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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Weekend Work
Well, the first attempt at the background for "What Dreams are Made Of" was a total disaster. The horse line drawings are going to be more important than the background and I am afraid such a chaotic background would: a) look chaotic (duh) and b) draw attention away from the simplicity of the line drawings. So, decided to go with a "Strips That Sizzle" setting for the background. I cheat when I do it and arrange the colors to end up where I want them. Right now I have to wait until tomorrow to wash the painted fabrics (they have dried, had any salt rinsed out, dried again and been set with a hot iron). Tomorrow I will get out my newsprint pad and tape up a mock-up on the basement wall so I can mark out the boundaries and then use the overhead to get placement and size for the horses. I have outline stitched one of the horses in the smaller (8 x 10) size on a piece of tulle and it looks pretty good so now I have layered it on top of a piece of fabric so I can *flesh it out* a little and attach it to a backing. This seems to be the way to go as I want the horse recognizable as such but to still have an etherial/dreamlike appearance. I did order some new Supertwist from Web of Thread to give me more color selection.

On a non-quilting note, I am watching the Memorial from Dublin, Ohio (not far from Columbus and QSDS). So nice to see Freddy (Boom-boom) Couples in the lead. He has long been a favorite of mine and my mother always cheered for him. My parent's former neighbor, Jeff Sluman, led for the first 3 days of the tourney and is still near the top of the leader board....I would be happy to see either one of them win. I do like Tiger a lot. He's not only a great golfer but a wonderful human being but I am just as happy he isn't as dominant as he was. Fred has only won one tourney (in 1998) and I believe so has Jeff. It's nice to see different players get the trophy and the big check. Still, Tiger and Vijay continue to dominate overall.....

We have our very first severe weather warnings today. This is HIGHLY unusual here in SW Michigan as we are the tailend of "Tornado Ally." A funnel was spotted over Sawyer, MI (waaaayyyyy too close to Tommy Fitzsimmons' house on Lake MI) and we are under a T' storm warning. All day we have been expecting rain (actually- since last evening) but today dawned bright, hot and humid; it's 93 right now and finally starting to cloud over. And Freddy just made a great shot and the gallery is chanting "Freddy, Freddy...." and, of course, the storms are getting close enough that I will soon lose my satellite signal. We don't have an antenna in this house so I may miss out.....the new house will have the satellite AND an external antenna, just in case......

posted by Teri Springer @ 5:08 PM  
  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger Gerrie said…

    Thanks for sharing the process wiht us. I really appreciate it when quilters do that. Can't wait to see this evolve...

  • At 6:27 PM, Blogger Debra said…


    Heck if you're concerned about reception, put a nice INTERNAL antenna in! (we had ours in the peak of the house).

    Now. I tried to email you about your question on my blog, and the email bounced. So here's the explanation: We are putting a shade cover on our deck. Because the deck itself is 12' above grade, and the cover another 11' over that, AND because I live in an earthquake/highwind area, the building department is giving me heck and beyond about how it will be built. Round two was today.

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