lovely dachsies who come along to QSDS. I love it when the *kids* come to visit me at QSDS.
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I had to rearrange the entire *studio* when I got home from QSDS. It looks messy but, I was still putting stuff away. My Janome is on my Koala Outback on the west wall with a great view. Too bad the space is too small to have the cabinet open all the way. I have had it since my last trip to Houston (in 199???) and have never had it opened all the way. You might be able to see that I have an ironing space set up so all I have to do is swivel to my right. You can see my third bulletin board (well, you can see all the stuff stuck on it) and my QA 2005 calendar hanging where I can easily admire the beautiful work in it.....yet more inspiration.
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My design wall. I have two bulletin boards of fabric-covered homosote screwed into this wall and a third one on the wall to the left. You can't see it but the fabric is an old Nancy Crow fabric that is very *autumny.* As you can see by the nearly total coverage, I have lots of inspirations. The cabinet on the right used to stand on the west wall, south corner and held most of my thread. Unfortunately, it made it impossible to see what I had and I incariably made a mess reaching into the back. Now it holds items I don't use on a regular basis and is where the rolling bins used to be, and they contain items I use on a semi-regular basis. Below the design boards is a Lane cedar chest full of special baby clothes. On top of it is a bin with specialty fabrics, an adjustable silverware tray from BB & B with my stamps in it, and my mini-stereo.
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View of my *studio* from the east looking west. This is a space that is about 1/3rd of my living room. The advantage is, I have lots of natural light and I can interact with my family. The disadvantage is, I have very little space (tho, since I rearranged the furniture, I do have a little more floor space) and, my family feels free to interrupt me.
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Facing south. I used to have the bookcase here and the cutting/design table (hiding under the pattern sheet) behind the couch so I could work and watch tv. Tthe bookcase to the right has the main part of my fabrics that I use on a regular basis. I used to have the cupboard there. As you can see, there are two more rolling carts here (the pillow on top is for the cat). The wooden thing to the left of these is a potato and onion bin with wire bottoms on the drawers. I keep my CD's in there. Outside the right window (we are on the 2nd floor here in the back of the house) are two arborvitae that were only supposed to be 8-10' tall....they are now taller than the house.
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Now the bookcase has been placed behind the couch. One of my rolling carts is next to it where I can actually get at it. The tackle box on the floor to the right is full of thread (but that's just a small portion of my collection.
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Ok, while waiting for a good day to dye the rest of the fabric for the *Dreams* quilt and the fuschia for my Wild Rose quilt, I was in the mood to make a smaller piece. Since my son has dubbed me a loon (I have a loon on my license plate and I LOVE loons), I purchased the web name "" and this is going to be my new studio companion.
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Here is my Loon complete with painted shadow. So, what do you think of the title "It's a Marvelous Night for a Loon Dance" ( a play on a line from one of my favorite Van Morrison songs: "Moondance"). Now I just have to wait for the thread order so I have what I want to quilt it.
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Friday, July 01, 2005
Duckie Update
Just wanted to let the QSDS attendees know...mama duck hatched 12 babies!!

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