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Thursday, June 30, 2005
Quick Update
Just a quick post to let you know I won't be posting for a few friend's mom passed away yesterday so I will be tied up helping her out.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005
Trip Cut Short
Well, my trip to QSDS had to end abruptly on Friday morning. My best friend called to let me know her mother (who we already knew was ill) was getting worse and might not make it through the weekend. So, I packed up Thursday night and left first thing Friday morning. I drove to Dundee, MI to pick up my eldest, Jamie, who had been in Cleveland with the company he has a franchise with (College Pro Painters) for a skydiving trip. Thankfully, Jamie was too big for their chutes (he would need a military chute since he weighs 278).

So, we made it to Kalamazoo around 3PM and, after I dropped Jamie off at his house so he could shower, I went to the assisted living facility where Rose was. She is in renal failure and is sleeping much of the time but, when she's awake she knows everyone and knows what is going on. She is ready to go (truthfully, she's been ready since her husband died)and is quite comfortable.

So, I never did get to post Thursday's pics and story. I will do so tomorrow or the next day. I need to dye more fabric and hope to get it done Tuesday so I can add the last 2-3 rows to the background of my piece. Tomorrow I take the line drawings of the horses to the blueprint shop to be blown up. I will also stop at the fabric store and buy the organza. Thanks to Emily Richardson I think I have the issue of making the horses etherial and dream-like in hand. We'll see.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
QSDS Day 3
For those of you who haven't been to QSDS, on Wednesday's there is only a 1/2 day of class. At 11:30am, those who have signed up, gather in the dining room to get their box lunches and board a bus for a tour of multiple venues, all wonderful. This trip culminates in Athens at the Dairy Barn for a viewing of Quilt National. Well, my roomie and I opted to drive to Athens right after class. We viewed QN '05 and then headed back to Columbus and the German Village. We had intended to eat dinner there but we got hungry on the return trip and ended up eating on the way back....A trip to the Book Loft took up a little over an hour then back to the University Plaza. A short rest and I returned to the studio where my dear friend, Judith Berns joined me for a glass of wine. Then Meg wandered back down and joined us. Currently, Meg is in the Artium watching an Andy Goldsworthy DVD that Mickey Lawler graciously brought along (I've already seen it). I did a little more work on my *Dreams* piece but I have had a bit too much wine and too little to eat so I called it quits and I am off to bed.

Oh, Mama Duck continues to sit the nest. I am not sure when she laid the eggs but my buddy, Arnold (who I was afraid was gone but he was just in NY for his daughter's graduation) will know approximately when Mama appeared.....I have never raised ducks (only layers-chickens) so I am not sure how long the incubation is (someone told me 60 days).

Well, tomorrow, back to work!!

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The lighter levels are done. On to the blue!
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Still moving along.....
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This is it for the night!
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QSDS Day 2
Fast off the starting block. 3 1/2 straight hours of sewing, pressing and trimming is paying off.

Of course, Meg had to bring up the the heck am I going to go back to a 14'x8' space in my living room after having all this space to myself for 5 days????

sigh.....I'll worry about it when the time comes.

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Piecing has begun. Only two rows but I like it already.
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Ah....I know I'm headed in the right direction when someone walks in and asks: "sunrise or sunset?"
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Moved everything down to an easier to manage level. My knees just could not take climbing on and off the chair to pin the higher pieces.
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Ashland Pym and her mother, Deb Harowitz of Scarlet Zebra and Maryanne from Wyoming dropped by to join the party animals in my studio last night.
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My roomie and longtime friend (we go back to the old days on Quiltnet in the mid-90's), Meg Manderson. In the background is Maryanne from Jackson, WY.
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Sue from Netanya also dropped by for wine, chat and handwork. All-in-all, it was a lovely (tho late) evening.
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Monday, June 20, 2005
QSDS Day 1
Got in last night about 5pm. After the usual running around trying to get roommates straightened out, I managed to get most of my stuff hauled into my studio...which, conveniently, is right next door to Scarlet Zebra. Unfortunately, whoever had the room before me never let housekeeping know and the room was a mess. So, I just stacked everything up and left it for this morning.

First thing this morning I got housekeeping in there and the room was cleaned so I could set up. Once I had everything arranged the way I wanted it I ran out to Staples for the powerstrip I forgot and a few other things; then to Target for a cooler for the pop, water and wine.

Once I got back it was right to work. I wish I had thought to put fusable on all this fabric but, I didn't. So, I will have to piece the strips which is going to require all kinds of trimming as I work. Such is life. So far so good. Seeing lots of old friends. Sue Pel-Or made it in safely along with the rest of the contingent from Israel....a wonderfully creative bunch (I love Amira's work). I am thrilled that Heidi is here....I already bought a 3 yard piece she had in the fabric show. It is so beautiful I doubt I can cut into it so I think I will have a stretcher frame made for it and it will go in the master bedroom of the new house and I will decorate around it.

Betty Ford and Floris Flam were still here when I got here so, at least I got to see them if not spend any time with them.

And it's so great to see Meg Manderson again. We met at Pictou, Nova Scotia in 1999 and haven't seen each other since so it's been great getting caught up.

Well, that's it except for the pictures.

nighty, night!

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I am just getting started!
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Walking in the room....It's still relatively clean.
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Design wall and fabrics that have been ironed.
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Yet another view....
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Gotta start somewhere.....
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Moving along....
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Making progress......
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

My donation for the Mini-quilt silent auction at QSDS. At last year's banquet I won this lovely woven fabric from India. I can't remember the name of the woman who donated it or what the fabric is called, but I really liked it. It isn't something that I normally use in a quilt but I vowed to make a mini quilt for this year's auction with it. The only fabrics in the mini that aren't from that batch are the trees and the sky- oh, and the frame. The piece is fused and then stitched over. It is about 8.5" x 10" and I call it "Amber Waves of Grain." It reminds me of what our farm looks like in the fall when we are getting ready to harvest. The part of Michigan we live in (actually, true of most of the state) is very hilly and rocky because of the glacial activity millions of years ago. I tell folks from outside Michigan that we grow rocks better than pretty much any other state! The main breakwater off Muskegon, MI (on Lake Michigan) was built with rocks from my father-in-law's farm. It isn't any great work of art and, amongst the people who donate to the auction, I am a total unknown....I sure hope someone bids on it!
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Detail of "Amber Waves of Grain"
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Detail of "Amber Waves of Grain"
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Prep Work
Ok, I had to do some experimenting for my quilt "What Dreams Are Made Of" which will be donated to the annual art auction for the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center in Augusta, MI ( The background will be pieced of hand-dyed cotton sateen to look like a sunset. Over the top of this will be thread sketches of 9 horses...some are just heads (most, actually) and some a little more. There is one complete horse in the central space. I want the horses to be seen but I want a dream-like, etherial quality to them. I am still not sure how I am going to accomplish this so...if you have any suggestions, please put them in comments or email them to me......
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Preliminary thread sketch....straight-stitch with black rayon on tulle. I used the tear-away paper under the tulle with the line drawing. Now I am going to flesh it out some with a small zig-zag..
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Finished horse head in thread sketching. Still not sure if this is the effect I want. When I get back from QSDS I will experiment with the air pen on some translucent fabric I picked up.
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Came home last night to find someone swimming in the dog's water dish.....He couldn't get out so I gave him a hand. And- no wonder he wanted out! It was a toad, not a frog! In the limited light in the garage I couldn't tell until I got him out. Sure glad the dog didn't accidentally swallow him!
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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Nice to Be Here....
Had to throw that title in....after the discussion on the Moody Blues on QA I ordered some new CDs (I used to have ALL their albums). One song that did not get played in the concert broadcast on WGVU (PBS station) last week was on one of the CD's. I had forgotton this song and how much I liked it (tho now I know what it's about!!)....nice to be here, hope you agree; lying in the sun....

To save money, our school year started the day after Labor Day and ended the Friday before Memorial Day weekend- just like when we were kids! Now, about 10 years ago we tried to get the state to go back to this schedule because so many businesses in Michigan rely on kids to work. The concensus of the state was: sorry; no can do. Gotta get those hours in to qualify for Fed $$. So, what was different this year? Well, Fed $$ decreased, the state couldn't make up the difference and, lo and behold,OUR school district figured out that, if they just added 12 minutes to each school day....yep, that's right....just 12 minutes, we could get our required hours in and start after Labor Day and end by Memorial Day PLUS have enough time in to give us a nice cushion in case of snow days. At the same time, it saved almost as much $$ as we lost in the budget cuts.


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Sunday, June 12, 2005
Not A Lot to Say
Not a lot to say. It's been a ROTTEN three days. I have spent the better part of the last 3 days drugged and in bed. I have discovered the Levsin the GI doc gave me for the colitis works sort-of. On Friday I had an attack so took one pill. While I did not get instant relief it did seem to tone it down. It also put me to sleep. Well, it's better that gut-searing cramps. Saturday, round two. Well, the one pill didn't get rid of the cramps and I wasn't sure if the attack was stopped by the pill or just naturally slowed down. So, this time, when I didn't get relief in 30 minutes I took a 2nd one. Within 5 minutes my gut relaxed.....and so did the rest of me. Back to bed. Well, I am sure not accomplishing much this way but, I'm not accomplishing anything when I'm having an attack anyway. colitis....just those "other" cramps (aren't I old enough for menopause yet???), back spasms and a migraine. I'm now on my 3rd dose of Vicodin for the day. At least I got the laundry folded and put away. Oh, and the dishwasher emptied. No sewing.

Tomorrow it's off to buy another tacklebox or such for thread. I have a Plano 737 that holds a lot....but not nearly all....of my thread. And I will be taking a LOT with me to QSDS. I like an organized way to carry it. Then, I need 3 yards of black felt for my design wall. And looking for a transparent fabric for the horses on the "Dream" quilt (which you will see in progress- ad nauseum- from QSDS). I am going to play with the air pen tomorrow or Tuesday to see if it will give me the effect I want.

Don't expect much in the line of posting this week. Wednesday is booked SOLID with appointments (vet, optomitrist, Cheff Center Art Auction Committee meeting, Little League), Thursday will be time to finish cleaning the car, Friday, packing, another Little League game, Saturday, pack the car...Sunday to QSDS! But, I PROMISE to post frequently (at least daily) from Columbus- I am SO happy the WiFi is now free. Last year it was almost $10/24 hours and I was NOT going to spend that money this year.

So...tah for now. Have to finish sorting thru all the papers on the couch here so it is cleaned off before I leave.

teri (I hope this is semi-coherent as I am still pretty buzzed on the Vicodin....but my back feels better!)
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
What Would I Do Differently
Gabrielle asked in her blog Handmaiden, what we would do differently if we could go back. Boy, I try to have no regrets but....shoulda, coulda, woulda......

I would have never lost touch for over a year with my childhood sweetheart. We met in 5th grade. In Junior High he moved to Louisiana. We wrote for a year and then it taled off and we didn't write for almost a year, then I moved back to Chicago from Michigan (he was originally from the Chicago area too). I wrote to let him know we were back in the Chicago area and to let me know when he would be visiting family so we could see each other (we were now sophomores in HS). I didn't hear back....from him. I did get a call from his mom. My love, my soulmate, was in the hospital on a vent...he had encephalitis. I sent taped letters so he could not only hear from me but hear my voice. For the first time in over 10 days he started triggering the vent on his own. But, he was too ill. He died in February of 1973. To this day I feel the pain of that loss. He had planned to be a doctor and I was going to be a nurse (HIS plan) and we would work together until we started our family.....never to be. What if....what if.....ironically, as I 'm writing this, The Moody Blues are on public TV....playing "Nights in White Satin", which came out the year we met. In my case it was letters that DIDN'T get written.

Sigh....I would have wasted less time in college and taken more time to travel the US and Canada when I was young and single.

Actually, I would have NOT followed my parent's advice and gone straight to college from high school....I was not ready. I would have worked and traveled. And waited to go to college when I was more grown up and had a better idea of what I wanted from life.

Would have been more careful about weight gain since I now am finding my physical limitations (made worse by excess weight) are making it so hard to lose the weight.

Waste less time doing things because I "should" and spend more time doing things because I want to.

Oh, and Gabriella, you'll be pleased to know that I never got past the first chapter of "The Artist's Way." And that was in 2 attempts. It just didn't do anything for me.

Sigh....and the band is playing an encore.....Ride my See Saw.....

I can't imagine a world without NPR and public television.....

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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Weekend Work
Well, the first attempt at the background for "What Dreams are Made Of" was a total disaster. The horse line drawings are going to be more important than the background and I am afraid such a chaotic background would: a) look chaotic (duh) and b) draw attention away from the simplicity of the line drawings. So, decided to go with a "Strips That Sizzle" setting for the background. I cheat when I do it and arrange the colors to end up where I want them. Right now I have to wait until tomorrow to wash the painted fabrics (they have dried, had any salt rinsed out, dried again and been set with a hot iron). Tomorrow I will get out my newsprint pad and tape up a mock-up on the basement wall so I can mark out the boundaries and then use the overhead to get placement and size for the horses. I have outline stitched one of the horses in the smaller (8 x 10) size on a piece of tulle and it looks pretty good so now I have layered it on top of a piece of fabric so I can *flesh it out* a little and attach it to a backing. This seems to be the way to go as I want the horse recognizable as such but to still have an etherial/dreamlike appearance. I did order some new Supertwist from Web of Thread to give me more color selection.

On a non-quilting note, I am watching the Memorial from Dublin, Ohio (not far from Columbus and QSDS). So nice to see Freddy (Boom-boom) Couples in the lead. He has long been a favorite of mine and my mother always cheered for him. My parent's former neighbor, Jeff Sluman, led for the first 3 days of the tourney and is still near the top of the leader board....I would be happy to see either one of them win. I do like Tiger a lot. He's not only a great golfer but a wonderful human being but I am just as happy he isn't as dominant as he was. Fred has only won one tourney (in 1998) and I believe so has Jeff. It's nice to see different players get the trophy and the big check. Still, Tiger and Vijay continue to dominate overall.....

We have our very first severe weather warnings today. This is HIGHLY unusual here in SW Michigan as we are the tailend of "Tornado Ally." A funnel was spotted over Sawyer, MI (waaaayyyyy too close to Tommy Fitzsimmons' house on Lake MI) and we are under a T' storm warning. All day we have been expecting rain (actually- since last evening) but today dawned bright, hot and humid; it's 93 right now and finally starting to cloud over. And Freddy just made a great shot and the gallery is chanting "Freddy, Freddy...." and, of course, the storms are getting close enough that I will soon lose my satellite signal. We don't have an antenna in this house so I may miss out.....the new house will have the satellite AND an external antenna, just in case......

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First attempt on Saturday to get more yellow/peach/orange sunset fabric. This time painting instead of dyeing (this fabric was not pretreated with soda ash). I feel like I have more control when painting but I love the effects, freedom and hand with the dye.
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Number 2 from Saturday. Needed some really pale yellow and more of the peachy/orangey color found in sunsets. I think it turned out pretty good. Got the halo effect with salt in a very limited space.
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A piece from this morning. I am still trying to get more chices for the "What Dreams are Made Of" quilt (which is to be about 5' x 3'). I need sky/sunset colors and needed some more lighter blues. This turned out ok with the exception of the %^&$^&* red spot in the lower left. The fabric picked that up off the drop cloth as I was putting it into the stretcher. Tried to get rid of it, or blend it in with water and dye but it was stubborn. Oh well, it's so small I can just use that piece for something else. I tried to get the wonderful swirling effect Phil Beaver gets with the salt but still can only get the limited effect. If anyone know's Phil's *secret*, could ya clue me in??
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Ok...the first piece I did this morning. It did NOT turn out at all like I wanted. When I went out on the deck to get it I was highly disappointed- I thought it was a total disaster. Well, I was (once again) wrong. Delightfully so. While it may not be a good piece for the "Dreams" piece I do see a companion piece for "Monument Valley" in here. Now, if I can just manage a couple more similar to it!!
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Friday, June 03, 2005

Trying to work out color arrangement for the background in my big piece for the Cheff Center. I need a sunset so I used one of my photos to get color layout. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to do it in the cotton sateen I dyed. Was thinking fractured.....
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Nope...not happy with this. I am going to go paint some fabric and see what I come up with (and don't worry, none of this will go to waste).
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Here you can see the bedroom window and my sitting area (which also smells yummy!). You can see the daylilies planted in front of and behind the lilacs. There are also two different types of ferns planted up against the house. I have a heck of a time keeping the dog out of there (it's nice and cool) so I put rocks (big ones) around the bases of the plants. Then I left the space along the foundation between the two chairs empty just for him. So far this year he is doing pretty good. Only a few holes dug in the garden and no flowers dug up....yet.
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Odd as it seems, My "Miss Kim" lilacs are JUST now opening. They are on either side of the front door and one is right below my bedroom window. My bed is also under that window (I like the breeze at night) and, between the lilacs and the masses of blooms on the black locust trees, the scent is absolutely deeeeeelicious!!
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View of my garden from the front door. My garden fairy is surrounded by a red and yellow cloud of Columbine. I planted a clematis on the far side of the trellis and it has grown about 6". I am going to transplant some more because Mike wasn't very happy last year when the ones next to the garage grew INTO the garage thru the siding. I wish you could see the moon and sun better on the trellis. My design. Unfortunately, once the flowers grow up (morning glories last year, clematic and hopefully moon flowers this year) you can't see it! Oh, the shovel is there because I planted something I got in the mail from Van Dyke's for free (and have no clue what it is) and I didn't want to accidentally pull it out thinking it was a weed!
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Ok, I found ONE Columbine that was holding it's head up like Mel's do. The vast majority are hanging.....
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My iris garden. Still a lot that don't even have buds. Despite the fiact I just planted them last fall, some of the fans came up with *babies* this spring. My poppies (to the right of the iris' and behind the lantern) have not yet opened altho my neighbor's are almost done flowering! And my Columbine (the red and yellow) just keep on chugging. I need to get some earlier blooming daylilies too. It seems like they all bloom at once.
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This one opened today
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This one opened this morning.....
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This one opened last night (Thursday)
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Wow.....wish they lasted longer.
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I think this is my favorite so far.....
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Lovely shade of blue.
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A little friend I discovered on my grill over the weekend. I made sure he was where he wouldn't get cooked.
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